This company has recently started to sell its products on Amazon, precisely from 2019. They mainly deal with electronics products, and some of their products on Amazon have prime shipping associated with them. But most of the products are shipped from their warehouse.

Crua B08 True Wireless Earbuds Launched in India


Now, they have launched on Amazon the CRUA earbuds, which are truly wireless. We are going to list some of its properties and after giving them a read, you can decide whether these earbuds are a worthy investment or not.

Crua B08 True Earbuds Price in India and Launch

Let’s state the price of the product before going into anything else. The CRUA Bluetooth headsets have a market price of Rs.3299, but they will be available at the discounted price of Rs.1,899 only. The customer gets to save almost 42%f from this purchase.

Crua B08 Earbuds Specifications and Highlight

  • LED digital display
  • Up to 20 hours plyatime
  • Type C charging port
  • CVC 8.0
  • 10mm dynamic driver
  • Touch controls
  • More…

Crua B08 Earbuds Features Details and Quick Review

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Bluetooth technology and noise cancellation

The CRUA wireless earbuds have adapted the Bluetooth version 5.0 technology, and it results in s high performance. The device also has noticeably low power consumption. This feature helps to reduce interference and supplies a stable connection as well.


Noise-canceling technology is crucial for the user to have a comfortable experience while handling calls and playing music. The CVC 8.0 technology assures the buyer reduction of ambient noise effectively, guaranteeing a great experience.

The Built-in mic

The earphones offer you a crisp and clear sound quality, and the 10mm dynamic drivers make sure that the product can fulfill its promises.

The grapheme diaphragms will give the user extra depth to the already existing crip sound. The whole experience will deliver an improved and more wide range of soundstage.

The high-quality mic in the earphones gives the guarantee of a hassle-free calling experience.

Display and playtime

When the buyer fully charges the device, the CRUA wireless earphones can deliver an audio service of 3.5H.  You can continuously play music and use the CRUA b08 headphone for those hours, and you can also extend the capabilities through a charging case.

With the help of the additional charging case,  the earphones can handle playtime of until 20 hours. The digital display of the device helps the users to determine how much power remains at a given point in time.

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Design and touch controls

CRUA B08 TRUE WIRELESS EARBUDS bluetooth headset

The earbuds have a premium and sturdy built meant to last. The superior designs are not all; the device is also equipped with the useful multi-function control for the ease of the user.

The controls help in using the calling and playback functions without trouble. The device also has an instant voice assistant feature.

Some additional details about the CRUA B08 truly wireless earbuds are as follows-

  • Package dimensions-  13.4 x 8.1 x 3.9 cm
  • Weight-  130 grams
  • Special features- noise cancellation
  • Material – plastic

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The product also comes with a warranty period, which lasts for one year.

So if the users notice something wrong within one year from the date on which they purchased the product, they can notify Seller Support to get some help. When you get the product, it is essential to recharge the item completely, before trying to use it.