Boult Audio Truebuds Review

Boult Audio AirBass TrueBuds Truly Wireless Earbuds

In our contemporary world, many people prefer to be connected to music. Music, according to all, work as a remedy to their sorrows. It also can make people happy.

We want this connection between us and music to be an unhindered and strong one. To keep up with this major demand of ours many companies have come up with many wireless earbuds.

Here, we are going to review one of those earbuds.

Boult Audio AirBass TrueBuds Review:

We will try to present a deep Boult Audio TrueBuds Review. This will be based on their Sound Quality, Built Quality, and other important factors.

Boult Audio AirBass TrueBuds Box Content:

Before reviewing the product, we should gather information about the Buds that the company claims to offer, mentioned on the packaging content box.

Claiming the quality of “Extra Bass” along with the branding and its product name at the front, the backside of the packaging box claims the following features:

With the unpackaging of the package, we will receive the things mentioned:

  • Warranty Card
  • User Manual
  • Product Catalogue
  • Charging Case
  • TrueBuds
  • Two pairs of different size of Ear caps
  • Type C USB Cable for Charging

Best Features and Specs of Boult Audio TrueBuds

  • 24 Hrs Playtime
  • 3 days Standby
  • HD sound
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Call and Music Controls
  • BT 5.0 Auto- Pair
  • Both Masters Earbuds
  • Stereo Calling & Mic
Boult Audio AirBass TrueBuds True Wireless Earbuds with Touch Controls

Boult Audio AirBass TrueBuds Audio and Calls Quality:

If we talk about Latency, every audio product has a more or latency in it.

The Boult Audio AirBass TrueBuds Review tells us that one can feel a latency in these buds but it will be very low of about half a second. Only those who have a sharp sounding sense or a keen game player can observe it.

With Low Latency Level, the buds become fit for calls and consuming video or audio contents. They are also bearable during games.

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If observe overall they don’t seem to provide a bad impact on your call and so during your games. 

Even at high volume, you can use it without any distortion as the buds are not too loud.

The buds are inbuilt with Artech technology and are made up of 9 mm graphene driver with which they provide you with the exotic sound quality in HD and with clarity.

In addition to it, these earbuds also avail audio amplifier which let them amplify your sound and deliver it with deep bass.

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We receive the information about the feature of Cancellation of noises of the Buds. 

This feature helps the buds to provide us with a comfortable call. You can have a call without any hindrance from the noise from your surroundings.

The Boult Audio claims to provide a total Noise Cancellation. Although, the Boult Audio AirBass TrueBuds Review by us tells that this feature becomes limited. At a heavily crowded place, the buds fail to cancel the noise.

Boult Audio TrueBuds Specifications

BrandBoult Audio TrueBuds
Dimensions9.6*8.5*3.5 cm and 90 grams
ModelAirBass PowerBuds
Compatible DevicesWindows, IOS, Android
Special FeatureNoise Cancelling
Battery Average Lifealmost 23 hrs
Connectivity featureBT 5.0
HeadphoneForm Factor
Voice CommandGoogle, Siri
Control ButtonTouch
Connector typeWithout wire
Warranty Claimfor 1 year
Water and Sweat ResistantIPX7

So, time to talk about every feature of these buds in detail.

Boult TrueBuds Comfort and Design: Boult Audio TrueBuds Review

boult truebuds design and build

The design of these TrueBuds can catch one’s attraction.

These Buds are means to follow the tagline of “The first impression is the last impression”. As the first impression of the buds and the case is so eye-soothing that you will forget any cons of these buds. 

These Buds have a comfortable design and so are easy to fit in-ears. However, if you have small earholes than using them for long can cause pain to your ears.

The material of the case and the buds is very good. 

What our, Boult Audio AirBass TrueBuds Review, tells us that the design in all ways becomes an advantage to the Buds.

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BT 5.0 Auto Pair:

To heighten the quality of connection with your device the buds are inbuilt with the new technology of Bluetooth 5.0.

With this technology, these Buds can have a stronger and unhindered connection with your device.

The connectivity range of these Buds can go up to 10m. 

The buds also have the feature of automatic connectivity. They will connect immediately, after opening the case, with the device they were connected last. And on putting them back in the case they will get disconnected.

24 Hrs Playtime: Boult TrueBuds Battery Performance

boult truebuds battery life

As we can see from the box, as claimed by Boult that, the Buds will have a total playtime of 24 hrs.

This can be said as the buds, as per the company, are able to work continuously for 5.5 hrs when charged fully. The case can charge the buds for four times when charged fully. 

On our checking and according to our Boult Audio AirBass TrueBuds Review, the buds will give you a playtime of almost 5 hrs, at one go.

And since they can get charged for at most 4 times with the help of the case, they can give you a playtime of almost 20 hrs in total.

These TrueBuds are designed with Port C charging which means they can be charged through Mobile adapter with the help of the cable provided in the box.


The Boult company claims the buds to be a MasterBud. This means you can use both the Buds separately on different devices. Or to say, you can use one bud at a time.

They are MasterBuds, and hence can be used as MonoBuds and StereoBuds, as per the demand.

Boult Audio TrueBuds Charging Case:

boult truebuds charging case

As mentioned above, the quality of built-in of the charging case is good. Its design is so classy and catchy to eyes.

The charging case comes with a charging point, at the backside. The front side contains four battery indicator lights, they will tell us about the battery level of the buds.

The buds are kept in a holder with a magnet. This magnet can keep the buds in their position. This will avoid any kind of misplacement of buds. The case also has a magnetic lock.

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IPX 7 Rating:

boult truebuds ipx ratings

The TrueBuds are designed with IPX 7 rating. It makes the TrueBuds waterproof and resistant to sweat.

This feature allows these buds to be used during gym, exercising and cycling.

Google Voice Control and Call and Music Control:

The buds come with a simple operation that works on touch. To control the buds the operations are as follows:

>Double tap on the Right/Left to skip a song/for the previous song

>Single tap for Play/Pause 

>Long tap on Right/Left to Increase/Decrease the Volume

>Tap for two seconds for Google Voice Command


To maintain the classy design of the TrueBuds Boult Audio has provided the customers with colour variants 

The different colours are:




Boult TrueBuds Pros and Cons


  • Smart Touch Operation(volume conrols also)
  • A Good Built-In Quality
  • HD Sound with clarity
  • Connectivity within the range of 10 meters.
  • Good Noise Cancellation 
  • Sweat and Water Resistant(IPX7)


  • Have a deep bass, not for heavy bass lovers
  • Not for small earholes

Conclusion: Boult TrueBuds Review

Our Boult Audio AirBass TrueBuds review has taken us to the conclusion that these TrueBuds, complimented with all their pros and cons, make a good choice for their customers.

With its good quality in sound suitable for all purposes, whether calls, consuming audio and video contents or for games. With its good in-built quality with a protective case and long playtime hour.

If you are a game lover then the low latency may bother a little bit. Or if with an earhole you can experience pain in your ear if you use it for so long. 

As an overall review, we can say that you can prefer these earbuds without any regret.

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