Boult Audio ProBass Curve Pro Review

Boult Audio ProBass Curve Pro Bluetooth Neckband Full Review in Detail

Now, become the trendsetter in your gang of friends! Bright up your state with the trendy Boult Audio Curve Pro Wireless Neckband launched recently by the famous Boult Audio Brand.

The wait for classy wireless Neckband is over with the Boult Audio model popularly known as Boult Audio Curve Pro Neckband.

It supports the technologically advanced Bluetooth connection 5.0.

Boult Audio ProBass Curve Pro Review and Price

The festival wrap-up sale offers a discount of 78% on the electronic wearable product on e-commerce giant Amazon.

The mind-boggling price drop from 4999 INR to 1099 INR is only prevailing at Amazon.

The five different colour variants of the Neckband will lighten your mood with its exciting bass melody.

It will assist you always like your constant mate while you run, stroll, or hike onto the hilltop.

The Boult Audio Curve Pro Neckband will offer you with a versatile form of entertainment at your road trip.

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Boult Audio ProBass Curve Pro Neckband Box Contents

Check out the contents that you will receive on opening the package of the classy Boult Audio Curve Pro Wireless Neckband.

  • Warranty Card
  • User Manual
  • Micro USB cable for charging purpose
  • Extra Pair of ear wings
  • Additional 2pairs of ear tips
  • Boult Audio Pro bass CurvePro Wireless Neckband

The fashionable Wireless Neckband is finely polished to showcase a premium look.

The Neckband will set-up the festivity ambiance around you whenever you call for irrespective of place and time.

The Curve Pro brings you soul-soothing and calm deep bass songs wonderfully.

The Neckband will not keep you alone under the starry sky on the hilltop it will stir fun and thrill to your adventurous trip with the melodious unadulterated music.

Boult Audio Curve Pro Specifications

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Off-Axis Magnetic Technology
  • Durable Flexible Neckband
  • Noise Isolating Aerospace Grade Drivers
  • In-built Micro-woofer Drivers
  • IPX5 Water Resistance Rating
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Long Battery life

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The user will treasure the three frequencies distinctly as bass heads will fall for the deep crisp bass.

Now, it is possible to distinguish between stable midst and crystal-clear highs.

It will cheer-up audiophiles as they will love this attribute.

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Boult Audio ProBass Curve Pro Review and Full Features Detail

Boult Audio ProBass Curve Pro price

Bluetooth Version 5.0

The critical feature of the Wireless Neckband is its proficiency to form strong wireless network coverage.

It is possible using the updated Bluetooth version 5.0.

The Neckband allows you to stroll and perform workouts around the garden without losing the stable wireless connect from the phone.

The Neckband offers you a firm wireless connection within a range of 9-10 meters without any obstruction in-between.

Off-Axis Magnetic Technology

The unique oval shape of the earbuds present at the Neckband makes a 60o nozzle angel that transports the sound wave directly inside your earlobe.

The high-tech Neckband also eliminates background noise prevailing in your surroundings.

Noise Isolating Aerospace Grade Drivers

Isolate the noise prevalent at your immediate environment with the Neckband.

The sturdy AL alloy of aerospace-grade coated over the woofers makes the drivers deliver you with high definition quality sound as output.

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The Neckband stops the noise efficiently and avoids degrading the call quality.

Boult Audio Pro bass CurvePro Review: Audio Performance

In-built Micro-woofer Drivers

The drivers of the micro-woofer let you distinguish between the bass, trebles, and highs flawlessly.

The bass heads will be happy with the extra thumpy bass and distinct quality crisp deep bass that the Curve Pro Neckband offers you.

The music lovers will differentiate between the stable midst and crystal-clear highs without any issue.

The Neckband will deliver you pure music without any adulteration.

Boult Audio ProBass Curve Pro features

Durable Flexible Neckband

The add-on attribute of the Neckband is its flexibility and durable nature.

The Neckband wraps around the neck effortlessly as it is lightweight. Its presence will not even bother for the entire day.

So, drape the Neckband across your neck and find the vibe that will keep your focus intact.

IPX5 Water Resistance Rating

The eminent resistive power to the water of the Neckband makes it appropriate to use during the laborious aerobic sessions.

It is safe to wear the wireless Neckband throughout the rainy spell of the year as well.

The earbuds of the Neckband fit safely and snuggly to your ears while you sink yourself in sweat.

The nano-coating that you will find at the inner surface of the earbuds, making it robust under deep water of about 1m for 30 minutes duration.

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Ergonomic Design

Experience comfortable fit of the Neckband as it adjusts according to your need.

The adjustable Neckband comes with Kevlar cable supporting silicon earbuds to provide you cosy fit inside your ear canal.

When the earbuds are not in use stick the earbuds together as they support magnetic drivers and let the Neckband lie across your neck.

The Neckband amplifies your look with a subtle and professional appearance.

The Curve Pro Neckband sports an ideal design that is behind the neck feature with a plastic body.

The control buttons are of rubber-like material on the body.

The user can boost the lifetime of the thin wires by carefully conduct.

Boult Audio ProBass Curve Pro charging port

Long Battery life: Boult Audio Pro bass CurvePro Review

The Pro bass CurvePro Neckband matches well with today’s fast-paced routine life.

The user can move on to the way to office hurriedly as the Neckband requires a minimum charging time of 10 minutes to play continuously for 100 minutes.

In general use, the Neckband supplies you with a long playback time of 12 hours for every single charge.

The Neckband takes a minimum of 1hour to maximum of 1.5 hours to charge itself entirely.

You will be excited to know that it will also offer you a standby time of 1 to 2 days.

The Neckband supplies a playback time of almost 16 hours at 80% volume level after testing it practically to a general user.

Boult Audio Pro bass CurvePro Review: Control at Ease

Boult Audio ProBass Curve Pro controls

The Curve Pro Neckband with its earbuds lets you adjust your vocal preference according to your frame of mind.

You can either skip a song and play the next one or previous music that flatters your mood.

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The vibration mode present with the Neckband informs you at every call and message or any notification that you receive.

It has provision to play and pause a piece of music as well as receive and hang up on calls.

You can even ask your all-time ally like Ok Google to fulfill your demand readily with the significant voice command attribute.

Boult Audio CurvePro Pros and Cons


  • Gorgeous design and average built-up quality.
  • Comfortable and good grip quality.
  • Admirable water-resistant property.
  • The battery quality is good.
  • Single microphone with good quality.
  • Connectivity is good.
  • Magnetic earbuds make the Neckband handy.
  • Noise Isolation is to the mark.


  • Lag found during online gaming.
  • An issue with midst and bass frequency.

Final Verdict: Boult Audio Pro bass CurvePro Review

The smart wireless Neckband supplies you with admirable call quality and authorizes you to explore nature without any restrictions.

The Boult Audio Curve Pro Neckband comes with standard attributes which make it a value for money product at this price range.

It will give you the option to combine leisure with professional commitments while on the go.