The audio beast Boat brand is also famous in the world of smart wearables. With several unique smartwatches, they are sailing in their top position. Another brand that we consider for this review is TAGG. Tagg is also a successful brand with its quality products. This comparison defines the difference between boAt Storm Smart Watch and Tagg Verve Smart Watch to find the best product. 

Both watches seem to be identical in their design and shape. However, they do differ in the features they pack. We have compared all features of these watches and found the best one in the conclusion. 

Boat Storm VS TAGG Verve Smart Watch Specifications Comparison

Features and specsBoat Storm Smart Watch TAGG Verve Smart Watch 
Bluetooth Version5.0 5.0 
Display featuresFull touch screenFull touch screen
Maximum connectivity range 10 m10 m
Size of the display1.3-inches1.4-inches
Swappable straps AvailableAvailable
Number of sports modes98
Availability of health monitoring sensorsAvailableAvailable
Call and message alertsYesYes
Battery performance 8 days10 days 
Remote camera controlsAvailableAvailable
Waterproof ratings 5 ATM IP68
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Boat Storm VS TAGG Verve: Comparison On Display Features

Boat Storm
Boat Storm Watch

When we look for a smartwatch, we always go for the one that has a large display. Looking in that way, Boat and TAGG have the same structure of the rectangular screen. The curved edges and thin bezels add a stylish finishing to both watches.

Boat watch flash smartwatch and pebble Zen smartwatches has launched recently.

BoAt equips a display over 1.3-inches. While the TAGG equips a display of over 1.4-inches. With the availability of customizable watch front images, you can fix a face that fits your mood. 

Which Watch Has Decent Display Features?

Both watches are identical in their structure and style. They do have better brightness levels. However, the TAGG watch comes with a larger display over another brand. 

Compadre Boat Storm VS TAGG Verves: Sports Modes And Health Tracking Sensors 

The boat has multiple wellness modes to keep tracking information about your health system. Both heart rate and blood oxygen level sensor provides real-time reports to keep you aware of your physical condition. Further, it has a sleep monitor, menstrual cycle tracker, and guided breathing sessions. Thus, boAt concentrates on the mental and physical health system.

In sports modes, it has about nine sports modes and a daily activity tracker. It tracks all your daily workouts and other sports sessions. 

When we look at the health sensors of TAGG, it has a sleep monitor, heart rate tracker and a sensor to find the oxygen saturation in the blood. About eight sports modes are available with this watch. The sports modes can track your daily activities, and swimming efficiency. 

Which Watch Retains Maximum Sports Modes And Health Tracking Sensors?

TAGG Verve
TAGG verves watch

Both watches possess a significant amount of health-tracking sensors and sports modes. However, the Boat watch has nine sports modes and additional health tracking sensors. Thus, the Boat watch has the maximum health tracking sensors and sports modes over another watch. 

Battery And Waterproof Comparison On Boat Storm Against TAGG Verve Smart Watch 

The boat watch has 8-day battery life and TAGG has 10-day battery life. Thus, you will get more battery performance in the TAGG watch.  When we compare the waterproof rating of both watches, the Boat watch has 5 ATM ratings and TAGG has an IP68 rating. Thus, Boat has the maximum water resistance capacity over another watch.

Conclusion: Boat Storm Watch VS TAGG Verve Watch 

We have compared all the features of both watches. Both watches have all notification alerts and camera controls. However, TAGG vibrates on your wrist for every notification. 

The boat watch retains maximum health sensors, sports modes, and maximum waterproof rating. TAGG smartwatch on the other hand has maximum battery performance and a large display. 

Thus, the Boat watch Storm is the best watch with maximum sensors and sports modes. It would be a better companion for monitoring your health system.