Crossbeats Torq Review

Crossbeats has pledged to revolutionize the wireless earphone market, and the dynamic brand has launched their latest earbuds, Crossbeats torq 2020, to do good by their promise. Premium in looks and in price, read on to find out if it is so in terms of features and functioning as well.

CrossBeats Torq Review: True Wireless Earbuds

Let us begin the crossbeats torq 2020 review with the accessories accompanying the crossbeats torq 2020 earbuds.

  •  A welcome card with a one year warranty where you have to scan the code and register your product to initiate the warranty period. You also get three months subscription of Gaana premium. This whole welcome card thing adds a personal touch and is a pretty thoughtful gesture.
  • A quick start-up guide
  • An alcohol pad for safety purpose
  • An accessory box which contains earbuds of different sizes for the perfect fit. It also includes a c type charging cable for charging the case.
  • A User manual, detailing all the features of this earbud.
  • Charging case

CrossBeats Torq Specifications: Best Specs

  • Model: CB-Torq
  • Model Name: CROSSBEATS Torq 2020 Touch True Wireless Earbuds
  • Wireless Charging: Yes
  • Audio Technology: Qualcomm aptX
  • Ear Detection: Yes
  • Wireless Connectivity: Yes, Bluetooth v5.0
  • Driver Size: 18mm
  • Dual Mic: Yes
  • Smart Touch Control: Yes
  • Environmental Noise Cancellation(ENC): Yes
  • Charging Port: Type C
  • Protections from Water & Sweat: IPX6
  • Weigh Each Earbud: 10 grams

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CrossBeats Torq Features Review and Full Details

crossbeats torq 2020 review design

Fit and Design

The crossbeats torq earbuds are made of plastic, but they do not seem cheap in any way. The design looks very premium and is slightly glossy. The earbuds are not very bulky, and you can comfortably wear them for extended periods of time without any pain in your ears or heat generation

The touch control sensor is extremely shiny and sensitive.

The fit is snug can be used for running and jogging. To test it, I shook my head rapidly, but still, the crossbeats torq earbuds didn’t fall off.

There is a crossbeats branding on the front side, and on the inside, there are three charging pins.

However, considering the price, the build quality seemed pretty average. For 7000 rupees, the class could have been a bit better.

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Crossbeats Torq True Earphone Battery Case 

crossbeats torq 2020 charging case

The battery case of the crossbeats torq earbuds is also built with plastic and has a textured surface which makes it classy. 

The crossbeats logo is imprinted on the top of the case and the Back it houses the slot for charging which is a c type slot

There are three led indicators present which denote the battery percentage left in the case.

Considering the battery capacity of the case, which is 2000 mAh, it is neither too bulky, not too compact. The size is optimised, and the case can easily be stored in pockets of shirts or pants and carried from place to place.

The cover of the battery case is slightly loose, and you will have to hold it up to keep it opened while you take out the earbuds. It doesn’t stay in its place and falls down immediately.

Overall, the physical appearance of the case and the earbuds lend a professional and subtle vibe.

Crossbeats Torq 2020 True Headphone Bluetooth Connectivity

crossbeats torq wireless charging

The crossbeats torq earbuds are furnished with the latest technology of Bluetooth, version 5.0, which improves the connectivity immensely

The range is also vast and is said to work seamlessly up to 33 feet. However, during my test, I found out the connectivity faces no issues up to 29 – 30 meters without any barrier in between. However, if there is any obstacle between the connected device and the crossbeats torq earbuds, the range will be reduced to 10-11 feet. Beyond that, connection problems will pop up.

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You can enjoy watching movies or videos without any visible lag. Even while playing games, the latency is quite negligible. It is lower than 15 ms. This is quite commendable for a truly wireless earphone where latency is more or less present, no matter how expensive the earbuds are. However, if even this much latency bothers you, then you should go for a wired earphone.

The crossbeats torq earbuds support both stereo and mono functions. If you need only one earbud, you can take out a single crossbeats torq earbud from the case and use it for whatever purpose you want.

