Dudao U11s True Wireless Earbud with Digital Display Has Launched

Dudao U11S latest true wireless earphone with digital display for gamers has launched in India on Amazon. Get the features review and specs detail...
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The growing need of headphones has increased. We are all locked back at home, and we all need headphones to attend meetings, calls classes and many more.

Dudao U11S true wireless stereo earbuds with digital display for gamers launched in India in August 2020.

These DUDAO earbuds are stylish, and you would love it when you use it. These earbuds are specially designed for those who love to play games.

Let’s do a quick review of the top features of this dudao Bluetooth headset. The price of this earbud has not been announced yet.

Dudao U11S Specifications(specs)

  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Battery Life: Up To 6 hours
  • Advanced Controls: Yes
  • Digital Power Display: Yes
  • Deep Bass: Yes
  • For Gamers: Yes
  • Weight: 105 Grams

Duda0 U11s True Wireless Earbud Features Review & Details

Truly Wireless:

These headphones with Bluetooth connectivity helps you to listen to your favourite music without tangled wire.

It has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity technology. You can connect these earbuds with any smartphone or voice assistive device which is near you.

Its detailed stereo effect makes it the best for gamers.

It has the latest chip-set technology which enables the transfer of audio without any loss.

These earbuds give you crystal-clear and powerful audio. These earbuds provide you the fastest pairing with other devices.

It gives you a solid connection and consumes low power. These earbuds also support dual stereo calling.

Stereo sound for gamers:

These earbuds have deep bass and give a perfect feel to your favourite music.

It has an innovative acoustic design that enhances the sound and music you listen to.

Its cutting edge enables Hi-Fi stereo sound and makes it suitable for gamers.

These earbuds provide clear sound with the high-frequency response and free from distortion.

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Charge on the case

You can charge these earphones using the case. These earbuds have a total of 100 hours of standby.

These case have 300mAh battery support which makes it possible for you to charge the earbuds two to three times a day.

If you charge these earbuds once for 1.5 hours you can use it for more than 5 hours.

You can use them for 6 hours to listen to music and more than 5 hours to talk.

These earbuds can be charged just by placing them within the case. The case has a micro USB port which helps you to charge it.

The case helps you to check out the real-time battery available on the case. The LED colour changes from blue to red when the battery is low.

These earbuds have LED to show if it is on, off or connected.

Its LED lights make it easy to use and serve as an indication when you use it.

When the LED is blue it is ON when it is red it is OFF and when connected you can see both blue and red light. Its functions are made easy with multi-functionality keys.

To play or pause you can click the key once. You can switch it on by just clicking on the power button for 2 seconds or removing it from the port.

You can switch it off by placing it in the case or pressing the power button for 4 seconds.

To increase the volume you just have to tap over the right ear key.

To answer calls, press the key once. You can use these functionality buttons to control all activities easily.