JBL is renowned for its Audio devices like speakers, headphones, and earphones. They have different series of headphones, each having a unique feature. One such series is the JBL Tune series. Today, we will be reviewing one member of this series, aka JBL Tune 660NC On-ear Bluetooth headphones. Recently JBL has launched JBL c115 tws and JBL tune 215BT Bluetooth neckband earphones in India 2021.

These headphones are wireless, have Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). You can play music on them for up to 44 hours with ANC on. Isn’t this Amazing? Let’s learn more about their features now.


SpecificationsJBL Tune 660NC OnEar Bluetooth Headphone
Bluetooth version5.0
Driver size32mm
Playtime44 hours
Charging time2 hours
warranty1 year
ColorBlack and Blue

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JBL Tune 660NC On-ear Bluetooth headphones are Wireless, hence they can be connected to your audio device (Andriod or IOS) via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth version is 5.0. It gives a range of 10m and provides a stable connection once paired with the device.


JBL Tune 660NC On-ear Bluetooth headphones’ ear cuffs are super soft and made of premium quality. It is built with good quality plastic.

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JBL Tune 660NC On-ear Bluetooth headphones are designed in a way you can fold. The headphones are lightweight, it is made with light materials so you feel comfortable while wearing them.


JBL Tune 660NC On-ear Bluetooth headphones have a polymer lithium-ion battery of 310mAh.  5v power supply should be used to charge these headphones.  It takes less than 2 hours to charge it to 100% from 0%. 

The playback with Bluetooth is up to 55 hours. If we use it with AUX and with ANC on, it works for 35 hours. It can give up to 44 hours with Bluetooth and ANC on. But what if the battery is low and no charging port insight? Guys, don’t worry JBL got us covered there too. The AUX cable comes along with these headphones, so you can still tune in to your tunes and sway!

Sound, Calls and Voice assistant:

JBL has always provided superb sound. JBL Tune 660NC On-ear Bluetooth headphones produce a pleasant experience while you listen to your favorite tunes. They supply a punchy, deep and powerful bass.

You can easily control your music, i.e play or pause or go to the next or previous track by simply using the control buttons present on the earcups. The buttons are used to accept and reject calls. Voice Assistant can be accessed with the help of these buttons and an in-built mic.

JBL Tune 660NC On-ear Bluetooth headphones have an Active Noise cancellation feature. It helps you listen to songs without background noise. Also, the person at the receiver end of your call gets your clear sound without the background noise.

Fast pair:

JBL Tune 660NC On-ear Bluetooth headphones have the fast pair feature. This feature is enabled by Google. With this feature, you can connect your headphones to your Andriod devices as soon as you power them on. Thank you, Google!


JBL always delivers the best for its customers. JBL Tune 660NC On-ear Bluetooth headphone is one of such products by them. These headphones are available on their official site, Flipkart and Amazon. The selling price is INR 6,999, its original price is INR 7,999. These headphones come in two varied colors Blue and Black.

JBL is quite a known company in terms of audio devices manufactured. With popularity comes commitments to serve. These JBL headphones are true to their company and name. Run to the site and get yours quick! What are you waiting for?