Boult Audio Probass Thunder Review

Boult Audio is an Indian company that makes some of the best audio accessories in the market. 

They became popular with the introduction of their wireless Bluetooth speakers and headphones, and now they have a wide variety of audio accessories to offer. Their products are available on Flipkart and Amazon. 

The Boult ProBass Thunder is a very affordable wireless over-ear headphone. It is available on Flipkart for only ₹1,299. During sales, the price drops even lower, sometimes as low as ₹999 only! Is it too good to be true? We will find out in this review. 

Boult ProBass Thunder Review

Things included in the box :

  • Boult Audio ProBass Thunder wireless Headset. 
  • Aux cable for using it when the battery runs out. 
  • Micro USB charging cable, which is compatible with any standard charger. 
  • Warranty card that provides one year of warranty. 
  • Product catalogue showcasing other products from Boult Audio.

The package does not contain a user manual, which would have been useful. 

Boult Audio Probass Thunder Specifications(specs)

  • Headphone Type: Over-Ear Wireless Headphones
  • Water & Sweat Protections: IPX5, inner Nano-Coating
  • Dual Mode Connectivity: Bluetooth and AUX Cable
  • Driver Size of Headset: 40mm
  • Battery Average Backup: Up To 10 hours
  • Subwoofer: Yes
  • Headphone Weight: 200 Grams
  • Microphone: Yes
Boult Thunder Box Content


Boult Audio Proabass Thunder Review, Features & Details

Boult Audio Probass Thunder Review: Sound quality

Let’s start by looking at the audio quality of this headset. It comes with 40mm drivers, which delivers an impressive sound quality. It has micro woofers within the earcups which give the music a punchy bass.

It also does not fall short on the treble and gives you a balanced audio experience. The sound is quite loud, which means you do not have to use it at full volume for most of the time.

There is, however, no noise cancellation, so a lot of sound leakages happens. The sound quality does not seem to decrease in calls as it maintains a crisp loud sound. 

Boult ProBass Thunder Battery life and charging : 

One of the most impressive things about this headphone is its battery life. The company claims that it can run wirelessly for almost 10 hours with a full charge, but in reality, it can go on even longer.

At 50% volume, it can play for up to 16 hours! Even at full volume, it can run almost 12 hours at a time.

The dual-mode feature and the addition of an Aux cable make it even better because then you can keep listening to your music even if it runs out of battery.

It charges by a micro USB cable, which is compatible with any standard charger. However, it does not support fast charging.

It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to charge the headset completely. The charging time is quite decent when compared to other wireless headsets that do not support fast charge.

Overall the battery life is very good and that makes this a very powerful headphone. 

Probass Thunder Controls and Microphone : 

Boult Audio Thunder Controls & Mic

The headphone has a set of three control buttons on the side. They can be used to play/pause the music, receive/reject a call, and control volume.

If you press the middle button for two seconds, it will open the voice assistant on your device, which you can use to call someone directly without using your device. The buttons work well, but they are very clicky and noisy. 

The boult audio probass thunder wireless Bluetooth headset comes with a built-in microphone but its quality is not decent. Most users complain that the microphone is too weak and their voice is very low during calls.

This is a major disadvantage of this headphone as it takes away from the hands-free experience. Boult should try to improve the microphone quality, as it would make this product so much better. 


Boult Audio ProbaBass Thunder Connectivity :

The wireless headset runs on Bluetooth 5.0, which is the latest technology in Bluetooth. The headset pairs with any device very quickly and plays music quite well without any skips.

It can connect to virtually any device that uses Bluetooth, giving you endless possibilities. It has a range of 10 meters, which gives you the freedom to use it around the house without taking your device with you. 

Although, there is a bit of an issue with latency. If you use this headphone for gaming, due to the latency and the sound reaches your ears a moment later.

It is not a big issue, as you can fix it by connecting it with the Aux cable, but that takes away the wireless experience. Latency is present even with calls and in-game chats, for which your voice reaches the other person a second later. 

Although the connection is good, it is not fast. The latency issue needs to be solved for it to be perfect. 

IPX Rating and Built Quality : Boult Thunder Review

Boult Audio Probass Thunder Battery

The headset is IPX5 rated, so it is sweatproof and waterproof. It can be used outside on a rainy day or in the gym without having to worry about damage. It seems that their claims meet our expectations with this feature. 

The headphone is made of plastic, with a padded headband and soft earcups. It has adjustable an adjustable headband to help it fit perfectly your head. The earcups are slightly movable, which makes it easy to fit into your ears perfectly.

It does not have a bendable design, so it is not ideal for packing. The headphone is sturdy and it looks like it can withstand some impact, however, major mishandling will damage it as it is made out of plastic.

It weighs about 200 grams, which means it is pretty lightweight.

The Aux cable provided with the headphone is not very good quality and is very short in size. It is a cheap quality aux cable and it would be wise to buy a good one for a better experience. 

The micro USB cable provided is of good quality and it does its job without any problem. 

Design and feel : 

The colour of the headset is black with an accent of red to make it look more stylish. It has a semi-matte finish on the outside, with a premium leathery feel on the inside.

It has soft ear cups and a soft premium quality headband, which means they are very comfortable. The Boult Audio logo is written on the outside giving it a stylish look.

The buttons and the LED indicator are situated on the right side of the headphone. It is quite stylish, and apart from being a music accessory, it is also a great fashion accessory. Its lightweight design makes it very comfortable to use throughout the day and to carry it with you. 

Boult Audio Thunder Pros and Cons :

Pros : 

  • It has great audio quality, with good bass and balanced tones. 
  • It has a premium look to it. 
  • It is quite affordable. 
  • It has very good battery life. 
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry. 
  • It is water-resistant and sweatproof. 

Cons :

  • It has a latency issue. 
  • Bad quality Aux cable is provided with the headphone. 
  • It does not support fast charge. 
  • The microphone quality is not good. It is too low. 
  • No user manual provided with the box. 

Conclusion : Boat Audio Probass Thunder Review

The Boult Audio thunder is truly an affordable headphone as it costs only Rs 1,299. It has great sound quality and amazing bass with balanced tones.

With a long battery-life and feature-packed design, it is good for music lovers, those who are looking for a premium quality headphone. 

However, it has several issues. Its microphone quality is quite bad and the Aux cable that is provided with it is not very long. The headphone suffers from latency issues.

This means it is not ideal for gamers and for people who want to use it for calling. 

Overall if you are on a budget and would love to have booming sound quality, this is the boult probass thunder headphone for you.