The boat is sailing to the top position in both the audio world and the smart wearables world. Through their innovative solutions, they have gained a high positive response from the people around India. Here, we have compared one of the Boat latest Watches launches to their best-selling product.

Thus, this comparison ends with the best Watch between the Boat Watch Xtend and Boat Watch Storm. Boat is launching this Watch after the launch of Boat XplorerWe have compared boat watch xtend and boat xplorer smartwatch as well.

Specs Comparison Table For Boat Watch Xtend VS Boat Watch Storm

CharacteristicsBoat Watch XtendBoat Watch Storm 
Bluetooth version5.0 4.2 
Range of  connectivity10 m 10 m 
Display specs 1.69-inch square display1.3-inch square display
Battery life 7-days 300 mAh capacity8-10 days 210 mAh capacity
Charging systemMagnetic chargingMagnetic charge 
Automatic brightnessAdvanced brightness managementUsual automatic brightness
Call and message alerts  AvailableAvailable
Watch themes Customizable Customizable
Straps Standard size Standard size 
Vibration on alertsAvailableAvailable
Sports modes 14 9
Tracking sports activitiesPool swimming, indoor running, skipping, rowing, elliptical, hiking, yoga, indoor walking, outdoor cycling, outdoor walking, spinning bike, outdoor running, open water swimming Walking, climbing, yoga, hiking, running, workout, treadmill, skipping, bike
Health sensors Sleep, heart rate, Spo2Sleep, spo2, heart rate, blood pressure, menstrual cycle tracker
Controls Music, call, Alexa Music, calls 
Box contents Watch, guide, warranty card  Watch, guide, warranty card 
Waterproof ratings 5 ATM 5 ATM 
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Compare Design, Display And Connectivity Of Boat Watch Xtend Against Boat Watch 

Watch Xtend is one of the Boat’s exclusive Watches. It boasts a large 1.69-inches square display with an HD grade and the corners are given smooth curves for a stylish look. With the help of an advanced automatic brightness system, the Watch screen will always have the perfect light balance according to the surrounding light. 

boat watch xtend
Boat Watch Xtend

For connectivity, it has the presence of Bluetooth version 5. So, you can experience a better connectivity range. 

Watch Storm has a better square display of 1.3-inches with IPS grade like the Boat Enigma. All the corners are provided with curves. It has the average Bluetooth version 4.2 to provide better connectivity. 

The notification alerts include your social media alerts and call alerts. All the notifications will be notified through vibration alerts. In both Watches, you can customize the front themes and the straps often to fit your stylish outfit.


Which Watch Is Preferable For Maximum Connectivity And Display Specs? 

When we consider the display, both Watches are identical to the Square display. However, for maximum display specs and a better connectivity range, the best Watch is Watch Xtend. 

Health Sensors And Sports Tracking Boat Watch Xtend VS Boat Watch Storm

Speaking about the health sensors of Watch Xtend, it has a significant health monitoring system like a heart rate tracker, meditative breathing session, Spo2 monitor and sleep monitor. For tracking your sports modes, it has the maximum tracking modes of Pool swimming, indoor running, skipping, rowing, elliptical, hiking, yoga, indoor walking, outdoor cycling, outdoor walking, spinning bike, outdoor running, and open water swimming.  

Boat Watch Storm

Watch Storm has various health sensors that include a sleep tracker, spo2 monitor, heart rate tracker, blood pressure, and menstrual cycle tracker. A multiple of 9-sports will track your activities including walking, climbing, yoga, hiking, running, workout, treadmill, skipping, and bike. 

The daily activity tracker of both Watches includes steps count, distance tracking, and calories burned. Watches with Spo2 are preferred more, for that you can go with the best smartwatches under 3000 with Spo2

Which Watch Posses Maximum Sports Tracking And Health Sensors?

When we consider the maximum number of sports modes, Watch Xtend is the best. In terms of maximum health sensors, Watch Storm is the best. However, both the Watches are similar in the daily activity tracking features. 

Difference Between Boat Watch Xtend And Watch Storm In Battery Comparison And Waterproof Rating 

For delivering a better experience, Watch Xtend has the availability of 7-days like the Boat Flash. It also comes with a battery capacity of 300 mAh. 

In Watch Storm, you will get a maximum battery performance of 8-10 days. The supported 210 mAh battery capacity ensure the working time. 

In terms of waterproof rating, both the Watches has the same level of protectivity with the availability of 5 ATM ratings. It will be more helpful for your swimming activities. 

Conclusion: Boat Watch Xtend Vs Boat Storm: Which Watch is Best?

Overall, each Watch is unique with the features they have. Apart from this, both Watches has music and remote camera shutter controls. In addition to this, Watch Xtend has the availability of a built-in Alexa voice assistant. 

Watch Xtend is better for a larger display, better connectivity, maximum sports modes, and waterproof rating.

Watch Storm is better for maximum health sensors, battery performance, and waterproof ratings. Overall, Watch Xtend is the best Watch with maximum features.