The world of smart wearables often sees clash of the titans, as numerous products emerge from the premier companies to flood the market, starting a stringent competition. The boAt company is notable for its innovative technologies; boAt latest smartwatches are notable for the impeccable qualities and technical marvels, especially, you can check out their best smartwatches with spo2 monitor 3000 rupees, and the boAt watch Vertex, which will definitely enrich your collection. Check out the discussion below, which focuses on a comparison between two giants:boAt Zenit vs boAt Xtend Smartwatches.

boAt Zenit vs boAt Xtend Smartwatch: Features and Specifications Comparison

Check out the comparisons: boAt Zenit vs boAt Xtend Smartwatches

Details and CharacteristicsboAt Zenit SmartwatchboAt Xtend Smartwatch
Product Dimesions    26x5x1 cm
BatteryOne Lithium Ion Battery (included)One Lithium Ion Battery (included)
Hardware (Mounting)Charger, Warranty Card, and User Manual.Charger, Warranty Card, and User Manual.
Available featuresTheatre mode, music and camera controls, call/text notifications, health monitors, weather forecast technology, in-built games.Alexa Voice Assistant support (built in), heart rate monitor, Spo2 monitor, more than fifty watch faces are available.
Display1.3” round IPS display1.69” large LCD display
Available Sports ModesSevenFourteen
Battery LifeNearly 7 Days5 to 7 days
Water ResistantIP67 (Water, sweat, and dust proof)5ATM
Product Weight50 gram50 gram
Compatible DevicesAndroid and iOS platformsAndroid and iOS platforms
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boAt Zenit vs boAt Xtend Smartwatch: Display Features and Connectivity Comparison

The all new boAt Zenit smartwatch has a round display, giving you a 360 degree view of the screen. The smartwatch comes with a display size of 1.3 inches, which is proportionate to its round display screen,  

The device is notable for the exciting features it comes with. The device is armed with theatre mode, camera/music controls, notifications of call/text. weather forecast technology, and you will also get exciting games, which are in-built.

On the other hand, boAt Xtend smartwatch has a square display, with 1.69” screen, which enhances your visual experience. The device comes with Alexa Voice Assistant support (built in), heart rate monitor, Spo2 monitor, more than fifty watch faces are available on this device, so you can easily avoid monotony by switching between different screens. The latest Bluetooth 5.0 version provides wonderful connectivity.

Which smartwatch has decent display specifications and connectivity?

Both of these products are the latest inclusions in the league of boAt latest smartwatches, and they are somewhat closer when it comes to connectivity. But regarding display features, boAt Xtend has a larger screen compared to boAt Zenit, which provides a better display, and moreover, over fifty watch faces are available on boAt Xtend. So, certainly, in the field of display, boAt Xtend has an edge over boAt Zenit.

boAt Zenit Smartwatch

Health Monitoring System: Comparison Between boAt Zenit and boAt Xtend

In boAt Zenit, you will have access to seven active sports modes, like badminton, basketball, football, cycling, to name a few. The watch comes with heart rate monitor and sleep tracking features. You will also get Sp02 sensor available on this device, and all these features help you to track your daily biological cycles and activities.

In boAt Xtend, on the other hand, you will get double sports mode than that of boAt Xtend, that is, fourteen sports modes, like cycling, cricket, workout, yoga, swimming, rowing, running, etc. The device has further been enriched by the accelerometer sensor, Sp02 as well as heart rate monitors. You can get a coherent understanding of your health by using all these features in a statistical manner.

Which smartwatch should be chosen for health tracking and sports modes?

The contest featuring boAt Zenit vs boAt Xtend smartwatch is really a tough one. Both boAt Zenit and boAt Xtend are competent candidates in the fields of health tracking and sports modes, but with its multiple sports modes and additional health tracking features, boAt Xtend should be the premier choice.

By the way, before moving on to other topics, it should be said that you should also check out other exciting products in the world of smartwatches, like Fire-Boltt 360 Pro and Noise Colorfit Ultra.

Battery Performance and Water Resistance: boAt Zenit vs boAt Xtend Smartwatch

Regarding battery performance, it must be mentioned that both boAt Zenit and boAt Xtend smartwatches are armed with Lithium Ion batteries, which are pre- installed. However, based on the models, there are differences; with one time charge, boAt Zenit can function up to seven days, while for boAt Xtend, it varies between five to seven days. The boAt Zenit has IP67 technology, which shields it from water, sweat, and dust, while the boAt Xtend has a water-resistant rating of 5ATM. You can therefore dive into water, and your watch will remain unaffected till 50 meters underwater.

In this battle of battery performance, both of these watches have more or less similar characteristics. And regarding the water resistant quotient, you can easily choose between IP67 and 5ATM, as per your preferences.

boAt Xtend Smartwatch

Conclusion: boAt Zenit vs boAt Xtend Smartwatch

While comparing boAt Zenit against boAt Xtend smartwatches, it can be seen that both of these watches are impeccable pieces of technology, that track your daily activities, scan your health, and they will emerge as your trusted companion.

If you consider buying boAt Zenit, you will get comparatively better battery life, with built in games to pass your time, along with features like theatre mode and weather forecast. But if you consider delving into an arena with an additional number of health trackers, along with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and fourteen sports modes, boAt Xtend should be your choice.