Boom Audio Boom Duos Best Price, Features, Specifications

The Boom Audio Boom Duos wireless neckband is the perfect accessories to buy this festive spree. The dual-driver Boom Audio neckband is the best audio accessory to put on this festival to enjoy pious music and songs.

The wireless Boom Audio neckband comes at an economical price of 999 INR while its original price is 2499 INR.

Boom Audio Boom Duos Specifications and Highlights:

  • Easy Control
  • Bass King with 10 hours playback time
  • IPX4 Water-Resistant
  • Connectivity
  • Ergonomic Design

Detailed Review of the Boom Audio Boom Duos Wireless neckband Features

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Easy Control

The user needs to ask Siri or voice assistant to perform your task with just one click on the inline control of your neckband. The in-built microphone feature helps you to command Siri whenever you like without taking out your smartphone from the pocket.

Bass King with 10 hours playback time

Enjoy high-quality bass music with uninterrupted voice calls after reduction of light noise from the background for a longer time.

The Boom audio wireless neckband supplies you with 10 hours long playback time. The 2x6mm drivers offer crystal clear highs and steady midst with crisp bass for deep bass lovers.

IPX4 Water-Resistant

The high water-resistant power makes it suitable for use under the rain with no fear. The Nano-coating inside the earbuds allows the tunes to reach you without any interference. The Boom audio wireless neckband features IPX4 water-resistant rating.

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The seamless connection for a range of 10m between your neckband and smartphone is possible due to Bluetooth 5.0 Technology.

The Boom audio wireless neckband also features dual pairing skills implies that you can simultaneously pair up your Boom Audio neckband with a smartphone and laptop.

Ergonomic Design

The neckband sits comfortably around your neck while the earbuds ensure a snug fit inside your ear lobe. The magnetic drivers present in the earbuds certify that it will not drop from your neck while you perform intensive workouts.

The iconic black colour neckband adds to the authenticity of your classy look as well as brings you close to the musical realm. The Boom Audio Boom Duos wireless neckband supplies you with the finest sound quality music that only matters.

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