Fire boltt echo 1000 review 2020

Boltt, as a brand, has been improving itself from time to time. They keep on launching several headphones and earphones with updated features and at a reasonable price rate.

Today we will review their latest launch, an in-ear neckband called boltt fire eco 1000.

We will provide an in-depth review of the highlighted features and specifications of this neckband, stressing its build quality, wireless connectivity, hands-free control, sound quality, and battery performance. Let’s begin with the packaging of the boltt fire echo 1000 neckband.

Boltt Fire Echo 1000 Neckband Review( Specifications and Characteristics)

The packaging of the boltt fire echo 1000 neckband is a very simple and no-nonsense type. It includes the following accessories:

  • boltt fire echo 1000 neckband
  • USB cable to charge the neckband
  • Extra ear tips (small/ medium / large )
  • User manual containing guidelines on how to use boltt fire echo 1000 neckband

Boltt Echo 1000 Features and Specifications(specs)

Appliance type Neckband 
Bluetooth Version 5.0
Capacity of Battery 130 mAh
Battery life 12 hours
Mic Present 
Control Type Buttons 
Voice Assistant Present 
Audio Driver  11 mm
Resistant to sweat and water IPX4
Charging Time 1 hour
Wireless Bluetooth Range 10 meters
Charging Type Micro USB
Warranty 1 year
Weight 180 g
Dimensions 21.34 x 16.26 x 3.05 cm

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We will now move onto its build quality and design

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Boltt Echo 1000 Design and comfort

boltt echo 1000 build design

The boltt fire echo 1000 neckband is very fashionable with a dual-toned feature available in several attractive colors 

The neckband is flexible and can adjust according to the shape and size of anyone’s neck

The fit is snug and comfortable; however, it starts to hurt the ears if worn over an hour.

On one side of the neckband, there is a logo mentioning the company and the USB charging slot for charging the device

There are also multifunctional buttons present on the neckband, which allows control over the music playing or calls coming.

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Earbuds are magnetic and stick to each other, so they will not go astray and bang onto something hard. There are also aligned with an angle of 60° so that it directly drains into the ear canal, providing passive noise cancellation.

One of the major reasons people are shifting towards truly wireless earbuds and neckband is that wired earphones always end up in a tangled mess no matter how careful you are.

You have first to untangle the wires before you can listen to music, which takes plenty of time and is quite frustrating.

You don’t have to worry about tangles in this neckband because they are flat wired and tangle-proof even if you keep them in your pockets.

Fire Boltt Echo 1000 Sound Quality

fire boltt echo 1000 price

The sound quality is very satisfactory. These boltt fire echo 1000 neckbands are furnished with 11-millimeter dynamic audio drivers providing a high definition sound quality and enthralling experience for the listener.

It also comes with something known as subwoofers, which help in producing crystal clear audio with a pronounced clarity.

The bass is boosted and is heavy. Neither the treble nor the bass dominates over the other, but they coexist with each other generating a harmonious and pleasant sound.

The sound to noise ratio is around 90 decibels, and the frequency range off the boltt fire echo 1000 neckband is 20 – 20000 Hertz

They also provide a noise isolation feature, which is not up to the mark. Due to the thicker nature of the design, the fitting is improper, and you get to hear a lot of noise, especially when you’re traveling like riding a bike up to during a train journey.

Even when you move towards the window or the door, you will hear our substantial background noise.

The integrated mic doesn’t work that well, which drastically influences the call quality. You even have to shout into the microphone for the other person to hear your words.

Wireless Connectivity

The boltt fire echo 1000 neckband has the most recent Bluetooth technology, version 5.0, and lasts up to 10 meters.

However, in reality, if the distance between the device connected and the boltt fire echo 1000 neckband is almost 7-8 meters, there will be intermittent disconnections where the neckband will keep on connecting and disconnecting.

This same thing will be experienced when the user is in motion, and the connection returns to stability as soon as the user becomes stationary.

Therefore user might experience some hiccups in connectivity during workouts or exercising which involves rapid movement of the body

Very seldom, only one of the earbuds remains connected, and the other stops working suddenly. You need to increase or decrease the volume to remove this bug.

Boltt Echo 1000 Neckband Controls

Boltt echo 1000 controls

The boltt fire echo 1000 neckband can be controlled with a multifunctional button through which the calls can be answered or rejected, the volume of the music can be adjusted, and the track can be manipulated.

Double pressing the button activates voice assistant (Google / Siri ), whichever is supported by the connected device.

The small round button is pressed to pair the device and LED light blinks red, which indicates that the boltt fire echo 1000 neckband has entered the pairing mode. After the neckband is connected, the LED light shows a constant blue light indicating the device has been paired.

One interesting feature of this neckband is that the controls are on the left side of the neckband, which is quite understandable because most people are right-handed by nature, and their right hand will be occupied with something.

It is convenient to use a less dominant hand, which will remain free most of the time to control the neckband. This fact suggests that the design is well thought out and planned.

Boltt Echo 1000 Battery and IPX Rating

The neckband comes with a decent battery of 130 mAh, which can provide an uninterrupted audio playback time of up to 12 hours.

The standby time is 200 hours, and charging time is also very less about 1 hour.

One drawback of this boltt fire echo 1000 neckband is that they still use a micro USB cable for charging and do not come with a c type port

They also come with an IPX rating of 4, indicating that it is sweat and water-resistant.


There are available in plenty of eye-catching colours like red, blue, green, grey and black

Fire-Boltt Echo 1000 Pros and Cons


  • The boltt fire echo 1000 neckband has a strong build and stylish design. 
  • It comes with the most recent version of Bluetooth version 5.0
  • It has multifunctional button controls which make receiving calls and controlling music hassle-free
  • It is boosted with an 11 mm dynamic audio driver providing high-quality sound
  • It has an ipx rating of 4 making it water and dust resistant
  • It has a decent battery life which lasts up to 12 hours


  • Wireless connection is somewhat unstable
  • Price is on the higher side
  • You can hear background noise during calls. You also have to shout to make yourself audible
  • Micro USB port for charging


The boltt fire echo 1000 neckband might be an ideal option for anyone looking for good sound quality and battery backup. This watch neckband comes with Bluetooth 5.0, which means it can provide a reliable connection. It is also sweat and water-resistant.

The fit is also quite snug and tight and will not pop out of your ears.

Overall this is a decent neckband to buy, but there are also better options available at this price range.