If a brand exists with multiple innovations and in the top position, the brand must be the Boat brand. Though they have limited SmartWatch editions, they never failed to provide the better performance that the user demands. We have targeted finding the best Watch among the Boat Xtend VS Boat Xplorer. 

These two Watches are some of the Boat latest smartwatches. So, let’s have a brief comparison review. 

Features And Characteristics Comparison: Boat Xtend Watch VS Boat Xplorer Watch 

CharacteristicsBoat Xtend Watch Boat Xplorer Watch 
Bluetooth version5.0 4.2 
Display specs 1.69-inches 1.29-inches 
Connectivity range 10 m 10 m 
Battery performance7-days 300 mAh 7-days 210 mAh 
Charging systemMagnetic chargingMagnetic charging
Straps CustomizableCustomizable  
Number of sports modes 14 8
Sports tracking modes Outdoor running, elliptical, skipping, pool swimming, open water swimming, outdoor cycling, outdoor walking, spinning bike, rowing, indoor running, workout, outdoor cycling, outdoor walking. Treadmill, walking, climbing, workouts, running, hiking, spinning, yoga 
Daily activity tracking Steps, distance, calories Steps, distance, calories
Controls Music, camera, Alexa Music, camera 
Waterproof ratings 5 ATM 5 ATM 
Health tracking sensors Sleep, Spo2, heart rate Heart rate, menstrual cycle, sleep, meditate session
Box contents Watch, warranty card, manual Watch, warranty card, manual
Weather forecast AvailableNot available
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Comparison Between Boat Xtend Watch VS Boat Xplorer Watch On Their Display And Connectivity

In Xtend Watch you will get the maximum visuals property with the availability of a large 1.69-inch square display. Interestingly, the automatic brightness system of this Watch is smarter enough to adjust the level of brightness levels of the screen corresponding to the external light. 

Boat Watch Xtend

The full touch screen is given smooth corners and embedded on the metal case for protection like the Boat Enigma Watch. To connect the Watch features to your smartphone, it has Bluetooth version 5. Watch themes are customizable with the 50 Watch themes. 

The Xplorer design is somewhat identical to the Watch Xtend. However, the Xplorer display measures 1.29-inch with curved corners. For connectivity, it has an average 4.2 version of Bluetooth. This Watch also allows you to set your preferred stylish Watch theme. 

Which One Is Preferable For Better Connectivity And Display?

For getting better visuals, a larger display is required. So, in both connectivity and display, the best Watch is Xtend Watch. 

Difference Between Health Sensors And Sports Tracking Availability In Boat Xtend Watch VS Boat Xplorer

Watch Xtend features a maximum amount of sports modes. It includes about 14 multiple sports to track your activities including outdoor running, elliptical, skipping, pool swimming, open water swimming, outdoor cycling, outdoor walking, spinning bike, rowing, indoor running, workout, outdoor cycling, and outdoor walking. Other than this, step count, distance track, and calories burnt are available on the daily activity tracker. 

The health monitoring system includes the sleep tracker, Spo2 monitor, and heart rate tracker. 

Boat Xplorer

Watch Xplorer features 8 different sports modes to track your activities including treadmill, walking, climbing, workouts, running, hiking, spinning, and yoga. For health monitoring, it comes with a heart rate monitor, menstrual cycle, sleep tracker, and meditate breathing session. However, it doesn’t possess the Spo2 tracker, to get one check the best smartwatches under 3000 with Spo2

Which Watch Has Accurate Sports Tracking And Health Tracking Sensors?

The Xtend watch is the best one with maximum sports tracking modes. However, Xplorer Watch is the best one for having a maximum number of health sensors. 

Battery And Waterproof Rating: Boat Xtend Watch VS Boat Xplorer

You will have a maximum working time of 7-days on the Xtend Watch with the support of a 300 mAh battery capacity like the Boat Flash. On the Xplorer Watch, you will get 7-days working time with the availability of 210 mAh battery capacity. 

However, in waterproof rating, both Watches are protected with similar 5 ATM ratings. 

Which Watch Is Suitable To Get Maximum Working Days And Better Protection?

In terms of battery performance, both Watches are offering the same working time. However, when we compare battery capacity, Watch Xtend is the best one. 

In waterproof rating, both Watches are identical with 5 ATM ratings. 

Boat Xtend Vs Xplorer: Which Boat Smartwatch is The Best?

In addition to all these highlighted features, both Watches have music and camera shutter controls. Xplorer Watch comes with an advanced GPS tracking system. Xtend Watch comes with the support of built-in voice assistant support powered by Alexa. You can change the standard straps of both Watches whenever you need. 

Overall, Xtend Watch is better for the best display features, connectivity, battery, waterproof ratings, and sports tracking. 

Watch Xplorer is better for maximum health sensors and waterproof ratings. Thus, the best Watch in this battle is Watch Xtend.