boAt WCD 10 W Rapid Charger

The Indian manufacturer boAt never failed to deliver their excellence in their gadgets. They have recently launched a new charger in the year 2021. Its innovative charger has several better features that fill your mobile battery percentage smartly. It’s an all-new boAt WCD 10 W Rapid Charger equips multiple features to the list. 

The top specs and highlights are listed here with their description. It is a good deal to consider, as it has several mentionable characteristics. If you are searching for a charger, you can go with this boAt rapid charger.  

Top Specifications And Highlights Of boAt WCD 10 W Rapid Charger 

  • It provides rapid charging.
  • Universal charger.
  • It equips smart IC protection.
  • Auto-detect charging feature.
  • Corrosion-resistant pins.
  • Low weight and easily portable. 
  • Its maximum output is 5V/2A.
  • Long-lasting durability.

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Detailed Description Review Of The Specs Of boAt WCD 10 W Rapid Charger 

This boAt charger has a maximum power output of 5V or 2A. In general, the 1 A charger took more time to fill the battery of your handset. By using a 2A charger, you can charge your handset rapidly than a 1A charger. Further, this rapid charger from boAt will pack the battery percentage completely in a few moments. 

Universal Charger

Nowadays, several gadgets have several charging inputs like micro USB, Type-C, and LTG cables. It is not possible to carry each charger to charge your gadgets.

The straightforward way is to get a universal charger. This boAt WCD 10 W rapid charger is compatible with all types of charging inputs. So, this one charger is enough to charge all your gadgets.

Smart IC Protection

This rapid charger from boAt accompanies a Smart IC protection. This feature helps in preventing your charger and even your mobile in some cases.

Through this protection, the charger is saved from short circuits, sudden surges, and overheat damages. In general, a charger will become heat on usage. However, it has additional prevention to save your charger. 

Corrosion Resistant Pins 

boAt WCD 10 W Rapid Charger

This boAt WCD 10 W Rapid Charger equips a corrosion-resistant pin that resists the formation of rust and helps in rapid charging. 

Most of the cheap quality charger pins will capture rust and decrease efficiency. It is always better to get a charger with a corrosion resistance pin. 

Other Mentionable Features Of boAt WCD 10 W Rapid Charger 

In addition to all the interesting features, it equips an auto-detect charging feature. It will direct the charging device’s charging requirements and will charge the device effectively. 

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It functions with the 10 W input power. Its build quality is better, and its durable structure lasts long for years. It retains a low weight and a portable structure.  It is a good deal to get at this affordable price range.