CrossBeats Trak Smart Watch Review

Crossbeats Trak Smartwatch Full Review

The most well-known brand in India about audio products is the Crossbeats. Recently, the Crossbeats marks its entry in the field of Smartwatch with three of its new launches.

One of which is the Crossbeats Trak Smartwatch under a budget price range. You need to wear a futuristic innovative wearable electronic device to improve your wellness.

Also, the boat launched its first boat storm smart watch at a very affordable price in India.

The market cost of the Smartwatch is at 9999 INR but find the product at an economical price range on an e-commerce website.

The consumer needs to look at the thorough review analysis of the Crossbeats Trak Smartwatch to know whether it is value for the money or not.

You will be aware of the highlights present on top as you open the package of the Smartwatch.

Also, there is one more smart watch launched named crossbeats ace launched with this watch.

The Crossbeats Trak Smartwatch will not let you sit ideal for long as it will alert you by vibrating after some time.

Setting up an alarm on the Smartwatch itself will ensure that you rise from your power nap at the exact time.

Crossbeats Trak Smart watch Box Contents

You will find the subsequent stuff on unboxing the box of the stylish Crossbeats Trak Smartwatch.

  • 1year Warranty Card
  • Card with QR code
  • User Manual
  • USB Type A2 Magnetic Charging Cable
  • Round-shaped Dial Smartwatch
  • Detachable Strap
  • Multifunctional key on the side

CrossBeats Trak Smart Watch Box Contents

Crossbeats Trak Smart Watch Review: Features, Specifications, Price, Pros, and Cons

Power-up the Crossbeats Trak Smartwatch by pressing the multifunctional button present on one of its sides.

The Smartwatch is a touch screen on which you can get all the useful information by just swiping on the display screen.

The notifications that you receive on your handset will be available to you on the Smartwatch by right swipe. If you swipe left, it will inform you about your wellness data.

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The distance covered by you is measured using the GPS signal of your smartphone.

You will be alerted with the vibration of the Smartwatch as you receive text messages, calls, social media notifications on your smartphone.

Crossbeats Trak Smart Watch Top Specs and Highlights:

  • Sturdy and lightweightIP68 Water Proof
  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • SpO2 Monitor
  • Battery Backup
  • 10 Different Sports Modes

Now, capture your selfie on your smartphone by shaking the Smartwatch as both need to be paired and connected. The stable connection will help you to find your handset effortlessly as you lose it on your couch.

It supplies you with many numbers of watch faces, so customize the dial of Crossbeats Trak Smartwatch of your own choice.

You have the option to add pictures on the dial screen from your smartphone. The Smartwatch will you guide you with your sleep patterns as well and assist you in waking up fresh in the morning using its sleep application.

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Crossbeats Trak Smart Watch Full Review: Features Details

CrossBeats Trak Smart Watch features

Sturdy and lightweight

The built-up of the Crossbeats Trak Smartwatch is durable as the casing is of plastic material that makes it lightweight.

It supplies you with the gold-plated charging connector and features large 1.28” high definition IPS touch screen for display purpose.

IP68 Water Proof

The Smartwatch is highly resilient to water and sweat as it comes with a waterproof rating of IP68.

The Smartwatch features a high resolution of 240×240 pixels to deliver you with a clean and clear visual. The brightness of the Smartwatch is also well enough to meet our requirements.

Bluetooth Version 5.0

You can connect any of your smartphones supporting Android and iOS with your Smartwatch using the developed version of Bluetooth 5.0.

You must pair and connect the Crossbeats Trak Smartwatch with the help of YFit application after downloading it to your smartphone.

CrossBeats Trak Smart Watch specifications

Heart Rate Monitor: CrossBeats Trak Review

The graphical data your heartbeat for the entire day exhibited to you on the Crossbeats Trak Smartwatch. The Smartwatch works fine and supplies you with accurate data only after wearing it around your wrist.

SpO2 Monitor

You can keep a track on the percentage of oxygen level in your blood for the whole day. It efficiently serves the goal of an oximeter that recently gained attention due to the global pandemic.

The Crossbeats Trak Smartwatch will assist you to regulate your anger too as it also measures blood pressure level all the time.

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10 Different Sports Modes

The Crossbeats Trak Smartwatch will track your activities during the day and deliver you with useful data instantaneously.

Like it will count your steps while you walk, run, climb or skip and simultaneously provide the calories that you burnt.

It supports multiple sports mode like cycling, badminton, football, basketball, swimming as well as yoga sessions.

The Crossbeats Trak Smartwatch will train you with inhale and exhale timings properly as it supports breathing exercises too.

CrossBeats Trak Smart Watch price

CrossBeats Trak Smart Watch Review: Battery Backup

The Crossbeats Trak Smartwatch supports magnetic connecting dock. You can charge it either with the help of a power bank or direct power outlet.

The Smartwatch will play for at least 8-10 days on intense use. Otherwise, it will run for 12-13 days seamlessly.

Crossbeats Trak Smart Watch Pros and Cons


  • Smooth UI with good built quality.
  • Battery Backup Decent.
  • Control your music player.
  • Remote camera Shutter.


  • Tracker is not accurate.
  • Heart Rate and BP monitor is inaccurate.
  • No Ambient Light Sensor.

Final Verdict: CrossBeats Trak Smart Watch Review

The Crossbeats Trak Smartwatch supplies you with useful wellness data and a smart look. It is sensible to refer your medical doctor when the necessity of health-related data is essential.

The final thoughts about the Smartwatch are that it is a value for money product.