The Crossbeats Revolt TWS earbuds are the latest addition to the world of wireless earbuds, offering an immersive and premium listening experience. With their sleek and stylish design, they have quickly become one of the most sought-after earbuds on the market. Whether you’re looking for an exceptional listening experience while working out, or just want to enjoy your favourite tunes on the go, the Crossbeats Revolt TWS earbuds are a choice.

In comparison to other best earbuds like the Boat Immortal 131 and the boult audio x10 tws , the Crossbeats Revolt TWS earbuds offer superior sound quality and a comfortable fit that is sure to please even the most discerning audiophile. 

With a wide range of features, including active noise cancellation, wireless charging, and IPX5 water resistance, the Crossbeats Revolt TWS earbuds offer everything you need for a top-notch audio experience. So, if you’re in the market for the best earbuds, be sure to check out the Crossbeats Revolt TWS earbuds.

Experience the Strength of Audio with TWS Earbud Collection!

This cutting-edge package comes with everything you need for an unforgettable audio experience:

  • 1x Pair of TWS Earbuds
  • 1x Case for Charging
  • 1x C-Type Cable for Charging
  • 2x Pairs of Earflaps (Extra)
  • 1x User Guide
  • 1x 1-year Warranty Card 
  • 1x FAQ Card
  • 1x Catalogue

Crossbeats Revolt ANC Full Specifications

Bluetooth Version5.3 connectivity
Latest productYes
PlayTime 48  Hours
Noise controlActive Noise Cancelling
Connectivity typeEar
Item weight20 grams and 35 grams with a case
Range10 m
Driver Size2*10 mm
SuitabilityEvery Bluetooth Devices
Charging cableType C
Model year2023
Package Dimensions‎12.3 x 10.1 x 3.9 cm
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Perfect Design And Exceptional Quality

The Crossbeats Revolt TWS earbuds are a true testament to exceptional design and construction. The ear tips are made of soft silicone and are designed to fit comfortably in the ear for extended periods of use.

One of the key features of the Crossbeats Revolt TWS earbuds is their water and sweat resistance. These earbuds are perfect for anyone who wants to take their music with them while they exercise or perform other physical activities.

Crossbeats Revolt Design and Build

The Crossbeats Revolt TWS earbuds also offer exceptional sound quality. They have 10 mm Ti-Alloy drivers, which provide sound that is balanced, clear, and sharp. The Bluetooth 5.3 technology in the earphones guarantees a strong and quick connection to your smartphone. They also offer touch controls, which make it easy to change tracks, adjust volume, and take calls.

Gaming Perfomance of Crossbeats Revolt TWS

The Crossbeats Revolt TWS earbuds are a highly anticipated product among gamers. With a low latency of 40 ms, these earbuds are designed to deliver an immersive and seamless gaming experience. The low latency ensures that audio and video are perfectly synced, eliminating any lag or delay.

With deep bass and clear treble, the Crossbeats Revolt TWS earbuds provide an immersive audio experience that enhances the overall gaming experience. The earbuds also feature noise-cancelling technology that helps to eliminate external noise, allowing gamers to fully immerse themselves in their games.

Clear Sound: An In-Depth Analysis of the Earbuds’ Audio Quality

The Crossbeats Revolt TWS earbuds are known for their advanced audio technology, and the sound quality is no exception. The earbuds are equipped with 10mm titanium drivers that deliver dynamic and powerful sound with deep bass and crystal-clear highs. The frequency response range of 20Hz to 20kHz ensures that the earbuds can reproduce a wide range of frequencies, allowing users to experience music the way it was intended to be heard. The low impedance of 32 ohms means that the earbuds can be driven by a wide range of devices, including smartphones and laptops, without the need for an amplifier.

One of the standout features of the Crossbeats Revolt TWS earbuds is their advanced Hybrid ANC technology. This technology uses both feedforward and feedback microphones to actively cancel out ambient noise, providing users with an immersive listening experience. Whether you’re commuting on a noisy train or working in a noisy office, the earbuds will help you tune out the world around you and focus on your music.

  • Fast charging and Prolonged Battery life.
  • Wireless and portable design.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Water resistance and even sweat resistance. 
  • Good sound quality with a balanced bass and treble.
  • Active noise cancellation feature.
  • Affordable price.
  • Lightweight design for added comfort and portability.
  • Average build quality.
  • High price point compared to other TWS earbuds
  • Limited customization options for EQ and sound

Conclusion of Crossbeats Revolt ANC Review: Should You Buy This TWS Earbuds?

The Crossbeats Revolt gaming TWS has a suitable fit and provides extraordinary sound quality. Built-in Lithium polymer Battery and charging case powers it up. The controls are easy to use. And the earbuds are compatible with a range of devices. They have an in-built  6 microphone features, allowing us to attend calls easily you’re seeking a superb pair of exceptional earbuds, the Crossbeats Revolt is definitely worth considering.

How is sound and bass experience?

A: They come with balanced bass for the great sound experience

Are the Crossbeats Revolt  TWS earbuds water-resistant?

A: Yes, the Crossbeats Revolt  TWS earbuds are IPX5-rated water resistance and sweat resistance.

What is the price of the Crossbeats Revolt  TWS earbuds?

A: The price of the Crossbeats Revolt  TWS earbuds varies depending on the region and the retailer. Its actual price is 2499 INR.

What is the Use of 6 microphones?

A: Revolt is a game-changer for working professionals since it comes with 6 microphones for better speech quality and noise reduction. Even in congested settings, it provides a superb calling experience.

What is the warranty on the Crossbeats Revolt  TWS earbuds?

Manufacturing Errors, Incomplete Packages, and Technical Errors are all covered by the warranty.The warranty does not apply to abuse of any kind, hard handling, bodily harm, or water spills.