The beast of the audio world Boat brand is also one of the top five smart wearables brands. With their unique products, they are always sailing towards an innovative world with their notable products like Boat Watch Flash and Boat Storm(Review). On their track, they are ahead of adding a new smartwatch as Boat Watch Xplorer. Similar to its popular smart wearables, this watch also equips a stylish structure. 

This watch is teased on Flipkart with its limited specifications. However, the specs are enough to get the highlighted details about this watch. Here, we have collected the specs and brought them under a single article. Let’s know about the new Boat Smart Watch. 

Launch Date and Price in India

Boat watch Xplorer will be launching on 16 April 2021 on Flipkart at noon. Boat Xplorer smartwatch will be available at a launch price of Rs 2,999 for a limited-time in flash sale.

Boat Watch Xplorer Updates On Features

You can track your distance on your walk, run or cycling with the high-precision GPS available with this watch. It does not stop tracking your distance but also helps you in improving your efficiency tracking. The GPS available in this Watch can pair with your device seamlessly. 

Health Monitoring Sensors 

Most of the upgraded Boat watches will have some advanced health tracking features. So, this watch must have at least one advanced Heath tracking sensor. However, it is not described in the teaser image. 

Some sensors are listed on the teaser image are heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, and guided meditative breathing. The function of the heart rate tracker is to provide a heart rate report 24/7. Whereas, a sleep monitor will help in enhancing your sleeping quality. Other sensors are not evident in the image. 

Other Important Features Of Boat Watch Xplorer

Stay aware of the weather around you, as it has the live weather forecast. Further, you will get to know the weather situations for the following three days. Through its 5 ATM rating, you can fearlessly dive deep into the water with this Xplorer.

Like Boat Watch Enigma, it has a daily activity tracker and several sports modes to assist you. With the cloud-based watch faces, you can fit your fashion with your Watch. 

The screen is rectangular and the straps can be switched to your preferred style. Controls would be more simple and call, message alerts would be available. 

Check More Detail on Flipkart

Overall, this SmartWatch will have several unique features. However, all the features are still under the screen. The launching timeline, price are not mentioned till now. So, we have to hold until the watch is available for live sale.