The brand new Noise Clorofit Pro 3 and Realme Watch S are launched in the Indian market. However, their advertisements and specifications are already out on e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. In this article, we will compare noise colorfit pro 3 vs realme watch s smartwatches.

Noise Colorfit Pro 3 Vs Realme Watch S

The two watches have many specifications that are unique to them. Hence, here’s a comparison which shall guide you to choose the best option out of the two.

Noise Colorfit Pro 3 Vs Realme Watch S Specifications(specs) Comparison

Realme Watch SNoise Colorfit Pro 3
Aluminum alloy case.Metal display.
 3 different strap colors: Black, navy blue, and orange.3 different colors: black, white, and navy blue.
IP68 Certified.5ATM Certified.
16 Sports mode.14 sports mode.
Multiple functions like Distance covered, Steps walked, Calories Burned, Heartbeat Rate, SpO2 (Oxygen) Level.Multiple functions like heartbeat monitor, breath rate monitor, keeps a check on stress level, SpO2 (Oxygen) LeveL.  
The price is 4999.Price is 3999
Circular displayRectangular display
1.3 inches display.1.55 inch display
360*360 display320*360 display
Up to 14 days battery lifeUp to 10 days battery life
Automatic brightness control500 NITS brightness
Realme link app is used to control the watch from the app.Noise fit app is used to control the watch.
Comfortable wearComfortable wear
Realme Watch S PriceNoise Colorfit Pro 3 Price

Noise Clorofit Pro 3:

Noise wearable is a newly established company with its headquarters in Gurugram. The company has been sweeping the market with a huge sale of its earphones and more specifically, its smartwatches. It has lately announced the launch of the brand new Noise Clorofit Pro 3 on 10 Feb 2021.

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Basic features of Noise Clorofit Pro 3:

  •  1.55’’ HD Colour touch screen with 320*360 resolutions.
  • Blood oxygen meter.
  • SpO2 (Oxygen) Level
  • Tracks heart rate regularly.
  • Water and scratch-resistant.
  • Bluetooth 5.0

Basic overview of the  Noise Colorfit Pro 3 smartwatch:

The Noise Clorofit Pro 3 shall be launched soon on the online e-commerce site Amazon at an affordable price of 3999/-. The new watch comes in with a smart monitor to track your breath, heart rate, steps, etc.

It also contains a smart multi-functional button that guides the users to receive notifications from their social media sites and it even gives you notifications about the latest events too.

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This is also the most awaited launch for many people because of its many exciting features. It is a smart wearable with an easy fit, premium finish, and a rectangular display. This watch is supreme because it guides its user towards a healthy life.

Realme Watch S:

Realme is a manufacturing company from China with its headquarter in Beijing. It is known for its production of earphones, smartwatches, fitness bands, etc. Realme Watch S comes in multiple colors and shall be launched on Flipkart very soon at just 4,999.


  • IP68 water-resistant.
  • Battery time up to 15 days.
  • Aluminum alloy case.
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Blood oxygen monitor
  • Bluetooth 5.0

Overview of Realme Watch S:

The Realme watch S comes with Bluetooth version 5.0 and connectivity up to 10 m. It has a good battery life which can last up to 15 days with just a charge of 2 hours.  It comes in a stylish finishing with a circular dial and a Silicon finish which is suitable for both men and women.

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The watch has a compatible Android operating system that supports Android 4.4 or later. This comes in an LCD resolution of 360*360 pixels in a size of 1.3 inches which has an automatic brightness control.

The excellent activity tracker tracks multiple activities which are as follows: distance walked, steps covered, calories burned, heartbeat rate, SpO2 level.

Comparison Between Noise Clorofit Pro 3 and Realme Watch S Smartwatches:

The Noise Clorofit Pro 3 comes in a rectangular dial form with a display of 320*360 display resolution and a 1.55-inch display. It keeps a check on the stress level and is an IP68 certified watch with automatic sports recognition of up to 14 sports including running and walking. It holds a water resistance of up to 50 meters and hence is one of the most classic watches at 3999.

In comparison to the ” made in India” Noise Colorfit Pro 3, the Realme watch S has a circular dial with a high definition display and a 1.3 inches display. It comes with three different strap colors which are orange, blue, and black.  It has 16 sports modes which exclude swimming. It is not always on display mode. 

The watch has 2 buttons in total where one button handles the power while the other controls various sports modes etc.  But, it does not have a GPS System and also cannot delete or remove one notification at a time.

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The 390 mAh battery, though promised can last up to 15 days but when reviewed by individuals is an aid to last only up to ten days. This has a price higher than that of the Noise watch where the Realme watch comes at 4999.

The Realme watch S is of a new and stylish look as most smartwatches come in a rectangular display and this watch has a circular display. Also, it has an automatic brightness control with a 360*360 HD display which is better than Noise.

Also, it has a more powerful battery with 16 sports modes while Noise color fit has only 14. Therefore, Realme watch S is better. Hence, you can choose the best according to your needs as both the watches are at an affordable price with equally good specifications with just a minute difference in the price.