Infinity Swing 350 True Wireless in-Ear Headphone with Mic

Infinity Swing 350 Wireless in-Ear Earbuds Price, Features, and Specifications Details


In no time the famous brand Infinity launched an elegant purely wireless headphone concerning music lovers.

The newest model of in-ear headphone by Infinity is Swing 350 with stereo calling feature and dual equalizer.


The iconic black colour Swing 350 model earbuds are stylish and glossy. The cool earbud is now within your grasp.

Just read its detailed review and hop onto Amazon to make your purchase.


The newly rolled out Infinity Swing 350 wireless earbuds are available at a discount rate of 57% only on the e-commerce hulk Amazon.

The season-end sale witnesses a considerable drop in price on this electronic gadget from 7499 INR to 3199 INR that makes it cost-effective.


Infinity Swing 350 Top Specifications and Highlights:


  • 24 hours of Playback time
  • Deep Bass with Dual Equalizer
  • IPX4 Splash Proof Technology
  • Smart Touch Controls
  • Bluetooth 5.0



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Infinity Swing 350 Features Details and Quick Review


24 hours of Playback time

The Swing 350 will deliver you a virtual musical realm experience for the whole day without any interruption.

The individual earbuds supply a playtime of around 6 hours long, while the lithium-polymer battery-powered charging casing offers you with back to back playtime of 18 hours.


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Keep the melody going for the entire day as well as night with no break. The mega battery life makes it feasible for our endless demands.



Infinity Swing 350 True Wireless earbuds



Deep Bass with Dual Equalizer

The 8mm drivers produce deep bass sound with a clean and distinct quality. The large drivers make the sound lively and dynamic for music lovers.

Enhancement of bass from basic to deep bass output immerses you into the musical world for a long time.


The dual equalizer supported earbuds to make your beloved vocalist sound incredible.

The normal to the deep bass mode of the earbuds connect you instantly to the beats and rhythm of pure soulful songs.


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IPX4 Splash Proof Technology

The splash and sweatproof technology make the earbuds wearable under heavy workout sessions without any fear.

The earbuds get an IPX4 certification that makes it feasible for fitness freaks and athletes as well.


Smart Touch Controls

The earbuds offer you with secure and comfy grip into your ear lobes. Let your hands be free during calls as the earbuds support mono bud attribute too.

The earbuds connect with your handset promptly that is the moment they are out of the charging casing they pair and connect.



Bluetooth 5.0

The wireless connection between your handset and earbuds is likely to be firm and steady because of the Bluetooth link.

All thanks to the technically updated Bluetooth version 5.0. The three ear tips sizes and stead-fast connection make the earbuds viable for audiophiles.


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The seamless connection and a simple tap on any of the earbuds will stir up your Siri or Google Assistant to perform your order.


The Infinity Swing 350 Truly Wireless Earbuds let you adore the tranquil bliss with a dual equalizer that supports deep bass for all day long musical experience.