boult audio powerbuds review

In today’s era of Pandemic, when distress and depression are spread all around. Electronics companies like Boult Audio and boAt are trying to come up with the devices to help their customers to provide some excitement and chill.

These companies are tirelessly working on how to give their customers a strong and uninterrupted connection with their music.

Recently Boult Audio launched many true wireless earbuds devices like Wireless MuseBuds, ProBuds and PowerBuds as a panacea to it.

Now we will try to provide a quick Boult Audio AirBass Power Buds review.


Boult Audio AirBass PowerBuds Review


Let us have a look at whether these PowerBuds can fulfil our demands and expectations.

Boult Audio AirBass Power Buds Packaging Contents Box:

Apart from Branding and the Product Name, the Packaging Box mentions the key feature of the product i.e. “Extra Bass”, at its front. 

At the back of the box we can see Features about the PowerBuds, as following:


Top and Best Features of Boult Audio PowerBuds True Wireless Earbud


  • 120 hrs Playtime
  • Wake up and pair
  • Voice Command on Google
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Music and Call controls
  • Auto-Pair 5.0 BT 
  • Both Earbuds Masters
  • Stereo Calling and Mic

Boult PowerBuds Box Accessories

On unboxing the box, we will find the following things: 

  • Warranty card
  • User manual
  • Charging case
  • PowerBuds 
  • Earbuds of Different sizes
  • USB Micro Charging Cable 

Boult Audio AirBass PowerBuds Calls and Audio Quality

boult audio airbass powerbuds review

Boult PowerBuds Audio Performance(quality)

Apart from this, with the help of our experience and our Boult Audio PowerBuds review, we can say that these devices will provide good sound quality and with a loud voice, good bass. The PowerBuds have the capability of not disturbing the vocals and instruments of the content you are watching/listening through them.

As a whole, these buds will provide you with an exciting experience during their use, concerning the sound of the content.


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Boult PowerBuds Latency Performance

Unlike some other products by Boult Audio, the company claims its PowerBuds with low Latency. On our testing, they seem to provide the Latency of 120+ millisecond.

This Latency is not only good for the calls or consuming Audio or Video Contents. But it is also good for the games on the device. 

In other words, as per our Boult Audio PowerBuds’ review, these PowerBuds will be a good choice for game lovers and as well as for the normal use of calling.

Calling: Boult Audio PowerBuds Review

From the box itself, the company claims the Noise Cancellation feature in the device. This feature will enable us to have a good experience while calling.

With a single touch on the device, we can deny or accept our call. 

Our Boult Audio PowerBuds’ review tells us, the Noise Cancellation feature of the device is very good that even in a place with a crowd you can have a good experience.

Boult Audio PowerBuds Specifications and Details


Brand Boult Audio
Model AirBass PowerBuds
Dimensions 9.6*8.5*3.5 cm; 90 grams
Special Feature EarbudPower Bank Feature
Control Button Touch
Voice Command Google
Warranty Claim 1 year
Form factorHeadphone
Battery Average Life 7 hrs
Connector type Wireless
Connectivity feature BT 5.0
Resistant from Sweat and Water IPX7

 Now, let’s take a deep look over these devices.

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Boult Audio AirBass PowerBuds Design and Comfort:

boult powerbuds design & build

These devices are very innovative if observe based on their design.

The PowerBuds can fit easily in our ears and will not displace or misplace from their position even at a time of high commotion.

The material with which the case and the buds are made up of is said to be of cheap quality. But even after the cheap quality, it has a great built-in design.

Their build quality, as per our review, is good from the interior as well as from exterior. They are fit to take anywhere you want.

Auto Pair 5.0 Bluetooth:

Boult Audio AirBass PowerBuds are made with consideration of our hustle-bustle surrounding. To avoid any distraction these PowerBuds come up with the technology of Bluetooth, making them completely wireless.

To enhance the connectivity with your devices the PowerBuds are designed with the latest Bluetooth Technology, i.e. BT 5.0.

