Boat and Noise are the two leading companies in terms of smart device production. Boat is sailing towards its goal by providing the best user experience. Noise on the other hand is making cancelling out all the negative noise and reaching its peaks. Today in this review article, we will see which one of this too mega-companies product is better than the other.

We will review Boat’s watch Flash and Noise’s NoiseFit Endure. We will compare these two smartwatches in terms of their design, functions, battery life and activity tracking. So let the comparison war begin!

Compare Specifications of Boat Watch Flash and Noise Noisefit Endure

SpecificationsBoat’s watch Flash Noise’s NoiseFit Endure
Bluetooth version5.05.0
Working timeUp to 7 hoursUp to 20 days
Stand by time15 – 20 days30 days
Music controlYesYes
Call AlertYesYes
Sports mode109
PriceINR 2,999INR 2,999
ColourBlue, Black, RedTan Brown, Classic Black, Teal Green, Charcoal Black, Racing Red, Vintage Brown.
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Check Latest Price ofNo products found.No products found.

Looking at the comparison, these smartwatches seem to have similar features. These smart watches to some extent even have a similar look and design. Some of their features make them unique. Here will try to uncover all the perks these smartwatches have for us in store. 

Comparison in design and build of the smartwatches:

If we talk about the design of the smartwatch, both have a round dial with a bezel at the side. 


Boat Watch Flash

The display screen of the Boat watch flash is 1.3 inch and is full touch. It has other features like a TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD and No AOD (Always on Display) display.

While on the other hand, the display of Noise NoiseFit Endure is 1.2 inches. This display is also full touch. It has a TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD and NO AOD (Always on Display) display.

Noth the watches have customizable watch faces. Boat Watch Flash has seven display modes, while Noise NoiseFit Endure has 4. Though, in-app Noise has more watch display mode.

Design and Build:

Boat Watch Flash:

The build of Boat Watch Flash is complete metal. The back of the watch has the heart rate sensor and charge connector. The back is made of Plastic and has a carbon fibre finish.

Noise NoiseFit Endure

This smartwatch has a plastic build. It still looks classy. The plastic used is not of cheap quality but premium quality. Just like Boat Watch Flash, it has a heart rate sensor and charging connector at the back. 


The weight of Boat Watch Flash is 53 grams and that of Noise NoiseFit Endure is 42. This makes Noise the lighter one.  If you want a bigger display screen and metallic look you can go for Boat Watch Flash. While if you want a various display layout, you can go with Noise NoiseFit Endure. 

Comparison in battery life:

Let us talk about the Boat Watch Flash first. This smartwatch has a battery capacity of 200mAh. It can work for seven days per charge as a smartwatch and 20 hours in normal watch mode.

On the flip side, Noise NoiseFit Endure has a battery capacity of 460 mAh. It can work for 15 days as a smartwatch and 25 days in normal mode. If a longer battery is your main criteria, then you must go with Noise NoiseFit Endure.

Health trackers included in the smartwatches:

Health trackerBoat Watch FlashNoise NoiseFit Endure
Heart rate monitorYesYes
Breath monitorYesYes
Blood oxygen monitorYesYes
Calories burnYesYes
Sleep monitorYesYes
Step countYesYes

As you can see, most of the health trackers are the same in both smartwatches. Noise NoiseFit has one extra tracker that is the menstrual cycle tracker. This is one beneficiary tracker for all of us girls! Now we do not have to mentally keep the track of it. So except for one added feature for us ladies, there is not much of a difference between the two smartwatches. 

Nosie Noisefit Endure

Comparison in sports mode and connectivity:

Boat Watch Flash has ten sports mode, while on the other side Noise NoiseFit Endure has only nine.

Sports modeBoat Watch Flash Noise NoiseFit Endure
Cycling YesYes

Both the smartwatches have Bluetooth version 5.0. It provides a 10 meters steady range.  These smart watches can connect to your android as well as IOS phones. Boat Watch Flash does provide many different sport modes, so you are an athlete you must go for them.

Rating comparison for the smartwatches:

Boat Watch Flash and Noise NoiseFit Endure have an IP68 rating. This rating means that they can endure dust, dirt and sand. It can also stand in 1.5 meters of water without being harmed for 30 minutes. These smartwatches can be worn while in the shower, rain and also to the beach.

Smart features comparison:

Smart featuresBoat Watch Flash Noise NoiseFit Endure
Smart notification alertYesYes
Camera controlYesYes
Music controlYesYes
Find my phoneYesYes

Conclusion: Boat Flash Watch and Noise Noisefit Endure

With this, the comparison between the two smartwatches come to the end. I hope till now you decided on your favourite smartwatch.  Both the smartwatches are for the same price on Amazon. The amount is INR 2,999. To use these smartwatches, you will have to download their supporting apps. For Boat Watch Flash you will have to download Boat wearables and for Noise NoiseFit Endure you will have to download the Noisefit app.

You should go for Boat Watch Flash if you want more sports activity. They also have a smart metallic look. If you are not an athlete and your prime importance is not the sport mode, you can go with Noise NoiseFit Endure. Battery life is comparatively longer and more display layout options. It is also comparatively lighter than Boat Watch Flash. It has an added health tracker for females also.