What is the difference between boat rockerz 255 and 255f?

boat rockerz 255 vs 255f difference? boat rockerz 255 vs 255f If it is the same, then why they available online at a different price?

Today we will talk in detail about the questions and confusion of Boat Rockreys 255 wireless in-ear earphones.

When I first bought this boat rockerz 255 wireless headsets online. So I also got confused about the difference between boat rockerz 255 and 255f.

Because there are so many variants of Boat Rockerz 255 Sport Wireless Headphones available online, which one should I buy, so it took me time to find the answer.

Boat rockerz 255 bluetooth Earphone is a best seller on Amazon and Flipkart. Boat rockerz 255F is available online in different color variants such as Active Black, Neon, Ocean Blue, and Ragging Red. But we can easily select the color of our choice, but when it comes time to choose the model, we are confused to buy which headset for yourself. Because when we search to buy online, we see a lot of models of boat rockerz 255. The most popular three variants appear mostly online. Boat rockerz 255 Boat rockerz 255F Boat rockerz 255R Apart from this, the price of these models also varies. For this reason, we become more confused. Let’s solve your problem today.
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Boat Rockerz 255 vs 255F Difference
Boat Rockers 255 & 255F & 255R Designs All the same, there is no difference in sound quality. The charging time, battery life, build quality, performance
boat rockerz 255 and 255f are same? When we compare Boat rockerz 255 sports and 255F(255R), they are the same models, but different sellers sell them in with different names. Boat rockers 255 is being sold online on Flipkart in the name of 255F and 255R. If we talk about why their prices are different, then there is a simple reason that the seller can set their pricing. For this reason, it is sold online in many variants and at a different price. Now I hope you understand the difference between boat rockerz 255 and 255f.