As for the connectivity, they posse the quality of automatic connection. At the time we open the case these devices will immediately connect with the last played device and on closing the case, the buds will get disconnect without any time loss.


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120hr Playtime: Boult Audio PowerBuds Battery Review

The company claims for the long duration of the device. According to it, these devices can work for 120 hrs in total.

In detail, the Case has the battery of 2200mh which can charge fully in 3 hrs. The Buds have the battery of 45mh and can get a full charge in 1.5 hrs. According to the company, the buds can run for 4.5 hrs on a one-time full charge.

On our testing, we receive the buds worked for 3 hours and 45min, on a full charge. They can be charged for 24 times by the case on a full charge. So, as a conclusion, we get a total playtime of 85-90 hrs from the buds, as a whole.

These buds also have a special feature of Power bank. With which you can charge them with your phones by using the type-C port USB cable.



Boult PowerBuds Charging Case:

boult powerbuds charging case port

A charging case is portable. The built-in quality and design of the case seem to be of good quality.

On the exterior, the case is provided along with Charging Point without any Battery Indicator. On opening the case we can see the buds and in between them a Battery Indicator.

The magnet that keeps the buds in place is of high quality. No matter how much you shake the case the buds will not displace from their place.

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Boult Audio AirBass PowerBuds IPX7 Rating:

With the help of IPX7 Rating, the company has made the Buds waterproof and Sweat Resistant.

This feature enables the buds to fit for the use while Cycling, Exercising and Gym.

Music, Call Control and Google Voice Control:

boult powerbuds indicators

Boult Audio AirBass PowerBuds have a simple touch operation. The operation goes as follows:

A single tap on Right to Play/Pause

To skip a song— Double tap on the right

For the previous song— double tap on left

To increase/ decrease the volume— Three-second-long tap on right/left, respectively

 For voice command— Two-second-long tap on any side 

Noise Cancellation:

The Noise Cancellation feature of the Buds, as mentioned above, is with good processing. 

It enables the Buds to cancel the outer voice while calling or consuming any other contents. This helps the Buds to provide an overall good experience to its user.

Monopod Feature:

Both of these PowerBuds are Masterbuds.

You can use one bud as a single MonoBud and as soon as the other bud is out of the case they will work as StereoBuds.

Colour Options:

Keeping in mind, the variety of the customers the company has launched the PowerBuds with multiple colours.

They are available in classy colours. 

The colours provided are:

Black, and


Boult Audio AirBass PowerBuds True Wireless Earbuds with 120 Hours Total Playtime with case, Touch Controls, IPX7 Waterproof in-Built Power Bank for Mobile Charging (Black)
Boult Audio AirBass PowerBuds True Wireless Earbuds with 120 Hours Total Playtime with case, Touch Controls, IPX7 Waterproof in-Built Power Bank for Mobile Charging (Blue)



Boult Audio PowerBuds Pros and Cons


Boult PowerBuds Pros

  • Fit in the Ears easily
  • Low Latency, even fit for games
  • Easy Touch operation
  • Good Noise Cancellation
  • Can give an overall Playtime of 85-90 hrs
  • Low Bass, don’t affect the vocals of the instruments
  • Power Bank feature
One second difference between the volume increase/decrease and google voice command

Conclusion: Boult Audio PowerBuds Review


Although everyone has a different taste in different things. A product apt for someone may have an adverse effect on others.

But, if we talk about these Boult Audio AirBass PowerBuds, the overall quality of these PowerBuds is not bad. And they seem to provide a good experience to their users.

Even though with some limitations, their Advantages outshine as a whole.

These buds provide good sound quality, they can work with games very comfortably and can give you good noise-free call experience.

According to our Boult Audio PowerBuds review, the only thing that can be counted as a limitation is that the one-second difference between the volume alteration and Google voice command.

It can create a bit of problem while increasing or decreasing the volume.

Otherwise, they are not a bad choice, for sure

In our Boult Audio PowerBuds’ review, they seem to have the ability to avoid any scope of regret, if you choose to buy them.


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