Carlson Raulen Falcon Series Smart Watch Body Temperature Full Touch Fitness Activity Tracker Waterproof 24/7 Heart Rate BP Sensor Call & Notifications Alert Call Reject Camera Control (Black Black)
Carlson Raulen Falcon Series Smart Watch

In this fast track world, we need everything smart and accurate. The Carlson Raulen Falcon Series Smart Watch is one such smartwatch, that will help you keep up with the world.

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It has recently been launched with multiple features such as measuring Body Temperature, Heart Rate, sleep data, and your activity and sports data. With weeklong battery life, charges just in an hour, and comes with a warranty, this watch has got all the cool features.

Reasons to Buy Carlson Raulen Falcon Series Smart Watch

In the middle of the pandemic, we have become more conscious of our health, and staying at home has increased our time spent with Mobile Phones.

To reduce our screen time, social media detoxification while keeping a track of our health and without missing any important call, message, or email, The Carlson Raulen Falcon Series Smart Watch is there to save you from the chaos. 

Important Features of Smart Watch from The Carlson Raulen Falcon Series: 

Full Touch Screen with Edge to Edge Display: 

This watch comes with a full touch screen display, which lets you read and respond to all the notifications you would be receiving on your phone. It also displays your heart rates, weather, and body temperature.

Heart Rate

This smartwatch exclusively measures your pulse and internal heat level. Since the change in heart rate indicates various heart-related problems, you can watch out for the health of your heart.

At the same time, change in body temperature has become one main concern post the arrival of Covid -19.

Body Temperature: 

This Smartwatch has this feature to measure the change in body temperature so you can detect the temperature in your watch instantly and be alert.

You can interchange between Celsius and Fahrenheit. This watch can detect the temperature of the body, object, or even water. 

Blood Pressure and Oxygen measurement: 

Instant measurement of blood pressure and Oxygen without connecting to your mobile and that can save your life. You can maintain your BP and take proper precautions beforehand. 

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Track your Exercise: 

It tracks your every activity therefore you can customize it according to the exercise you follow as it comes with 9 different Multisport modes. 

Water Resistant:

This watch is water-resistant, which is super useful when you are Swimming or struck in the Rain. You can wear it anyplace, whenever you want, with no difficulty.

Stylish and Trendy: 

Carlson Raulen Falcon Series Smart Watch comes with wild designs of Dial to match every mood and style. Smart and sexy features with trendy dials are all one can ask for in a smartwatch.

Remote Camera and Music:

 You can take pictures after connecting it to the Bluetooth, listen to music while exercising, and for that, you don’t need to carry your phone with you. You can play, pause, rewind, and forward songs without even touching your phone. 

Interchangeable strap:

 To keep up with Trend, and match your mood and outfits, this SmartWatch comes with interchangeable straps. You can transform it into your number one shading lash and have a new accessory to roll on.

IOS or Android: 

Carlson Raulen Falcon Series Smart Watch works very smoothly with both the operating systems such as IOS and Android. If each user switches the phone, all you have to do is log in to the app, and you have your data sync in there.