Nowadays, portable speakers are highly preferred. It is because they are easy to carry and simple to use. Portable speakers always deliver better audio output. JBL has launched a new portable speaker on their wireless speaker series. Boat brand has also launched boat stone 1200(Review) Bluetooth speaker with 14w power output and RGB lighting effect recently in India 2021.

Their recent portable product is JBL Clip 4 Ultra-Portable Bluetooth speaker and JBL charge essential with 20w power output in India 2021. It has several better features and comes with a carabiner hook. 

Specs And Highlights Of JBL Clip 4 Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

Bluetooth Version5.1
Sound Output 5 W Signature sound of JBL
Portability High portability with carabiner clip
Playtime 10-hours continuous playtime
Waterproof ratingIP67 waterproof ratings
Availability of Bass Punchy bass output
Built quality Rough and tough structure
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Detailed Information About The Highlights Of JBL Clip 4 Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Most of the portable speakers have Bluetooth connectivity support. Bluetooth version plays a significant role in establishing a better audio connection between your audio device and your portable speaker. 

To get a better audio connection, your speaker should have a minimum Bluetooth version of 5. This JBL Clip 4 Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker equips a recent Bluetooth version 5.1. This version enhances the connectivity range and its audio stability.

A Powerful 5 W Audio Output

In general, JBL audio products never fail to give an immersive sound output. It holds its top position with its signature sound output from all its audio products. 

This Ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker delivers an audio output of 5 W, and it is paired with a punchy Bass output. Thus, it will enrich your listening experience with an immersive audio output. 

A Maximum Playtime Of 10-hours

A portable Bluetooth speaker must have maximum playtime to support your journey. This Clip 4 Bluetooth speaker equips a large battery that delivers a continuous playtime of 10-hours.

You can get into the action with a charge of about 3-hours. With optimum audio settings, you can get to enjoy this maximum playtime. 

Rough And Tough Structure

This Clip 4 speaker has a rough and tough structure to extend its durability. With this structure, it becomes eligible for all of your adventurous activities.

Its mesh grids are visible on its surface, and the building structure is also strong. This is enough for a portable speaker to accompany you wherever you go. 

An IP67 Waterproof Rating

Most recent speakers have a waterproof rating that prevents the speaker from getting damaged from water action.

This Clip 4 speaker also comes with an IP67 waterproof rating. You can go about 30 meters deep into the water with your speaker fearlessly, as this waterproof rating will protect your speaker. However, the Bluetooth connectivity won’t work below the water. This waterproof rating is available to ensure that the speaker is resistant to water. 

Carabiner Clip For Portability

As the name suggests, this JBL Clip 4 Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker speaker has a simple carabiner clip for enhancing portability. By utilizing the carabiner, you can hook your speaker to your bag or on your pocket. 

It will be more stylish and comfortable for getting an immersive listening experience. 

Other Mentionable Features Of JBL Clip 4 Ultra-Portable TWS Bluetooth Speaker

The playback controls are available on its top for easy navigation. This Bluetooth version will provide perfect audio sync among your equipment and your speaker. 

It has high portability with an exact weight of 230 grams. You can prefer your shade from nine different shades.