Boat Storm Smart watch review

The highly well-known boAt Brand rolled out quite an essential wearable electronic device for its ever-growing customer with high demands.

The Indians are now concerned about their health after the global pandemic has hit. The boAt Storm Smartwatch fulfills the plea of its anxious customers.

The brand-new boAt Storm Smartwatch lets you access vital features and tracks your daily activities efficiently.

Boat watch flash smart watch with 24 hours heart rate monitoring feature has launched in India 2021.

Boat Storm Smartwatch Review: Features, Full Specifications

In this article, we will cover boat storm smartwatch full review in detail.

The first-ever boAt Smartwatch launched by the boAt Brand is the stepping stone in the sector of Smartwatch.

Once you receive the package, you will get an overview of the product’s premium features on the packaging itself.

The Smartwatch is available in two different colours that are Blue and Black.

Boat Watch Storm Box Content

You will find the following contents on unboxing the package of the classy boAt Storm Smartwatch.

  • 1 year Warranty Card
  • User Manual with QR code to download its app
  • Booklet to inform you about other boAt Products
  • USB Cable with magnetic pointers supporting 10W (5v and 2A) adaptor
  • 2.5D curved glass at the top with a Multifunctional button on the side
  • Magnetic Pointers present at the bottom surface to charge the Smartwatch
  • Detachable Strap
Boat Storm Smart watch box content

Boat Storm Smartwatch Price in India and Launch Date

You will find the glossy Smartwatch at an affordable price under 2000 INR in the market as well as on any e-commerce website.

The boAt Storm Smartwatch is the ideal accessory that you must wear for 24X7. The original cost of the boAt Smartwatch is 5990 INR.

The sale of boAt Smartwatch created a storm fitting to its name as soon as it launched.

The product got sold out within few seconds on the day of its launch date 29th October.

The boAt Storm Smartwatch next sale will start on 12th November 2020.

Boat Storm Smartwatch Top Specifications:

  • Metal built-up with classy Design
  • Bluetooth Version 4.2
  • 210mAh Battery Capacity
  • 8-10 Days Playtime
  • 5atm Water Resistance Power
  • 6-Axis Motion Sensor
  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • SPO2 Sensor
  • Various Sports Mode

The Smartwatch supports 4 watch faces at present to synchronize with your mood. The boAt brand promises to add more watch faces to the product soon.

You can call anyone through the Smartwatch as well as receive instant text and notifications on it.

The square dial with rounded corners gives you an impressive look as you wear the Smartwatch.

Boat Storm Smartwatch Review with Full Features Details

Boat Storm Smart watch

Metal built-up with classy Design

You will find the screen size of the boAt Storm Smartwatch to be 1.3” with 2.5D curved glass at the corners.

The Silicone strap of the Smartwatch is of plastic material and normal. You have the provision to change the belt according to your choice.

Magnetic Charging Cable

The magnetic pointers present on both the Smartwatch and one end of the cable.

The other end of the charging cable supports a USB port that you need to insert on any adaptor with a power wattage of 10W (5v carrying a current of 2A).

Bluetooth Version 4.2

Once you download the boAt ProGear app on your mobile, then you can pair and connect it with the Smartwatch using Bluetooth 4.2.

It provides a stable wireless connection between the smartphone and the Smartwatch.

It permits you to monitor text messages, calls, alerts, alarms, stopwatch, timer, DND mode, alter music tracks right from the Smartwatch itself.

You need to pair up the Smartwatch with your handset and move on to the boAt ProGear application to add on more watch faces.

The advanced UI and updated app will improve your experience with the boAt Storm Smartwatch.

Boat Storm Smart watch price

210mAh Battery Capacity

The battery backup that comes with the Smartwatch is good as it supports a battery of 210mAh capacity.

The brand claims that the Smartwatch requires a charging time of 2.5 hours to gear up fully.

8-10 Days Playtime

The Smartwatch works smoothly for 8-10days as recommended by the boAt firm after charging it to full 100%.

It always keeps you updated with a standby time of 30 days on a single charge.

On practical usage, the Smartwatch continued to run for 7days at least once fully charged.

5ATM Water Resistance Power

The boAt Storm Smartwatch comes with 5atm water resistance power.

The device remains unharmed after pouring water manually on the Smartwatch to check its prescribed attribute.

The swimmers can wear it, but it is advisable to take the Smartwatch underwater of 5m deep only.

6 -Axis Motion Sensor

The boAt Storm Smartwatch comes with the latest 6-Axis Motion Sensor that assists the device to record every useful data.

The sensor keeps a watch on you even when you are asleep or relaxing.

It helps to determine how much calories you burnt according to the number of steps you covered.

The boAt Storm Smartwatch will assist you with the inhale and exhale exercise while you relax.

It uses your handset’s GPS attribute to track you while running, cycling, climbing, other intensive workouts.

Heart Rate Sensor

The moment you activate the heart rate sensor, the Smartwatch will be recording your heartbeat as well as you can monitor it simultaneously.

You can view the data records later and check on your heart rate, once you complete your exercises.

The Smartwatch offers you the correct data after practically testing the device.

Boat Storm Smart watch charging

Boat Storm Smartwatch Pros and Cons Details


  • Premium look with the metal body.
  • SpO2 Measure is satisfactory.
  • Blood Pressure Measurement Acceptable.
  • Breathing Exercise enabled.


  • Old Bluetooth Version 4.2 enabled.
  • No GPS enabled attribute.
  • Brightness low in the outdoors.

Boat Storm Smartwatch Review: Final Verdict(Conclusion)

The boAt Storm Smartwatch will alert you as fall sedentary, so keep moving and exploring.

The Smartwatch is of top-quality and is worth all the price based on the wellness model that it supports.

The Smartwatch delivers you with accurate results on pairing it up with boAt ProGear application enabled smartphone.

At this price range, the boAt Storm Smartwatch is a real-time asset for every individual.