Crossbeats delineate the truly wireless earbuds experience and push their boundaries with every launch they make. Crossbeats latest earbuds are power-packed with startling features and attractive designs. These crossbeats new earbuds will make you change your entire idea about truly wireless earbuds, and you will soon acknowledge what you have missed in your life all this while.

CrossBeats Latest True Earbuds in India 2022

In this article, we will focus on three crossbeats latest earbuds. These crossbeats new earbuds are CROSSBEATS Torq 2020 Touch, Crossbeats edge 2020, Crossbeats pebble 2020, and Crossbeats urban 2020. In this post, we will delve into each and every one these Crossbeats new earbuds and discuss the highlighted features which include battery life, sound quality, connectivity, and other such characteristics.  Let us begin with the first latest earbud by Crossbeats which are the Crossbeats torq touch 2020

CrossBeats Torq 2020 Touch Features, Specifications, Price

CrossBeats have launched CrossBeats Torq 2020 Touch true wireless earbuds on amazon prime day on 6th august 2020 in India. Torq 2020 touch has some fantastic features like wireless charging, in-ear detection, and more.

CrossBeats Torq 2020 Touch Specs, Top Features

CrossBeats Edge 2020
  • Torq 2020 has provided the most extended battery life up to 12 hours with a single charge.
  • You can get additional 36+ hours of music playback with the charging case.
  • Crossbeats torq 2020 equipped with wireless charging.
  • It also has a type C charging port if you want to charge with a cable.
  • This earbud comes with 4 microphones that will provide exceptional calling experience during talking.
  • These earbuds support Qualcomm Hd aptX and graphene drivers that will help to provide an explosive sound.
  • If you love to play games, then don’t worry. Torq 2020 comes with a gaming mode that offers almost negligible delay 70ms(milliseconds) during gaming.
  • You can use touch buttons for your music control.

CrossBeats Edge 2020 Specifications, Features, Price

Crossbeats age 2020 is one of crossbeats latest earbuds launched in Amazon in April this year. It comes with certain remarkable features like the latest version of Bluetooth, great battery backup, boosted bass, and touch controls. Let us go through all of them in details.

CrossBeats Edge 2020 Specs and  Features

CrossBeats Edge 2020
  • These Crossbeats new earbuds have dynamic audio drivers that are made up of graphene sheet, and hence they produce 10 times more powerful and boosted bass than other drivers that are available in the market.
    • The size of the Crossbeats edge 2020 earbuds extremely compact and stylish. They are highly portable and can be carried from one place to another very easily
    • These Crossbeats the latest earbuds offer an extended battery life with 20 hours of continuous audio playback ensuring the use of immersive sound experience.
    • This earbud supports type c fast charging. The Crossbeats new earbuds provide a music playback time of 5 hours, and the charging case can be used to charge them four times.
    • These earbuds are water-resistant and have an IPX rating of six. They are completely safe in the rainy season and also protected from dust and sweat.
    • Crossbeats edge 2020 is powered by a Qualcomm chipset making it more reliable and steady all the time.
    • They are also advertised to have a low latency mode which reduces the lag between audio and video not only during streaming videos but also during games like PUBG.
    • Thus these Crossbeats latest earbuds are appropriate for professional gamers
    • It can be paired one at a time or both of them can be used simultaneously as required
    • The multifunctional touch control can be used to play/pause a song, switch between tracks, answer or end a call, control the volume, or to activate the voice assistant.
    • The Crossbeats edge 2020 earbuds come with intelligent noise cancellation, which reduces background noise very effectively.
    • It weighs just 140 grams

CrossBeats Pebble 2020 Features, Price and Specifications

CrossBeats Pebble 2020

Another Crossbeats latest earbuds are the Crossbeats pebble 2020(review) launched in January this year. These latest crossbeats earbuds are currently price at 4499 rupees on Amazon and are relatively on the higher side of the spectrum. Can the features really back up the price? Read on to know more about it

CrossBeats Pebble 2020 Specs and Features Highlight

The new Crossbeats pebble is ergonomically designed and has premium written all over it. They are incredibly lightweight and will not be a cause of pain if worn for extended periods of time.

  • These earbuds by Crossbeats, much like the one mentioned above, also come with graphene drivers and a dramatic emphasis on the bass which will get the user dancing to every beat.
  • They come with massive battery backup and the user can listen to the music for up to 20 hours.
  • These Crossbeats latest earbuds take less than 60 minutes to charge fully and support c type fast charging feature.
  • They also come with clear charging indicators showing the current charging status for both the battery case and the earbuds.
  • You can also play, pause, answer or reject calls, control volume or manipulate an audio track by simply pressing the integrated multifunctional button or by activating the voice assistant( Google or Siri, whichever is supported by the connected device) through voice command and let it take care of the rest. 
  • These earbuds are equipped with two microphones which will improve the clarity and quality of the voice call drastically. It will seem so real as if you are talking to them in person.
  • It also has stereo, and mono call functions which means sharing your favourite music with your loved ones is just a matter of seconds. 
  • This Crossbeats pebble 2020 earbuds are resistant to splashes of water and sweat and will not pop out of your sweaty ears during an exhaustive workout session.
  • They come with the latest version of Bluetooth 5.0 ensuring a strong and stable connection between the earbuds and the paired device
  • They also support auto-pairing feature which means that it will automatically get connected to previously paired devices instantly after being taken outside the case
  • The earbuds weigh only 3.8 grams

CrossBeats Urban 2020 Specifications, Price

The last Crossbeats latest earbuds we are about to discuss is the Crossbeats urban 2020. These earbuds are available in a number of eye-catching colours like matt black, baby pink, and turquoise blue. These Crossbeats new earbuds are currently price at 3999 rupees on Amazon and were first launched in January this year.

CrossBeats Urban 2020 Specs and Features

CrossBeats Urban 2020
One of the most attractive features of these earbuds is its colour. The colours are stunning to look at and can add an extra boost to an already fashionable outfit. 

  • They are quite compact and as light as a feather. The fit is also very nice, and these earbuds are a perfect pair for your trip to the gym not only due to their exceptional utility but also to make a fashion statement.
  • The ear tips are made of high-quality silicone which is flexible and can fit into ears of any shape or size
  • These Crossbeats new earbuds come with better dynamic audio drivers and passive noise cancellation technology which take the sound quality to a whole new level.
  • These earbuds support instant pairing and get automatically connected as soon as they are out of the case. The latest version of Bluetooth 5.0 provides a superior connection with no intermittent pauses or gaps.
  • These Crossbeats urban 2020 earbuds come with IPX6 certification. You don’t need to worry anymore about having fun in a pool or working out in the gym. These earbuds are protected from all.
  • They are equipped with multifunctional button controls which makes adjusting the songs or taking calls or calling the voice assistant extremely convenient
  • These earbuds provide up to 12 hours of battery life and the charging case can charge the earbuds minimum of three times. Moreover, the earbuds also support fast charging.
  • The weight of Crossbeats urban 2020 earbuds is just 3.7 grams.
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