Nowadays, the race for fitness brands is getting fast. Many new brands are arriving with more features at affordable packages to make a great question on our mind, “Which is the best one?”. However, we will cover these Honor Band 5, Mi Smart Band, and OnePlus band. OnePlus has entered the smart wearables world with its first OnePlus band. 

Honor Band 5 VS OnePlus Band VS Mi Smart Band 4 Comparison

Everyone would raise this question if they are getting their first fitness watch. Are you among one? We picked these three popular brands and made a solution to your problem. 


Honor Band 5 VS OnePlus Band VS MI Smart Band 4: Comparison Of Specifications

SpecificationsHonor Band 5MI Smart Band 4OnePlus Band
Bluetooth version4.25.05.0
Water resistance5 ATM resistance up to 50 metres5 ATM resistance up to 50 metres IP68 water resistance and 5ATM resistance
Connectivity range 10 m10 m 10 m 
Battery capacity100mAh135mAh100mAh 
Battery usage 14 days20 days14 days
Charging time of Battery1-1.5 hours2 hours1-1.5 hours
Mode of chargeUSB chargingUSB chargingUSB charging
Available activity tracking modes 10613
Message notificationsAvailableAvailableAvailable
Call notificationsAvailableAvailableAvailable
Remote camera controlYesYesYes
Warranty period1 year No warranty1-year warranty.
Components included with the boxSmart band, charging cable & dock, user manual and warranty card.Fitness tracker, blackstrap, charging cable and user manual.OnePlus band, User manual, warranty card.
Net weight of the smart band22.7 grams35 grams26 grams 
Music control Yes Yes Yes
Price in AmazonClick here Click here Check Launch Price 

Honor Band 5 VS OnePlus Band VS Mi Smart Band 4: Display & Build Comparison

Both Honor Band and the Mi band sports the same 0.95-inch AMOLED display, color screen. This OnePlus has a larger display than these two smart bands. Its display size is 1.1-inch and has an AMOLED display. 

Honor and Mi has a 240×120 screen resolution with both automatic and adjustable brightness levels. However, the OnePlus brand has a 126×294 screen resolution. OnePlus has a detachable tracker that allows you to select your best strap.  

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The home button is included in all these three bands. And all three watches are ideal for wearing during your swimming. 

The different shades of Honor Band 5 are Meteorite Black, Olive Blue, Coral Pink, and Midnight Navy.  

Mi band only has a solid Black shade. OnePlus has three multiple colored straps of Black, Orange, and Blue.     

Which Smart Band Among The Three Honor Band 5, Mi Smart Band 4, and OnePlus Has The Best Display?

All these three bands have the AMOLED  display. However, OnePlus has a larger display.  

Thus, OnePlus has the large and best display among these three bands. 

You can pick between multiple-choice watch faces to personalize your watch.

Honor Band 5 VS Mi Smart Band 4 VS OnePlus Band: Available Activity Tracking And Heart Rate Monitor

Honor Band 5: Activity Tracking And Heart Rate Monitoring

Honor Band 5: Activity Tracking And Heart Rate Monitoring

You will get about 10 activity tracking features with Honor. It collects information on your activities and displays it on the screen.

It is equipped with a Cutting edge TruSeen 3.0 Heart rate monitor that gives you high-precision readings on your heart rates. 

It also has an advanced running planner that gives an accurate reading and gives customized recommendations.

Mi Smart Band 4: Activity Tracking And Heart Rate Monitoring

Mi Smart Band 4: Activity Tracking And Heart Rate Monitoring

A total of 6 activity tracking modes is available with this Mi band. It tracks your indoor exercises and outdoor cycling, running. It also tracks your swimming. 

A detailed report on your activities are found in the Mi Fit App. 

A 24/7 Heart rate monitor is available to track your heart rates, and it also monitors your aerobic activity and calories burnt.

OnePlus Band: Activity Tracking And Heart Rate Monitoring

OnePlus sports 13 Activity tracking modes that can track and display your performance on both indoor exercise and outdoor activities. It also has a free training session included. 

Its full-day heart monitoring gives a curated score on your heart rates. You can also use the OnePlus Health app to get more information. 

Which Among These Honor Band 5, Mi Smart Band 4, and OnePlus Band Has The Best Fitness features?

All these bands have special features. However, OnePlus has maximum tracking features.

With the 13 features and a free training session this band stands the best. 

Further, it has an OnePlus Health app to get more accurate information. 

Honor Band 5 Vs Mi Band 5 Vs OnePlus Band: Comparison Of Features

All these three bands have some of the same features. All bands have basic features like notification display, call features, alarms, multiple watch faces, and more.

Honor band 5 and OnePlus have the SpO2 monitor to display the blood oxygen level. 

Honor Band 5 has the best features among these bands. It has TruSleep features to monitor your sleeping quality with high-end technology. 

Further, it gives about 200 sleep quality assessment for achieving good sounding sleep. It is available in 42 languages too.

Honor Band 5 VS OnePlus Band VS Mi Band: Battery Performance Comparison

Both Honor Band 5 and OnePlus Band have the same 100mAh battery with 14 days of life.

The Mi Band has a maximum battery life of 20 days with a 135mAh battery. Thus, in the battery comparison, the Mi band has good battery performance. 

Conclusion: Which among these bands has the best features?

We recommend the Honor Band 5 as it has more distinct features. 

It has TruSleep technology and other best features. This band gives high-quality scores with high-end technology. 

It also includes a Spo2 monitor to govern the blood oxygen levels. In addition to these features, it has SWOLF technology to track your swimming efficiency. It is the best band among these three bands, with all features considered. 

Why should I buy the Honor Band 5?

It has 10 activity tracking modes and has high-end technology solutions to track your sleep and swimming efficiency. It also has a decent battery performance with the option of a colorful strap. 

Why should I buy the Mi Band 4?

Mi band has no specific features and doesn’t have colored variants. However, it has a maximum battery performance of 20 days. It has a good design and friendly usage.

Why should I buy the OnePlus Band?

OnePlus band has the maximum number of activity tracking modes. The 13 modes can track your workouts, and it also has free training. 

It has a fair battery life and accompanies an app to support your training. The advantage is that you can unmount the tracker and use it with your favorite straps.