The JBL Tune 215BT In-ear Wireless Bluetooth Headset Review, Features, Specs

The JBL brand is in one of the topmost positions in the audio world. They never failed to deliver their signature sound in their audio gadgets. Now, they are heading to launch the new product in their neckband series. The exclusive product is the JBL Tune 215BT in-ear wireless Bluetooth headphones. JBL has launched new tws jbl c115 true wireless earbud and jbl t215 Bluetooth headset in India 2021

The new headphones have several specs and features and totally, it will provide a better listening experience. The price details are not known to this point. However, it has several specs listed on the popular platform Amazon.

Top Specs And Highlights Of The JBL Tune 215BT In-ear Wireless Bluetooth Headset

  • Bluetooth version 5.0.
  • Deep and pure JBL bass sound.
  • It has 12.5 mm, dynamic drivers. 
  • It is designed ergonomically.
  • It provides a more comfortable fit.
  • A maximum playtime of 16-hours.
  • A three-button control system.
  • Tangle-free cables.
  • Quick charging support.
  • Availability of voice assistant support.
  • Multi-point connectivity.

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Description Of The Features Of The JBL Tune 215BT Bluetooth Earphone

This latest JBL 215BT earphone functions with the help of Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth version is 5, and that delivers better connectivity and better since between the audio gadget and the neckband. 

A Powerful 12.5 mm Dynamic Drivers 

The JBL 215BT have presence of powerful 12.5 mm dynamic drivers that gives out an immersive audio output. The neckband also provides the JBL signature sound coupled with the deep bass effects. In total, it would deliver an enchanting listening experience. Undistorted audio provides a better listening experience. 

A Maximum Playtime Of 16-hours

This JBL 215BT neckband packs an efficient battery that gives out a maximum playtime of 16-hours. It further has a quick charging system to fill your battery. This system will fill up the battery in just a few moments to enjoy your day with music. 

A Three Button Control System

Most of the recent neckbands have this three-button system to control the playback and calls. It will have a single multifunction button and usual volume control buttons. This JBL 215BT Bluetooth headphone also has this three-button control system. It provides integrated control of your music system. 

The multifunction button will do controls on playback and calls with single or several taps. The built-in mic provides a better calling experience by enhancing your audio. With the help of voice assistant support, you can get a simple controlling system on your taps. 

Ergonomic Design

This JBL 215BT is designed ergonomically to provide additional comfort to your ears. Unlike other latest models of the neckband, it won’t sit on your ear canal. 

It sits on your year without deeply digging into the ear canal. Because of this design, it won’t provide any itching sensation or pain in your ears. So, it is ideal for wearing over a long time as it is also backed up with decent battery performance.  The cables are made with the perfect length to fit on your ears. Tangle-free cables are easier for transportation. 

A Multi-point Connectivity

This neckband provides better connectivity and perfect sync. Further, it allows you to pair two different devices at the same.  This will be useful in binge-watching as you can pair it with your tablet and mobile at the same time. You can watch movies and attend calls without frequently looking at your other device for calls and messages. 

Other Mentionable Features Of The JBL Tune 215BT In-ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

These JBL Tune 215BT in-ear wireless Bluetooth headphones have several mentionable specs and features. It differs from other neckbands with its unique structure and design.  The neckband is backed up with a decent battery and a better efficient battery performance. You can use your neckband for a long time as it won’t give any uncomfortable feeling to your ears. 

It has a much low weight of 18 grams that feels light on your wearing. It is available in several shades of Gold, Blue, Black, Green, Purple, and White. 

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