Fire Boltt is one of the top growing brands in the audio system. They have also placed their step on smart wearables systems and became one of the top brands. Now they are up to launch the Fire Boltt BE1400 (Teaser page)True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds. 

BE1400 image gallery is posted on Amazon with some notable specs. They haven’t provided the complete info. Yet, we can conclude some features available on the earbuds.

Specs And Features Of Fire Boltt BE1400 Tire Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds   

Bluetooth version5.0
PairingAuto pairing
Battery performance16-hours 
Controls Fully integrated touch controls 
Voice assistant supportGoogle, Siri 
Audio High-quality audio with deep bass 
Gaming mode Available
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Detailed Information Of The Fire Boltt BE1400 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

This BE1400 uses the most reliable Bluetooth version 5. So, you will experience a fast pairing with the pairing device. Further, it has the availability of auto-pairing that will instantly pair with the device without any manual pairing.

An efficient battery will provide a playtime of 16-hours. However, no data is provided with the playtime available on a single charge. Each earbud has integrated touch controls to control calls and music playbacks. 

Through some taps, you can activate voice assistants like Google and Siri. BE1400 has a dedicated gaming mode for providing a better gaming experience by lowering the lags. 

No words on Lao latency is provided on the teaser. The audio output of this earbud would be more defined and the bass effects would be maximum. The earbud has an ergonomic design to fit perfectly on your ear canal. 

As of now, the Fire Boltt BE1400 True Wireless earbuds is available in shades of Black and White. However, no data is targeted about the launching date and price.