Boat Stone 200 vs boat stone 260

Are you looking to get the best return for your money with a cost-effective Bluetooth speaker? Do you want a device that comes with unbeatable quality without burning a hole in your pocket?

Look no further because you’ve landed on the right blog!

The boAt has been striving to give us the best audio devices since 2016. If you’re one of those who take their music seriously, boAt must be a familiar name already.

But like all great companies striving for always making themselves better than before, boAt has been launching multiple products for the same category to suit the choices of its customers.

Since one Bluetooth speaker wasn’t enough for all the music listeners out there, boAt has released multiple products with little differences over time. 

Uncovering the minute differences and letting you decide which one would be a perfect fit for you, we bring a thorough comparison between 2 of boAt’s best Bluetooth speakers in the market: boAt stone 200 VS boAt stone 260.

Both wireless speakers are deemed as the boss in the category, but you still have to choose to buy one of them.

Boat Stone 200 Vs 260: Specification, Comparison

Boat Speakers Specifications

Boat Stone 200

Boat Stone 260

Colours available

Black, Orange, Blue

Charcoal black, Enigma, Jazzy blue, Jungle jam, Lion red, Mi Blue, Prism, Psyche, Voyage

Battery capacity (in mAh)



Power rating (Watts)



Driver size(Inch)



Battery life

10 hours

5 hours

IPX rating (indicates the level of protection in a device against water, dust and other small particles)

Water-resistant and Shockproof

Splash proof (works in rain but don't drop it in a bucket of water)

Charging time

4 hours

2 hours

Bluetooth version



Other connectivity options

Aux can be used



Plastic body surrounded by a thick flap of rubber which offers cushioning to the device from any impacts. A band to hang it anywhere. 

The body is made of silicon with a sturdy rubber matte finish to protect it from dust and water.


The basic colours and cube shape make it perfect for those who like to keep it simple.

The funky colour options and pretty round shape make it a very attractive variant to buy for those who like eye-pleasing products

Sound quality

The sound is very clear at low to medium volume. But distortions become evident as soon as music is played at high volume. Even the bass quality is amazing at medium notes but fails at higher notes.

Loud sound is not its speciality. Better for a standard size room. Good bass and treble.


Frequency response




212.6 x 11 x 5.4 cm

15 cm x 15.4 cm x 5.8 cm


Bluetooth range




All bluetooth devices

All bluetooth devices


15 cm x 15.4 cm x 5.8 cm

15 cm x 15.4 cm x 5.8 cm




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As the above table suggests, there aren’t any significant differences in these two wireless Bluetooth speakers that could act as the deciding factors for us to declare one of them as a clear winner.

The decision of boAt stone 200 VS boAt stone 260 would come down to the user’s taste and requirement. 

If you’re the one who focuses more on good sound quality than physical appeal, then BoAt Stone 200 portable wireless Bluetooth speaker is the right product for you.

Its amazing battery life, simple and sleek design along with its high IPX rating make it the perfect buy for you.

But on the other hand, if good looks matter to you then BoAt Stone 260 portable wireless speaker is the right choice for you. Don’t worry, you won’t be sacrificing too much on sound quality with this device either. 

Now, we can’t know for sure which kind of user you are, but we know that comparing boAt stone 200 and boAt stone 260  is very difficult because both portable wireless speakers come with the tag of boAt and that company never fails to deliver.