Flix Beetel S1 Smartwatch

Flix Beetel is a larger manufacturer of electronics. They have products ranging from laptops to the latest wearables, and they recently launched a product on their smartwatch series. This product was launched last December with the name of Flix Beetel S1 Smartwatch. 

Along with this smartwatch, flix has launched a new wired earphone flix beetel tone 200 on the Amazon India website.

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All the information about the Flix Beetel S1 Smartwatch is furnished here. Let’s surf through the features.

Top Specifications And Important Highlights Of Flix Beetel S1 Smartwatch

  • Full day heart rate monitor and temperature monitor
  • Routine activity tracker
  • Find the phone feature
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Large 1.4-inch Display
  • 7-10 days of battery life
  • Fitness activity tracker
  • 24 hours thermometer

Detailed Analysis On Each Specification Of Flix Beetel S1 Smartwatch

Full-Day Heart Rate Monitor And Temperature Monitor

This smartwatch comes with a Full day heart monitoring system, and it provides a report on your heart rate. It alerts you on the abnormal heart rates instantly. 

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Now, you can easily monitor your body temperature with this S1 smartwatch. Its built-in sensor gives a real-time analysis of your body temperature.

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Routine Activity Tracker

This S1 smartwatch has a Daily Activity tracker that tracks your workouts. You will get instant reports on your indoor and outdoor activities. This is an incredible factor for tracking all of your activities.

IP68 Waterproof Rating

Flix Beetel S1 Smartwatch

Find The Phone Feature

The Find the phone feature is mostly available in the latest smartwatch brands. To set this feature, you have to long-press the icon. When you press this Find my phone icon on your smartwatch, your phone will vibrate and ring, so you can find your phone easily.

This S1 smartwatch comes with IP68 waterproof ratings. This feature keeps your watch alive even during your swimming session.

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It is also dust resistant. So, you can get your watch anywhere without any damage.

Large 1.4-inch Display

Flix Beetel S1 Smartwatch

This Flix S1 watch sports a large 1.4-inch display. It comes with an IPS display that delivers a good and comfortable visual with a 240×240 screen resolution. The sensitive screen provides easy to touch controls and easy swipe controls.

7-10 Days Battery Life

It is powered with a 160mAh battery of Lithium Polymer running at 3.7V. You will get a DC connector powering a magnetic charger to juice up the power to your smartwatch. 

A single charge provides a battery life of battery life range between 7-10 days. It has a fast-charging system to deliver a quick response.

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Other Worth Of Mentioning Features Of Flix Beetel S1 Smartwatch

The large display will display all your notifications from your smartphone. The built-in Strong version of Bluetooth establishes a good connection.

You can control your music and change songs or control volumes on your FLix S1 smartwatch without taking your phone. 

The easy fit traps give you comfortable wear on your wrist. The stylish look is compatible with anyone. It weighs about 34 grams and carries a price tag of 2,499 INR for a single carbon Black variant.