The crossbeats torq earbuds have an Ipx rating of 6 on the website, and on the packaging, it claims to have an IPX5 rating. The earbuds worked well after I tested them by splashing water over it. Hence, it can easily be used during a light downpour or in the gym without any fear of sweat or rain damaging the earbuds

Sound Performance: Crossbeats Torq Review

crossbeats torq specs

Here is my Crossbeats torq earbuds review on it’s sound quality:

The crossbeats torq earbuds are armed with 18 mm dynamic audio drivers which are titanium coated and offer a decent volume. 

In fact, the volume is so high that it’s almost impossible to listen to this crossbeats torq earbuds at full volume without damaging your ears. However, there is no distortion at full volume; the sound is loud and clear. You can hear good quality music up to 80 per cent volume. This review is based on the tests performed at 75 – 80 per cent volume.

CrossBeats has launched Trak smart watch and ace smartwatch in India recently.

The bass is neither very dominating, nor is it too muted. Crossbeats torq earbuds have a perfectly balanced bass which is punchy and thumping as and when required by a particular song. 

At high volume, the bass interferes with the mid and high tones. The instrumental separation is on point, and vocals and trebles are clearly distinct.

The crossbeats torq earbuds provide support for aptex and AAC features. You also get a three-dimensional sound effect which gives an immersive sound experience.

Regarding the call quality, the crossbeats torq earbuds are equipped with CVC 8th generation noise cancellation feature which improves call quality significantly.

There are two microphones installed on each earbud which allows a clearer voice perception.

The other person can hear your voice clearly indoors, but when you go outside your house, background noise will slightly disrupt your call. 

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Torq 2020 Touch Controls Functions

crossbeats torq  2020 controls

The crossbeats torq earbuds are equipped with touch sensors which allows you to have full control. 

The earbuds are equipped with an IR sensor, which enables in-ear detection. This means the audio will stop as soon you pull the earbuds out of the ears and restarts automatically when you put them back in.

To play or pause the ongoing track you need to single tap the touch sensor

To go to the next song you need to double-tap on the right earbud and to go back to the previous song you need to double-tap the left earbud.

To increase the volume, then you have to long-press the touch sensor on the right earbud and to decrease the volume you have to long-press the touch sensor on the left earbud.

To activate Google or Siri, you have to touch three times 

You can also accept or reject calls using these sensors

Battery Performance

Crossbeats torq 2020 earbuds claim to provide 10-12 hours of playtime with 70 mAh batteries in each earbud.

In reality, however, the earbuds have clocked 9 hours of playtime running at 75-80% volume after being fully charged.

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The charging case comes equipped with a 2000 mAh battery and can be used to juice up the earbuds three times over, which brings the total playtime to 30-36 hours.

The device clocks a whopping 200 hours of standby time, and the earbuds have a battery life of 3 days with the case. 

It also supports wireless charging.


Till now, the crossbeats torq earbuds are available in only one colour, that is, black.


Currently, crossbeats torq earbuds are available at a discount of 41 per cent at rupees 6999. The original price of these earbuds is 11999 rupees.

CrossBeats Torq Pros and Cons


  • Premium, glossy design.
  • Less bulky, snug fit and can be worn comfortably for long periods.
  • Very sensitive touch control.
  • LED indicators to denote the battery percentage remaining in the case.
  • Features the latest Bluetooth v5.0, which greatly improves connectivity.
  • Latency is negligible, less than 15 ms.
  • Boasts 18 mm titanium coated dynamic audio drivers producing crystal clear sounds.
  • Perfectly balanced bass, all the notes are distinctly identifiable.
  • Supports aptex and AAC features.
  • Gives us an immersive sound experience.
  • They are equipped with CVC 8th generation noise cancellation feature, which significantly improves call quality.
  • Two microphones on each earbud provide a clearer voice perception.
  • Sports an IR sensor, which enables in-ear detection


  • The call quality has minor problems.
  • The price is way too high and above the reach of the middle class and lower middle-class strata of the society.
  • The build is average and not up to the mark, considering the price point.

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CrossBeats Torq Review: Verdict

The 18 mm drivers combined with the 8th generation CVC noise cancellation feature are sure to provide an enthralling audio experience. 

The call quality is one of the best you can get in the market.

You can control everything from the touch sensors, ensuring a completely hands-free experience.

The battery backup is also great, and so is the water-resistant feature.

The fit is nearly perfect.

Considering all of these above features, this is definitely CrossBeats Torq 2020 worth buying.