CrossBeats edge 2020 Vs Pebble 2020 Comparison

Crossbeats is an Indian company that is stealing the spotlight with its amazing premium products at mid-range prices. It is known for its lightweight design and supreme sound quality. 

It came into popularity with its supper seller-’The Crossbeats Pebble 2020’. It was the perfect mixture of cutting edge technology and design at an affordable price.

Today, we shall compare its rival, the Crossbeats Edge 2020. This will be a full review of the “CROSSBEATS Edge 2020 vs CROSSBEATS Pebble 2020 Comparison”.

Stick till the end to gain full knowledge on every aspect of the comparison to find out the best TWS earphone among the two.

CROSSBEATS Edge 2020 vs Pebble 2020 Specifications Comparison

Specifications and features  Crossbeats Edge 2020 Crossbeats Pebble 2020
Bluetooth connectivity  Version 5.0 Version 5.0
Playback time  5 hours
20 hours with the case
5 hours
20 hours with the case
Battery capacity  55mAh in the buds
700mAh in the case
50mAh in the buds
700mAh in the case
Driver type 12 mm audio driver  8 mm audio driver
Charging type Type-C  Type-C 
IPX Rating IPX6  IPX6
Color available Black  Ash grey, Imperial jade, and Charcoal black
Microphone yes  yes
Buttons control Touch   Button 
Charging time 1 hour  1 hour
Chipset Qualcomm Qualcomm
Wireless range 10m 10m
Frequency range 20 Hz – 20 kHz 20Hz – 20 KHz
Warranty 12 months 12 months
Weight 3.8g/ earbud 4.8g/ earbud
Compatible devices Windows, iOS, and Android Windows, iOS, Android, Microsoft, and Smart TV 

Availlability & Price

CrossBeats Edge 2020 Price

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CrossBeats Pebble 2020 Price

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Crossbeats Edge vs Crossbeats Pebble: Sound quality and Mic performance comparison


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Crossbeats Edge Sound quality and Mic performance:

The Crossbeats Edge has a huge 12mm enhanced graphene driver that offers extra boosted bass.

It has Advanced Audio Codec(AAC) with 3D surround sound, this ultimately provides one of the best music experiences ever. 

It handles trebles effortlessly and the midrange is well balanced. The quality provides a beautiful punchiness and thumping bass.

Even at full volume, there is no distortion and the bass is not overpowering. Truly a value for money.

Mic quality is phenomenal. Unlike other TWS earphones, this comes with a dual Mic to avoid repeating your words while on a call.

The dual Mic helps in capturing all the sound and giving you enhanced audio quality.

The latency offered by the Crossbeats Edge is extremely low. It offers a super low latency of less than 75ms.

This proves that there is almost no audio lag and provides a professional gaming experience. Surely an amazing choice for all the gamers out there.


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Crossbeats Pebble Sound quality and Mic performance:

The Crossbests Pebble comes with a smaller 8mm enhanced graphene driver that gives an enhanced bass effect. The pebble supports Advanced Audio Codec(AAC) and 3D surround sound as well, ensuring immersive sound quality.

The thump in the bass is comfortable to listen, the trebles and mids are handled with precision. Overall, the sound quality provided is far better than most TWS earphones out there at this price range.

There is no noticeable distortion when listening at full volume, the music is very pleasant to listen at full volume. Most earphones don’t provide such precision. 

The Dual Mic is a blessing in this TWS earphones. It is soothing to talk to others on a call with no distortion or hindrances.

The dual mic grasps audio perfectly to give seamless audio quality on the other end of the call. Crossbeats has managed to effectively utilize the dual mic feature.

The company has not mentioned its latency, but after testing it does show a very low latency. When used for gaming there is almost no audio lag. Once again a winner, this TWS earphones undoubtedly has rich features for its pricing. 

Does the Crossbeats Edge 2020 have better sound quality than the Pebble 2020?

Yes, the Crossbests Edge 2020 has better quality than the Crossbeats Pebble 2020.

Both TWS earphones have similar qualities like Advanced Audio Codec and bass boost, but the Crossbeast Edge has a larger enhanced 12mm graphene driver, this provides a higher volume with a boosted bass.

