Today’s article is about the two speakers – Boat Stone 180 and Mivi Roam 2. 

Boat Stone 180 is the next version of Boat Stone 170. It is a cool small circular speaker with vibrant colors.

Mivi Roam 2, released in December 2020, is the upgraded version of Mivi Roam 1.0. It is manufactured in India. It is a home product.

In this article, I will mention my reviews of both the speakers and compare them with each other. The parameters are – design, connectivity, battery, sound quality, microphone, and water resistance. So, let’s get started.

Boat Stone 180 Vs Mivi Roam 2 Bluetooth Speaker Specifications Comparison

FeaturesMivi Roam 2Boat 180 5w
Audio speaker output5 W5W RMS output
Battery 2000 mAH800 mAH
Charging time2 hours1.5 hours
Playing time16 hours at full volume24 hours at mid-volume6 hours at full volume10 hours at mid-volume
Bluetooth version5.05.0
Connectivity range10 m10 m
Type of connectivity

Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX)

Water-resistant and waterproof
Wireless – BluetoothAUX cable


Wireless – BluetoothAUX cable


Microphone ProvidedProvided
Product size 100*45*85 mm150*150*20 mm
Product weight 204g145g
Aux cable and charging cableAvailable Available 
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Compare Full Features Details of Boat Stone 180 and Mivi Roam 2 Bluetooth Speaker

Boat Stone 180 5w Bluetooth speaker that is a compact round speaker with a denser shade of sky blue color. It looks visually pleasing, but there’s a point to note here. It does seem like a color xerox of Mivi Roam 1 (Or let’s say they got inspired from Mivi.).


The upper body has a mesh cover with the brand name inscribed with a simple design while the bottom is of a rubber base. It has buttons on its sides that are not easily visible or felt but gives a classy appearance. The buttons can be used for altering the volume, power on, and to change the song. The design is ordinary, and there’s nothing creative happening here. 

Mivi Roam 2 5w is a Bluetooth speaker that is a blend of both a retro radio look and a modern premium look. It also has a classy plus symbol on its upper body. The base has a matte finish with the brand name inscribed in a gloss finish. The design is eye-gripping and striking. Also, the buttons are visible and tactile as compared to the buttons on the boat speaker which are to be searched.

The grip on four corners of the speaker makes it viable to make it stand which is not possible with the Boat speaker. The buttons are present on sides like grooves, and the micro-USB port is also on one side covered by rubber protection. Buttons can be used to change volume level, power on, and change the song.


Boat stone 180 and Mivi Roam 2 both are portable Bluetooth speakers that have a Bluetooth 5.0 version.  It has a range of 10 m and good connectivity. Bluetooth 5.0 makes the speakers less power-consuming, so they can run for extended hours without the worry of charging frequently. They have dual connectivity i.e., via Bluetooth as well as AUX connected portable speakers. 

AUX connectivity (or auxiliary connectivity) allows the speaker to connect to external audio sources like a stereo in cars, home theatres, etc. via a portable cable. Both the speakers can be connected for dual-pairing and used as stereo speakers or True Wireless Speakers. Or a person can buy two boat speakers and use them as TWS or do the same with Mivi speakers.

Battery Performance Difference Between Boat Stone 180 and Mivi Roam 2

Boat stone 180 5w has a battery capacity of 800mAH. It is surprising for a speaker that is quite heavy (justifying the word stone in Boat Stone) to have a low battery capacity. It lasts only for 5-6 hours when used at a full volume and takes 1-1.5 hours to fully charge. The method of charging is plugging into the micro-USB point. 

Mivi Roam 2 5w has an impressive battery capacity of 2000mAH. It can run for 15-16 hours on full volume (justifying the word roam as people can go on a long ride with less charging frequency.). The only disappointing feature is that it takes around 2 hours to attain full charge. That is quite a lot of time. The speaker can be charged by plugging it into the micro USB point.

Sound Quality Performance: Mivi Roam 2 Vs Stone 180

Boat stone 180 has an intermediate level of sound quality. The songs with a high base lose the base effect when kept on a high volume. The sound becomes distorted, and it feels like it pricks your ear when kept at a full volume. Also, there is this annoying voice saying “max volume” when kept at the maximum point.

It disturbs the flow of the song. When tested for the effect of water on it, the sound quality gets affected by the presence of water on its surface as the upper layer absorbs water. It is suitable for melodious and soft songs.

Mivi Roam 2 is absolutely the best for songs with base and metal music as the quality and effect is excellent. The sound and voice do not get distorted when kept on a full volume. I could feel the intense vibration on my hand when kept on high volume. It is the absolute best for songs, news, phone calls, etc.

It amplifies the sound excellently what a speaker should do. And when water is poured over it, it does not get absorbed due to the material it is made up of.


The microphone voice quality of Boat is mediocre. It is low and feels like the voice is getting lost in between. Whereas Mivi Roam 2, has a good microphone quality with a louder and clearer voice. 

Water resistance

Boat 180 performance lowers when affected by water. The cloth mesh on the upper surface absorbs water. It does not let the water penetrate the inner system. It is an IPX 7 water-resistant and sweat-resistant speaker. 

Speaking of Mivi Roam 2 – IPX 7 speakers, its rubber border on the borders and the aluminum upper body makes it water-resistant, waterproof, and dust resistant. 

Conclusion: Boat Stone 180 Vs Mivi Roam 2

Mivi Roam 2 priced at INR 1199 is way better than Boat Stone 180 priced at INR 999 as per the six parameters mentioned above. The main highlight of a speaker is its sound quality which the Mivi Roam 2 fulfills. The user will have a satisfying experience. And yes, it is lightweight, whereas with Boat stone will feel as though you are carrying a stone with you.

The boat is not a bad speaker. Those who like to listen to music without any extra effects can go for Boat while the rest can go for Mivi. Both the speakers are economical, and the dual pairing makes it more awesome together. Both Boat and Mivi are Indian based companies, and they are the pride of our nation. They were manufactured in India to support the Atma Nirbhar Bharat Mission and Vocal for Local Mission.