Looking for high-quality TWS earbuds? Look no further than Boult Audio X10. These earbuds boast features like Boat Immortal 131 and are an upgrade to the popular Boult Audio X10. The Boult Audio X10 TWS Earbuds feature advanced Bluetooth 5.3 technology, which ensures a seamless and stable connection. Plus, the earbuds come equipped with noise-canceling technology, so you can listen to your music without any background noise. Here we will discuss boult audio x10 full review in details.

The Boult Audio X10 TWS Earbuds are difficult to beat for battery life. Also, the earbuds come with a charging case that extends their battery life, allowing you to listen to music all day long. They’re a great choice for music fans on the road because to their stylish appearance and excellent battery life. Let us dive into the advanced review of Boult Audio X10 TWS Earbuds.

Make Use of the TWS Earbud Collection to Hear the Wonder of Audio!

This innovative package has everything you want for a fantastic audio experience:

  • A single set of TWS earbuds
  • A single charging case
  • one C-Type charging cable
  • 2 sets of earplugs both smaller and larger (Extra)
  • 1 User manual
  • 1 warranty slip to claim 1 year warranty

Boult Audio X10 Full Specifications Details

Bluetooth Version5.3 connectivity
Latest productYes
PlayTime 45 Hours
Noise controlActive Noise Cancelling for voice calls
Connectivity typeEar
Item weight43.1 g
Range10 m
Maximum Operating Distance2*10 mm
SuitabilityEvery Bluetooth Devices
Charging cableType C
Model year2023
Package Dimensions‎‎5.6 x 5 x 2.9 cm
Country of originIndia
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Outstanding Design and Construction of the Earbuds:Your Attractive Heading

The superb design and workmanship of the Boult Audio X10 TWS earphones are demonstrated.

The Boult Audio X10 TWS earbuds are expertly designed and constructed with high-quality materials to deliver an exceptional listening experience. The earbuds offer up to 45 hours of playtime, while the 40ms lowest latency ensures seamless audio and video synchronization. These are perfect for exercises and outdoor activities because to their IPX5 water- and sweat-resistant construction. Touch controls and built-in ambient noise suppression offer for simple, hassle-free operation.

The earbuds also come with a microphone for making and receiving calls, and they support voice assistants. With fast charging, these earbuds are perfect for those on the go. Their sleek and attractive design makes them a stylish addition to any outfit. They also offer touch controls, which make it easy to change tracks, adjust volume, and take calls.

Boult Audio X10 Earbuds’ vibrant RGB lights will illuminate your outfit

In addition to their impressive audio capabilities, the Boult Audio X10 earbuds also feature vibrant RGB lights that will illuminate your outfit and make a bold fashion statement. These lights are customizable, allowing you to choose from a variety of colors and lighting effects to match your mood and style. 

Whether you’re out for a night on the town or hitting the gym, these earbuds will add an extra touch of flair to your look. With their sleek design and eye-catching RGB lights, the Boult Audio X10 earbuds are the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Gaming Performance of Boult Audio X10 TWS

Although the Boult Audio X10 earbuds are not promoted especially as gaming earphones, your gaming performance can be improved by its low latency and ambient noise reduction features.

Boult audio X10 tws full Review

These earphones are ideal for gaming since they provide little lag between audio and visual signals with a latency as low as 40ms. You can concentrate on the game audio and converse with other players without being distracted thanks to the ambient noise cancellation technology, which also helps to filter out unwanted background noise. 

Also, you can easily change the volume or skip tracks without taking your hands off the controller thanks to the touch controls. Ultimately, even if they weren’t made with gaming in mind, the Boult Audio X10 earbuds may nonetheless deliver a satisfying and immersive gaming experience.

A Detailed Overview of Boult Audio X10 Earbuds

Anybody seeking premium wireless earphones with remarkable features should choose the Boult Audio X10 earbuds. The earbuds have a remarkable 45 hours of runtime, so you can enjoy hours of music, movies, or gaming without having to recharge. You may accept calls while keeping crystal-clear audio in busy areas with the Zen Technology Environmental Noise Cancellation Mic.

boult audio x10 case

The earbuds also have the lowest latency at 40ms, which makes them ideal for gaming or lag-free video streaming. With just a 10-minute charge using the lightning bolt type-C charger, you may play for an astounding 150 minutes.

Amazing sound quality is delivered by the 10mm Drivers, who also produce voices and treble that are crystal clear and have deep, rich bass. These sweat- and water-resistant earbuds include IPX5 Water Resistant technology, making them ideal for outdoor activities and exercises.

Also, the Boult Audio X10 earphones have Bluetooth 5.3, which offers a reliable and continuous wireless connection. With only one multipurpose button, the touch controls let you play/pause, skip tunes, and answer/dismiss calls. By calling Siri or Google Assistant on your smartphone using the voice assistant function, you may use it to operate it without using your hands.

Crystal clear Calling performance with the Boult Audio X10 TWS Earbuds

With their Zen Technology Environmental Noise Cancelling Mic, the Boult Audio X10 earbuds are made to deliver incredibly clear call clarity. To ensure that you can hear and be heard properly during phone conversations or video conferences, our technology helps to eliminate background noise. Moreover, the mic is placed near the lips, allowing for distortion-free and clear voice transmission.

Also, the touch controls on the earphones make it simple to take calls while you’re on the road by allowing you to answer and end conversations with a single button click. Without touching your phone or earphones, you may start and finish conversations using voice commands thanks to the voice assistant feature.

Anybody who wishes to make calls in loud settings without having to cope with poor audio quality can use the Boult Audio X10 TWS earphones.

Charging Made simple

boult audio x10 charging indicator
  • Make sure they are properly positioned before dropping the earphones into the case and snapping the lid shut to begin charging.
  • The RGB LED on the case and the red LED on the earbuds will both shine for 10 seconds when the earbuds are in charging mode.
  • When the earbuds are fully charged, the LED will automatically turn off.

Boult Audio X10 Pros and Cons

  • Wireless and convenient to use, with no tangled wires.
  • Good audio quality with deep bass and clear sound.
  • Comes with a charging case that provides extended battery life.
  • Has touch controls for easy operation.
  • IPX5 is water-resistant, making it suitable for use in different environments.
  • Certain older gadgets that employ antiquated Bluetooth technologies might not be compatible.
  • Limited customization options for EQ and sound.
  • The audio quality may suffer in noisy environments.

Conclusion: Should You Buy this Earbuds?

In conclusion, anyone searching for a wireless earbud alternative that is affordable and has decent audio quality should definitely consider the Boult Audio X10 TWS earbuds. With a small and light design, they are practical to use and simple to transport.

The Boult Audio X10 gaming TWS fits comfortably and offers excellent sound. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a great pair of exceptional earbuds, the Boult Audio X10 is a good choice to explore.

Boult Audio X10 FAQs

Can I control the earbuds without touching my phone?

A: Yes, the earbuds come with touch controls, making it easy to operate them without touching your phone.

Are the Boult Audio X10 TWS earbuds water-resistant?

A: Yes, the Boult Audio X10 TWS earbuds are IPX5-rated water resistance and sweat resistance.

What is the price of the Boult Audio X10 TWS earbuds?

A: The Boult Audio X10 TWS earbuds are priced differently based on the location and the merchant. Its launching price is 999 INR.

Are the Boult Audio X10 TWS earbuds compatible with all devices?

A: The earbuds are compatible with most devices that use Bluetooth technology, but may not be compatible with some older devices that use outdated Bluetooth technology.