Boat watch enigma Vs amazfit bip u smartwatch comparison

The Boat Watch Enigma Vs Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch has been in strong competition for various reasons. A little difference in design and very few contrasting features puts users in a bit of confusion to pick the Right Smart Watch for themselves. Here we will learn about the Smart applications and features offered by the Boat Watch Enigma and Amazfit Bip U Smartwatch. Boat watch flash smartwatch with 10 sports mode has launched in India 2021. This assessment will assist the users to understand the highlights in a superior manner.

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Design, Price, and Color Advantages:

There is a slight variation in the price range, designs, and color options offered by both the Smart Watches. There is only two color option offered by Boat Watch Enigma and the Grey color strap is given in the accessories. The rectangle shape dial, with a full touch screen and Always-on display mode, is one similar feature in both the watches.

Boat Watch EnigmaAmazfit Bip U
Price Range: ₹ 2,999Price Range: ₹ 3,999
Color: Black and GreyColor: Black, Green, and Pink
Rectangle Dial with Full Touch Screen DisplayRectangle Dial with Full Touch Screen Display
Body: Metal Body (Strong), silicone strapBody: Polycarbonate Body, silicone strap
Extra Grey strapNo extra strap

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Boat Watch Enigma

Connectivity and Display Difference Between Boat Enigma and AmazFit Bip U

Both smartwatches have grave differences when we look at them for connectivity and display. The quality, resolutions, and style of the display. Where Boat Enigma Watch has a larger display than Amazfit Bip U. The Bluetooth version is upgraded in Amazfit.

Since 320X302 pixels display gives a better sight than Boat Watch Enigma. Just like that, Amazfit has 5 ATM water resistance which gives you the freedom to wear into 50 M deep into the water.

The Amazfit Bip U display has screen is protected by Gorilla glass. The anti-fingerprint coating keeps the display clear. Whereas the screen protection in Boat Enigma is not specified.


FeaturesBoat Watch EnigmaAmazfit Bip U
Size1.54 Inch Full touch1.43 Inch full color TFT
Bluetooth:4.2 version 5.0 version
Built in GPS:No (Connected via Phone)No
OS Supported:Android as well as iOSAndroid and iOS
Dust/Water Resistivity3 ATM (30 M deep into water)5 ATM (50 M deep into water)
Resolution:240X240 pixels320X302 pixels
Screen protection:Not SpecifiedGorilla Glass, AFP coating
Glass Quality2.5D Curved Glass 2.5D Glass with better resolution
Check Best Price Boat Watch EnigmaAmazfit Bip U

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Amazift Bip U

Battery Life Expectancy: Boat Watch Enigma Vs Amazfit Bip U

 The battery life of both smartwatches doesn’t have much difference. Boat Watch Enigma Smartwatch has a 230 mAh power battery seeing that Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch has 225 mAh battery power that is almost the same. The battery lasts around 9-10 days. It takes 2 hours to charge Amazfit Bip and the charging method is 2-pins or POGO pin.

Distinct Features of Boat Watch Enigma: 

Here are some features which are offered by Boat Enigma Watch. Some of the features are similar to the Amazfit nevertheless fascinating attributes are distinct from the Amazfit Bip U smartwatch. These features explained below:

  • Incoming calls, SMS, WhatsApp notifications, Facebook App Notification, and notifications from other apps can be seen on display.
  • Music can be played and paused. You can also click photos with the help of the watch. 
  • Call alerts and call rejection option.
  • When we talk about multiple watch faces, it doesn’t have much to offer. Only eight watch faces available.
  • Blood Pressure and SPO2 feature are available. This real-time tracker also gives unusual Heart Rate Alerts. It also has to Breathe mode.
  • You can shake your wrist to take pictures and change the watch faces.
  • Real-time weather updates and advance weather forecast for 15 days option is quite useful.
  • There are eight fitness Modes available.
  • It is incorporated in India.
  • The mobile app which works with this SmartWatch is Boat Enigma.

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Distinct Features of Amazfit Bip U Smartwatch: 

The Amazfit Bip U features are explained below in detail. Some of the features are like the Boat Watch Enigma and, some are different.

All the distinctive arrangements are demonstrated in detail. Let’s look and understand the difference between both the watches.

  • Incoming call, SMS, Facebook App Notification, Whatsapp notifications, and notifications from other apps can be allowed to be seen on display.
  • Photos and music can be controlled over the smartwatch itself. 
  • Calls can be seen and rejected via the smartwatch.
  • It offers around 50+ watch faces and editable, which lets you customize the watch face. 
  • It can measure SPO2 and Stress. 
  • It comes with Bio Tracker PPG2, which helps in tracking the Female cycle as well as monitors heart rate and sleep for better stress management.
  • It comes with 60+ fitness modes to assist in analyzing the exercise and helps you manage the sessions. 
  • This app is produced in China.
  • The Amazfit watch functions with Zepp App and gives out better data analysis. 

Boat Enigma Vs Amazfit Smart Watch: Alternative Features 

There are few specifications of both the watches which work as an alternative for each other. There are multiple similar and differentiative features that make both the watch stand attractive. 

Noise colorfit pro 3 and Amazfit GTS 2 smart watches will launching soon in India.

Boat Watch EnigmaAmazfit Bip U Smartwatch
Big Screen and Always on DisplayGorilla glass with AFP coating
Extra strap and Eco ModeLight Weight and BT 5.0
Gesture Control5 ATM and 50+ watch faces
BP Monitor60+ sports mode and PPG2 sensor for accuracy
15 Days weather forecastStylish Application
 ₹ 1000/ cheaperBetter Resolution

Amazfit Bip U Smartwatch and Boat Watch Enigma Comparison Results: 

  • Amazfit Bip U has a small dial but better resolution.
  • The battery capacity of both watches is almost the same. So, it doesn’t make a difference.
  • The polycarbonate body makes the Amazfit look a little less attractive than the Steel body of the Boat Watch Enigma. Hence Enigma watch looks powerful and better than Amazfit.
  • The Zepp application works way better than Enigma Watch Application. The Enigma Watch Application needs a lot of improvement.

Based on the overall user experience the Amazfit Bip U works admirable and better than Enigma Watch. Though the price may seem more, yet it is safe to buy gadgets that work better.