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HARP Divine III  True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Best Price, Features, and Specifications Details


The year-end 2020 is observing a sale spree which is profitable for the cool gadget lovers.

The awe-inspiring purely wireless Bluetooth earbuds released by HARP Brand is named as Divine III earphones.

The top-quality earbuds by HARP will tune your inner passions with the deep bass rhythm and beats of audio that will force you to dance all day long.

The affordable HARP Divine III Bluetooth Earbuds is rolling out at 3899 INR only on Amazon. Hurry up! Grab the high-quality audio gadget whose market cost is 5999 INR.

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The optimal comfort is attainable with the incredible sound quality earbuds from the stylish wireless Bluetooth earphones in the form of HARP Divine III Bluetooth Earbuds.

The classy design of the earbuds by the top engineers serve you with best lows and highs sound wave.

HARP Divine III  Specifications and Top Highlights:

  • Incredible Sound Quality
  • Ergonomic Secure Fit
  • Water and Dust Proof
  • Touch Control Gestures
  • Auto Power ON and Pairing
  • Industrial Leading Realtek Bluetooth 5.0 Chip
  • Luxurious and Strong Aluminium Charge Case
  • Long-Lasting Battery and Rapid Charge
  • Check More Features Details

HARP Divine III Features Details and Quick Review Analysis

Incredible Sound Quality

The innovative HARP Divine III Earphones let you enjoy every single beat and rhythm of Nirvana flawlessly.

The expert engineering on the earbuds makes it perfect for use by audiophiles.

The earbuds tune the bass and trebles in such a way that you can easily recognize the high and low frequencies.

You will experience an elite form of entertainment as you delve into the stable and powerful bass of the musical world.

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Ergonomic Secure Fit

The earbuds prime concern is to deliver you an all-around experience.

The earbuds look flawlessly beautiful in the earlobes of both men and women as well as young and old.

Athletes and health freaks try out these latest earbuds as they will not fall off during marathon or relay race.

The earbuds add up glam and style to your professional look.

The daily serviceable advanced HARP Divine III Earphones supply the best comfort as it goes through biometric research for around 8months.

Water and Dust Proof

Feel free to bring you a constant buddy at your next adventurous trip as the earbuds support IPX6 dust and waterproof rating.

The earbuds are safe with you on your daring deep dive at the pristine beaches or thwart away the desert storm.

Recently Infinity swing 350 tws and Motorola Verve Buds 100 true wireless earbuds launched in India.

Touch Control Gestures

The earbuds regulate your audio by a simple tap. You can control the sophisticated earbuds support intuitive multi-function touch controls.

Answering or hanging up on calls requires a press on the earbuds.

The tap on the earbuds can also change the track or pause and play the music track.

Alter the volume or mute audio by just tapping the earbuds. Siri or Ok Google wakes up as tap on the earbuds.

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Auto Power ON and Pairing

The wireless pairing and connection are super convenient. You need not press any button to power up or power off the earbuds.

The earbuds detect available devices and connect by itself, once you take them out off the charging case.

Industrial Leading Realtek Bluetooth 5.0 Chip

The high-fi wireless connection is achievable because of the highly developed Bluetooth 5.0 version.

The modern version supplies you with a wireless network zone of 33 feet.

The earbuds pair and connect automatically to all the available Bluetooth enabled devices falling in its range.

Luxurious and Strong Aluminium Charge Case

Enhance your style statement with the HARP Divine III earbuds as it comes with a robust anodized aluminium charge case.

Feel safe about the earbuds battery status as it powers off itself automatically once you place them inside the well-appointed charge case.

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Long-Lasting Battery and Rapid Charge

The most beneficial function of earbuds is their battery life. The audiophiles will cherish the entire day with these earbuds as they never drain out of power.

Yes! You hear it right. The earbuds offer a playback time of 70 hours.

In case the earbuds drain out of power, it will recharge the earbuds within 15 minutes while the charging case requires a minimum of 1hour.

Remember as you buy the gadget charge the casing to 100% that requires a minimum of 2hours time.

Every single audio electronic wearable gadget of HARP Divine III satisfies customer demands with unique qualities.

The earbuds will let you celebrate the Christmas festival with the same jolly enthusiasm as the last year.