Companies like Boltt and Noise have launched their latest smartwatches, the Fire Boltt Beast by Boltt is a fascinating smartwatch and the Noise Colorfit Pro 3 by Noise is another fascinating smartwatch. Both of these smartwatches have extraordinary features surpassing the quality of all smartwatches built before. Some other comparable smartwatches as the fire boltt beast 360, noise fit active smartwatch, and pebble zen.

They have the excellent built quality and excellent features, thus, it is a head-to-head battle. A detailed Fire Boltt Beast and Noise Colorfit Pro 3 Smartwatches Identification will be done. It will determine which watch is better and which smartwatch has better technologies.

Fire Boltt Beast Vs Noise Colorfit Pro 3 Specifications Comparison

FeaturesFire Boltt Beast Noise Colorfit Pro 3 
Bluetooth Range10m10m
Watch facesMultipleMultiple
Display shapeRectangularRectangular
Display QualityClarity HDTrueView
Display size1.69″ 1.55″
Frame materialAluminum alloyMetal
Brightness500 nit500 nit
Fitness modesWalking, running, swimming, cycling, badminton, trekking, jogging, and 10+ modesAutosport recognization
Extra featuresYesYes
Water resistanceIP675ATM
Call alertsYesYes
Smart notificationYesYes
Health TrackersYesYes
Battery Life15 days10 days
Heart rate monitorYesYes
SPO2 monitorYesYes
Box ContentThe smartwatchFAQ cardWarranty cardThe bandUser ManualChargerThe smartwatchFAQ cardWarranty cardThe bandUser ManualCharger
NameFire Boltt beastNoise Colorfit Pro 3
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Which smartwatch has better display: Boltt Beast Vs Noise Pro 3

 The Fire Boltt beast is an impressive smartwatch with an impressive display. The smartwatch has a 1.69″ large, square-shaped HD display. It has an impressive display of 500 nit brightness. It even has a safe display screen which ensures that the display screen is bright, clear, and doesn’t hurt your eyes.

It has a full-touch display with an extra glass cover that provides screen protection and an aluminum alloy metal frame. It has a 30% larger display screen than other smartwatches.

The Noise Colorfit Pro 3 provides high clarity display. It has a 1.55″ rectangular HD display with a 320* 360-pixel resolution. It also has 500 nit brightness and a full touch HD display. It has a TrueView display screen to ensure maximum clarity. The smartwatch has a curved metallic frame and has an extra glass cover to guarantee screen protection.

In this case, the  Fire Boltt beast has a better display.

Fire-Boltt Beast smartwatch screen size & specs launched, priced at Rs  3,999 - The News Strike
Fire-Boltt Beast

Which has better looks?

The Fire Boltt beast has a thick aluminum alloy frame that is shock absorbent. It has an exquisite body and is a premium built. The smartwatch has the feature of multiple watch faces hence, you can choose according to your mood.

The Noise Colorfit Pro 3 has a curved metallic frame for maximum protection. The smartwatch has many different cloud-based watch faces to choose from so, you can keep the one which you like. It has multiple customizable swap bands. You can wear the one which you like.

In this case, the Noise Colorfit Pro 3 provides more design options.

Compare Fire Boltt Beast and Noise Colorfit Pro 3 Battery Life:

The Fire Boltt beast has a powerful battery. Its powerful battery makes sure that your device lasts for eight days when continuously used and 15 days when kept in standby mode.

The Noise Colorfit Pro 3 has provides you with an impressive battery which gives you high battery life. With this powerful battery, your device can last four days when heavily used and, ten days when occasionally used.

In this case, the Fire Boltt beast provides more battery life.

Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Smartwatch
Noise Colorfit Pro 3

Which device has a better health tracking system: 

The Fire Boltt beast has a unique health tracking system. Many types of health trackers are available. They have SPO2 oxygen measurer, heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, meditative breathing, and many more health trackers.

Different health trackers are present in the Noise Colorfit Pro 3. They have an SPO2 monitor, heart rate measurer, stress monitor, sleep monitor, and many more health trackers.

Both the smartwatches have equal health trackers.

Controls Differences Between Boltt Beast and Noise Pro 3

You can control your Fire Boltt beast easily as it has a full-touch display. A small swipe will change the display menu. Its intelligent notification tells you if you have any unread calls or messages. The smartwatch has quick menu access and, you can navigate using the rotating menu button.

The watch Noise Colorfit Pro 3 provides a full-touch HD display. It has quick menu access and, you can swipe the screen to change the menu. The smartwatch displays incoming calls and messages. You can also use the rotating button to control the device.

Both the smartwatches have equal controls.

Fire-Boltt Beast Vs Noise Colorfit Pro 3 Fitness Modes Comparison:

The  Fire Boltt beast has more than 10+ fitness modes like running, walking, swimming, badminton, trekking, and all the data is directly synced with your mobile app. It even has a step calculator.

The Noise Colorfit Pro 3 has many fitness modes to give one company. It has an extraordinary feature of Autosport recognization where the watch recognizes any sport you play.

Noise Colorfit Pro 3 provides better fitness modes.

Other features available in Fire Boltt Beast and Noise Colorfit Pro 3 smartwatches:

The Fire Boltt beast has many extra features and modes which are helpful. It has a live weather forecast, sleep monitor, and 500 nit brightness. The smartwatch even has a camera control and music control. It is IPX7 waterproof. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity.

The  Noise Colorfit Pro 3 has many similar features and a few new extra features. The smartwatch has a stress monitor, a meditative breathing monitor, and an accurate heart rate monitor. The smartwatch also uses Bluetooth 5.0 and Noise mobile app for connectivity.

In this case, the smartwatch Fire Boltt beast provides more features in it.

Fire-Boltt Beast with 1.69-inch touch display, SpO2 and Blood pressure  monitoring, IP67 water resistance launched for Rs. 3999
Fire Boltt Beast

Fire-Boltt Beast or Noise Colorfit Pro 3: Which Smartwatch is Better Choice?

Both the Fire Boltt beast and the Noise Colorfit Pro 3 are unimaginable smartwatches. Each watch has different fascinating features. They have regular features like fitness modes, Bluetooth 5.0, health trackers, and many other features. But some extra options like a 30% larger HD display, live weather forecast, new health trackers, camera control, and music control are present in the Fire Boltt beast.

Such features are absent in the Noise Colorfit Pro 3. Therefore the Fire Boltt beast smartwatch has more features in it and is better than the Noise Colorfit Pro 3.