Most of all, the Crossbeats offer 3D surround sound which is a very unique feature in this segment. 

Edge vs Pebble: Battery performance comparison 

Edge Battery performance:

The Crossbeats Edge has a 55mAh battery that gives a music playtime of 5 hours. The TWS earphones can be charged 4 times in the case, it offers a total of 20 hours of battery life due to its enormous 700mAh battery.

The charging time for the Crossbeats Edge is 1-hour thanks to its Type-C fast charging feature.


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Pebble Battery performance:

The Crossbeats Pebble comes with a slightly smaller battery of 50mAh but offers 5 hours of playback time. The charging case has a battery life of 20 hours that allows 4 times of charging for the earbuds.

Its case has a huge 700mAh battery which is the same as the crossbeats Edge.

This also takes 1 hour to charge fully as it has a Type-C fast charging port.

Noise Cancellation comparison 

Edge Noise Cancellation

The Crossbeats Edge has an 8th generation capture voice control(CVC) as well as passive voice noise cancellation. It comes with an intelligent noise analyzer for crystal clear audio.

The dual-microphone also helps in noise cancellation. Crossbeats takes immense pride in its noise cancellation. It offers amazing noise cancellation for a mid-range budget.

The TWS earphones actively cancel external environmental noises in real-time to produce perfected audio to its user.

Pebble Noise Cancellation:

The Crossbeats Pebble also comes with an 8th generation CVC that gives the Pebble its well-earned reputation in the TWS earphone segment for amazing noise cancellation qualities.

Both earphones have very similar features and cannot be differentiated on noise cancellation bases.

The function is the same, it clears all the white noise and provides pure audio as it also has a dual mic inbuilt in it.

Build quality and comfort comparison 

Crossbeats Edge Build quality and Comfort:


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The Crossbeats Edge claims to be the smallest TWS earphones in India. It has a very compact size and weighs only 3.8 grams. It fits perfectly in your ears and stays in place most of the time.

The charging case is big which makes it uncomfortable to slide it in your pocket.

The case comes with a strap attachment loop to make it easier to commute. It comes in only one standard black color.

It has an IPX6 rating, this allows the user to take it outside during rain and workout fully with no worries as it is sweat-resistant and water-resistant.

The IPX6 rating does not recommend underwater activities as it may damage the circuit. 

Crossbeats Pebble Build quality and Comfort :

The Crossbeats Pebble has a very premium build with amazing color choices like Ash grey, Imperial jade, and Charcoal black. The comfort is decent but it does fall out during workouts.

It has a very compact design and weighs 4.8 grams approximately. The case has a leather sling tag attached to it for better convenience.

The shape of the case is very sleek and it has an amazing texture. 

The Crossbeats Pebble also has an IPX6 rating, which means rain and sweat shouldn’t be a problem while going outdoors.

Unfortunately, it cannot handle excess water and is advised not to expose the earbuds too much to water. 


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Crossbeats Edge vs Crossbeats Pebble: Control comparison 

The Crossbeats Edge comes with a touch control panel. Whereas, the Crossbeats Pebble has a Multifunction button(MFB).

They can perform controls such as play/pause tracks, change volume, skip tracks, answer/reject calls, and activate voice assistants. 

These TWS earphones have stereo as well as mono functions. This enables the user to simultaneously use each earphone for calling and listening to music respectively. 

But, the Crossbeats Pebble has an additional feature that can establish Bluetooth connection with an Android Smart TV and a Microsoft OS. This feature is not seen in most TWS earphones of this price segment.

Conclusion: CrossBeats Edge 2020 VS Pebble 2020 Review Comparison

Which TWS Earphone is better, Crossbeats Edge 2020, or Crossbeats Pebble 2020?

After a thorough comparison between theses, the verdict goes to the Crossbeats Edge 2020.

The Crossbeats Edge has a better sound quality due to its large 12mm graphene drivers with enhanced bass boosters, it has touch controls which make it comfortable to use rather than pressing the earbud further into your ear.

The Crossbeats weigh only 3.8 grams and fit perfectly in your ear. The pricing is cheaper than the Crossbeats Pebble as well.

The only reason to buy the Crossbeats Pebble 2020 would be for its premium build quality and its color variants.