The impressive design yet adorable earbuds crafted by skillful engineers to bring out the artist in you. Shove your hands in the musical field or enhance your dance expertise with the elegantly poised Crossbeats Pebble 2020 earbuds.

CrossBeats Pebble 2020 TWS Full Review

Today we will do the full review of crossbeats pebble 2020 tws. Why this truly wireless earbud has Amazon choice. In this crossbeats pebble review, we will figure out how these true wireless earphones perform in day to day uses.

How much battery life they offer. How they perform in terms of calling, audio, and other important areas with pros and cons.

The impressive look of the charging case and earbuds are available in three distinct colours like Charcoal Black, Ash Gray, and Imperial Jade. Each different and exclusive colours matches well with your every outlook.

CrossBeats Pebble 2020 Review

Box Content

You will find the following material on unboxing the packet of the stylish Crossbeats Pebble 2020 Earbuds.

  • 1year Warranty Card
  • Card with QR code to avail gift offers
  • User Manual
  • USB to USB Type C Data Cable
  • Additional two earcups
  • Unique Charging Case with Leather Strap
  • True Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Focus on reaching high goals as the melody brings peace to your soul and Crossbeats Pebble 2020 earbuds convey style to your life. The fashionable earbuds supply you with a comfy fit for the whole day and are safe to put on while you have a morning run in the playground.

CrossBeats Pebble 2020 features

Top Specifications and Highlights of CrossBeats Pebble:

  • Built-up Quality and Finish
  • IPX6 Water-Resistant Rating
  • Powerful Bass Audio
  • All Day Active
  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • CVC 8.0 Noise Reduction with Qualcomm Chip Enabled
  • Type C Fast Charging
  • In-built Dual Microphone
  • Control at Ease
  • Lightweight and Secure Fit

The consumer will find thump and punch in the bass quality with a clear separation between vocals and trebles. The balance between midst and highs are well enough for the music lovers.

CrossBeats Pebble 2020 Full Review of Features in Detail

The in-depth research analysis on each specification of the not long released Crossbeats Pebble 2020 Earphones are here.

Built-up Quality and Finish

The charging case of the Crossbeats Pebble 2020 offers you a smooth finish with excellent built-up quality. The unique charging case offers you a rubbery feel on your palm as the leather strap on the casing provides you with a better grip control over the earbuds.

IPX6 Water-Resistant Rating

The high resistance power of the earbuds makes it suitable for use during rigorous workout sessions. It is safe to wear the Crossbeats Pebble 2020 earbuds during rainy season as well. The earbuds fit firmly to your ears while you perform HIIT workouts and drown yourself in sweat.

Powerful Bass Audio | CrossBeats Pebble Review

CrossBeats Pebble 2020 performacne

Feel the ultimate effects of bass and balanced audio of your favourite music tracks with the help of improved graphene drivers. The enhanced bass effects to your melody are brought to you by the precise and well-balanced graphene drivers.

The unmatched pure dynamic drivers with double bass effects deliver extra thump to your music. Listen to your preferred choice of music even when you conversate with your loved ones.

The rare feature that comes with the Crossbeats Pebble 2020 earbuds is that it supports stereo and mono modes.

The consumer will find low latency issue with the earbuds while watching Netflix series while zero latency during online gaming as well as online streaming of YouTube videos.

The graphene drivers are of 6mm size producing loud sound output under 80% volume level.

All Day Active

CrossBeats Pebble 2020 charging case

More power to you folks as you receive the consummate sound quality with the Crossbeats Pebble 2020 earbuds. The earbuds play the whole day for about say 20 hours nonstop and bring peace to you while you commute, work or cook.

The earbuds ensure that you are always tuned in to your beloved music and melody for the entire day and keeps you calm. The truly wireless earbuds supply you unlimited power for all-day with one lithium-ion battery.

You will find 50mAh capacity battery on each earbud, while the battery inside the charging case has a capacity of 700mAh.

The individual earbuds provide you with uninterrupted usage of 4hours practically. The casing can gear up the earbuds 4times after charging it completely.

Bluetooth Version 5.0

The quintessential attribute of the Crossbeats Pebble 2020 earbuds is its ability to form firm wireless network range for about 33ft using the advanced version of Bluetooth 5.0.

The earbuds allow you to move around the gymnasium without losing the wireless link from the phone.

CVC 8.0 Noise Reduction with Qualcomm Chip Enabled

The earbuds support Qualcomm chipset with CVC 8.0 noise reduction quality that withdraws your voice precisely and delivers it to your callers.

Stop all the background noises prevailing at the crowded street and convey your crystal-clear voice with the Crossbeats Pebble 2020 earbuds.

Type C Fast Charging

CrossBeats Pebble 2020 charging port

The user will receive information about the earbuds and casing charging status from the indicators that come with the charging case.

The constant companion of your busy life schedule is the Crossbeats Pebble 2020 earbuds as it supports type C swift charging system.

The Bluetooth wireless earbuds charge fully, that is to 100% within one hour and deliver you with peaceful music in no time. The easy transferrable and hassle-free charging method makes it your all-time buddy in hectic routine.

All credit goes to the fast charging technology that is type C port because if you charge it for 20 minutes, then the earbuds are good to go for another 2 hours smoothly.

In-built Dual Microphone

Now, say bye to not so good call quality as theCrossbeats Pebble 2020 earbuds bring to you two number of microphones. The microphones are placed on the earbuds strategically to grasp your voice and delivers superior quality audio as output.

Make your call quality as live as possible with the enhanced quality dual-microphone present on the earbuds. You may find distortion during calls after using the earbuds for a long time.

Control at Ease

CrossBeats Pebble 2020 earbuds

The multifunctional button on the earbuds lets you regulate your musical preference according to your mood. With one simple press on the key, you can either skip a song or play or pause a piece of music that suits your frame of mind.

You can even ask your all-time associate like Siri or Ok Google to perform your on-demand task effortlessly with the precisely engineered voice command attribute.

Lightweight and Secure Fit

TheCrossbeats Pebble 2020 earbuds let you enjoy the freedom with supreme style and live lively on to the limelight. The featherweight earbuds weighing just 4.8gm fits tightly onto your earlobe that gives you the liberty to dance nonstop on the beats of salsa.

CrossBeats Pebble 2020 Pros and Cons


  • Gorgeous design and strong built-up.
  • Good and loud sound output.
  • The highs and the midst of the music are to the point.
  • No lag found during online gaming.
  • Battery life is decent.
  • Good call quality.
  • Connectivity is good.


  • Microphones not up to the mark.
  • The issue with passive noise cancellation attribute.
  • Issue while pairing for the first time.
  • You may face problem during configuration change from mono to stereo mode.

Final Verdict| CrossBeats Pebble 2020 Review

The attractive earbuds let you wear the technically advanced wireless earphone and explore the musical world in the future. The Crossbeats Pebble 2020 earbuds with classic attributes are worth the money at the price range it is out in the market.