In a world full of music enthusiasts, our connection to songs is getting strong day by day. The demand for new and improved speakers for better music experience is increasing exponentially day by day. I am going to review one such speaker, named “The boAt Stone 1500”.

Boat stone 1200 with FM radio and boat stone 180 at affordable price Bluetooth speakers have launched in India

From the accessories it comes with to the output sound quality, we will be discussing it all here. With a tagline of “Roar with the Beast!” the boAt Stone 1500 is a monster among speakers. At just Rs. 6990, you can buy this excellent device and convert your house into a party zone. So, let’s dive into the details.

Boat Stone 1500 Bluetooth Speaker Full Review in Detail


The Stone 1500 comes with seven components, namely:

  1. User Manual
  2. Warranty Card of 1-year (scan the QR code at the back to avail the warranty)
  3. Nylon strap to attach to the speaker for enhanced portability.
  4. Catalog
  5. Speaker
  6. Type-C USB Cable which is of high quality and length.
  7. Auxiliary Cable which also is of good length and quality.

Boat Stone 1500 Full Specifications

S. No.PropertySpecification
3.ModelStone 1500
4.Dimensions of the ProductDiameter 134 mm, Height 320 mm
5.Battery7.2V / 4000 mAh
6.Special FeaturesUSB, Bluetooth, Hands-free, AUX-IN, TWS Connection
7.Operating Range10 meters
8.THD≤10 %
9.SNR≥80 Decibels
10.EQ ModesIndoor and Outdoor
11.Average Battery Life8 hours (but varies with the level of volume)
12.Connector typeBluetooth
13.Music FormatMP3, WAV, WMA, APE, FLAG
14.Input5 Volts, 2 Ampere
15.RMS Output Power40 Watts
16.Bluetooth Version4.2
17.Over-current protectionYes
18.Overvoltage protectionYes
19.TWS FeatureYes
20.EQ ModesIndoor and Outdoor
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Boat Stone 1500 Full Review of Features

Boat Stone 1500 Bluetooth speaker

Boat Stone 1500 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Design and Build

The Stone 1500 is built with very high-end materials giving us a feel of brand-satisfaction when we touch it or hold it. The design of this gives off a hint of Spin X 2.0. With two hooks on extreme ends for the strap to latch on, the Stone 1500 is very portable compared to other speakers of the same size.

The clothing of the speaker grill is of tough and durable quality and a rubber coating is provided on the sides for added protection. We also have a rubber coating on the base to provide grip when the speaker is kept horizontal.

Boat Stone 1500 Battery Performance

With a battery of 4000 mAh, boAt claims that the speaker can run nonstop for eight straight hours, but playing time will vary for different levels of volume. The speaker plays for 6.5-7 hours at 70% of the volume.  The charging time, as suggested boAt is 4.5 hours.

The optimum input for charging is 10 Watts (5 Volts x 2 Ampere) with a standard cable wire. The battery indication is available on the speaker grill as three white LED lights, each light referring to 33% of the battery level.

Boat 1500 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Audio and Sound Performance

(a) Bass: The Stone 1500 has two passive radiators on either side that makes the bass deep.The surface vibrates significantly when music plays, which means along with hearing, you can also feel the music coming out of it. Two speakers of 20 Watt each are installed in the Stone 1500, which makes the speaker exceptionally loud. One small tip, place this speaker in a hollow space of your home to enhance the overall bass output.

(b) Vocals: The vocals are well-enunciated and you can watch a Hollywood movie without sub-titles easily. The distortion produced by this speaker is negligible even at 100% of the volume. We get a very smooth and clean flow with a remarkable distinction between high, medium, and low frequencies.

(c) Trebles: The trebles produced by this speaker are clear and clean in all three regions of frequency. They are moderately sharp, which is a good thing because extreme sharpness starts to pierce the ears. It has two different modes to play music on, namely Indoor mode and Outdoor mode. Both of these modes differ in equalizer settings and can be switched from one to another by double pressing the play button.

(d) Phone Calls: It is easy to receive or reject phone calls from this speaker and since it has a high-end built-in microphone, the calling experience is pretty good.

Input and Output Compartment:

Boat Stone 1500  Ports

The Input and Output Compartment of boAt Stone 1500 is protected with a waterproof rubber covering. This compartment has three ports: one USB port for playing music through secondary drives, one auxiliary port for playing music when the battery is low, and one type C port for charging. The ports are placed adequately far apart for easily using multiple ports at the same time.

Water Protections: Boat Stone 1500 40w Review

This speaker has an IPX6 rating, which means it is pretty much resistant to water and minor shocks. The speaker is also Splash Resistant. So, it can play music in showers, beaches, and rain. The Input and Output Compartment is covered with a waterproof Silicon cap that prevents water from entering.

Connectivity: Boat 1500 Review

The Stone 1500 supports Bluetooth 4.2 that is a bit old, but this drawback is compensated by the excellent sound quality of this speaker. It also has a TWS connection option, which means you can connect it to another boAt Stone 1500 for stereo sound output. In simple words, both the speakers will play the audio in synchronization.

Boat Stone 1500 Buttons Control Functionality:

There are four buttons available on the Stone 1500, namely:

  1. Power Button
  2. Volume Down Button
  3. Volume Up Button
  4. Play/Pause Button

Boat Stone 1500 Buttons Controls

Apart from these four buttons, there are also two types of LED lights available on the speaker grill. One is a medium-sized Blue Led for notifications and the other is a set of three small White LEDs for battery percentage. Some basic button functions are mentioned below.

Power OnLong press power buttonBlue LED turns on.
Power OffLong press power buttonBlue LED turns off.
DisconnectPress ‘+’ and ‘-’ togetherBlue LED starts flashing
Receive a callShort press play button//
Reject a callLong press play button//
Hang up a callShort press play button//
Call BackShort press play button//


Boat Stone 1500 Pros and Cons


If you are a music enthusiast whose sole goal is to have a speaker with excellent sound output, loud audio, and the deepest bass and the cost does not matter to you, then the boAt Stone 1500 would be the appropriate choice for you.


Even though it is exceptional in its sound output quality, the Stone 1500 still has a few flaws. It supports Bluetooth 4.2 that is out-dated because of that, the range of connectivity is 10 meters. It has an IPX6 rating, that although makes the speaker water-resistant up to a good extent but is low as compared to the other speakers of the same brand. The price of this speaker is too high for a middle-class person to buy.

Conclusion: Boat Stone 1500 Review

Who should buy it?

With a variety of models available in the market today, what makes boAt Stone 1500 worthy is the excellent output sound quality. There is no other speaker of its size and cost who can match this level of excellence.

The manufacturers were successful in making a design that is medium-large and yet very portable for its size. For a house party, this speaker can grove a medium-sized apartment. It is an excellent party banger and you can connect it to another speaker of the same model to get even louder audio.