EDICT powered by Boat is a famous brand with various innovative products. They are planning to unleash their audio products next month. EDICT Dynapulse ETWS01(Product link) is one of their new launches. It is a new TWS earbud with a stylish look. We gathered the information about the recent launch and made this article for you. 

This earbud is just identical to the popular Boat Airdopes 441 Pro.  

Launch date and price 

The price tag of this earbud remains under the screens. However, this earbud will be available from 3rd July. Dynapulse ETWS01 will be launched along with their other audio products.

Top Specs And Features Available On EDICT Dynapulse ETWS01 TWS Earbuds

Bluetooth version5
Battery life 14-hours and 3.5-hours on a single earbud
Connectivity range 10 m
Driver size 8 mm 
Controls  Multifunction button
Voice assistant supportAvailable
Weight10 g 
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EDICT Dynapulse ETWS01 TWS Earbuds Features Detail

Dynapulse ETWS01 comes in an ergonomic design like Mivi Duopods A25 to fit perfectly on your ears. The carry case is compact to have in your pocket and given a matte grade finishing to add a stylish touch. 

Each earbud has the support of a silicone earmuff that helps in achieving smoother wearing of the earbud. However, it doesn’t have the permission of fins to provide additional supporting fitness. 

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Like some of the best Boat Airdopes, these Dynapulse ETWS01 earbuds also have LED-backlit digital charge indicator availability. So, you would be constantly aware of the charge remaining on the case whenever you open the charging case. It uses Bluetooth version 5 as Noise Air Buds Mini

When we consider the battery performance of these earbuds, with the help of a single charge, you can get about 3.5-hours of playback on each earpiece. Along with the support of the charging case, you will get a full playback of 14-hours. 

With the help of a charging case, you can charge your earbuds a maximum of 3-times. The capacity of its charging case is about 380 mAh, and that is responsible for achieving this battery life. 

Most of the latest Boat Airdopes have better-sized drivers for producing an enormous sound impact on their mini size. This Dynapulse ETWS01 also features a decent-sized driver of 8 mm to generate the sound output. 

Dynapulse ETWS01 equips a bright multifunction button for controlling the actions of calls/playback. With this multifunction button, you can activate the voice assistant with a single press. Impressively, the overall weight of the product is just 10 g.  So, it would be the best companion wherever you go.