HyperX Cloud Core + 7.1 Gaming Headset for PC

Hyper X Cloud Core + 7.1 Gaming Headset Best Price, Features, and Top Specifications

Gamers, it’s time to take a chill pill and start shopping the recently launched gaming Headset by the renowned brand Hyper X.

Now, you can visualize the virtual realm ideally as the Headset supplies you with the seamless synchronization of audio and video.

The Headset stands you out from your teammates by letting you achieve challenging goals and targets efficiently.

The latest model rolled out during season end sale is well-known as Hyper X Cloud Core + 7.1 Gaming Headset.

The gaming Headset comes at a discounted rate of 6490 INR only on the e-commerce giant Amazon.

The wrap-up sale offers a bargain price on the technically advanced Headset with a detachable microphone.

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Gamers mind the present market rate of the newly released gaming Headset with unique attributes and glossy design to be 8490 INR.

The three colour choice that is accessible to you for this classy Headset is the Red, Gun Metal and Black.

The Headset offers an apt design that suits your posture. The ergonomic design of the Headset lets you work confidently.

Hyper X Cloud Core + 7.1 Top Specifications and Highlights:


  • Better Virtual Surround Sound
  • Advanced Audio Control Box
  • Signature HyperX Comfort
  • Durable Aluminum Frame
  • Detachable Noise-Cancelling Mic
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility

Hyper X Cloud Core + 7.1 Gaming Headset Features Details and Quick Review Analysis

Better Virtual + 7.1 Surround sound

Relish the virtual realm with perfect precision in audio and video synchronization. The surrounding sound wave from the processor card makes your virtual experience a top-notch quality.

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The unique virtual realm sensation resists you to get away from the Headset. The two-channel stereo signal sound output makes the headphone to use as a stereo headphone too.

Advanced Audio Control

The Headset regulates the audio beautifully as you will be able to differentiate between highs, mids and lows without any difficulty.

The clear distinction between the frequencies as well as the production of enhanced bass is achievable like the one with the advanced HyperX Cloud Headphone.

The dynamic headphone supports a USB audio control box that makes your task smooth.

You can lower the volume of the Headset or mute the mic right from the audio control box.

Signature HyperX Comfort

The comfortable design makes the gamer stick to the Headset for all day long without harming your ears.

The headband comes with 100% memory foam that lets you rest your head in a relaxed manner.

During video games calm your head as much as possible with the Cloud Core + 7.1  over the ear gaming Headphone.

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The endless battle will pass in a relaxed way as the leatherette ear pads rest your ears comfortably.

Let the brain work calmly as the headband supports super-soft padded leatherette.

Durable Aluminum Frame

You can use the Headset as your daily wearable gadget as well. The frame of the Headset is built with tough aluminium to give it a sturdy design.

The robust frame makes the Headset viable for daily use as it will be able to handle the wear and tear proficiently.

Detachable Noise-Cancelling Mic

You must need to cancel all the noises that prevail in your background and listen to your teammates carefully during the ongoing virtual task.

This essential function is only accessible with the HyperX Cloud Core + 7.1 Headset.

The Headset comes with the super awesome attribute of canceling all the passive noises beautifully.

The detachable microphone that cancels the noises is the perfect mate for the gamers to achieve great success in online video games.

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Discord and TeamSpeak certify the microphone of the flexible Headset as it delivers you with clear interaction between your teammates regarding project work.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Gamers choose any platform to play your favorite online battle video games as the Cloud Core + 7.1 Headset supports multiple platforms.

The Headset goes well with your Personal Computer as well as PS4. It supports a stereo connection of 3.5 mm and dedicates 4poles to mic plug that is Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, VR, and Mobile.

Gamers get into the virtual realm smoothly and feel the inside thrill with passion and focus.

The HyperX Cloud Core + 7.1 Headset is the most suitable gadget for gamers as it will help them to reach great heights in the famous Counter-Strike games.