What is the use of owning a big music collection when you do not have a device to play it on? With this thought in mind, speaker companies everywhere keep on making improvements to their devices. Today, we will be reviewing such a device, named “boAt Stone 1400.” Starting from the accessories and all the way to the output sound quality, we will be discussing everything. From the first look at the speaker, you can easily guess the high-end quality of this speaker. For Rs. 4,999 turn your home into a party house.

BoAt Stone 1400 Full Review in Detail

 Contents of the Box

The Stone 1500 comes with six components, namely:

  1. User Manual: It contains all the instructions for the basic functions.
  2. Warranty Card of 1-year: a QR code is available on the backside; scan it to claim the warranty.
  3. Type-C USB Cable: It is of high-end quality and is lengthy.
  4. Auxiliary Cable: It is 3.5 mm, it is lengthy, and has good quality.
  5. Catalog
  6. Speaker

BoAt Stone 1400 Full Specifications

S. No.PropertySpecification
3.ModelStone 1400
4.Dimensions of the Product31.9 cm x 11.8 cm x 11.9 cm
5.Battery7.2V / 2500 mAh
6.Range of Transmission10 meters
7.Audio formatMP3, WAV, WMA, APE, FLAG
8.SNR≥75 Decibels
9.Equalizer ModesIndoor and Outdoor
10.Battery Life7 hours
11.Wireless ConnectionBluetooth
13.Input5 Volts, 2 Ampere
14.RMS Power Output30 Watts
15.Bluetooth Version4.2
16.Notable FeaturesTWS, type C port, USB readability, Auxiliary support
17.Overvoltage protectionYes
18.TWS ConnectionYes

BoAt Stone 1400 Full Review of Features

Boat Stone 1400 Body Design and Built

The Stone 1400 has a complete plastic built body because of which the speaker unit is not as heavy as it looks. The plastic used here is of remarkable quality that is responsible for the premium look this speaker oozes. The packaging of this speaker is also noteworthy. With very high-quality boxes and good protection, the charging cable and the auxiliary cable are placed in a separate small box inside the big box. The speaker grill provided here is metallic that adds to the premium quality of this unit.

boat stone 1400 wireless portable Bluetooth speaker review

Battery Output of Stone 1400 in detail

The Stone 1400 has a battery of 2500 mAh. The manufacturers claim that this speaker can play music for seven hours straight on a single charge. The playback time will vary depending upon the level of volume, which is approximately 6 hours with the volume at 70%.The speaker takes 4.5 hours to charge completely. It is recommended to unplug the charger after this time. To prevent any damage to the battery, charge it with a power of 10 Watts (5 Volts x 2 Ampere).

BoAt Stone 1400 Audio Quality and Sound Prformance

 (a) Bass: The bass produced by the Stone 1400 is deep and enhanced and this is due to the two passive speakers provided on its sides. The surface on which we keep the speaker vibrates, which means that we not only listen to the music coming out of it but can also feel it.

(b) Loudness: This speaker is fitted with two 10 Watt speakers and two 5 Watt speakers, summing up to a total of 30 watts that is not bad for a speaker of this price. The sound produced is loud enough to grove a small apartment.

(c) Vocals: The output speech of the Stone 1400 is very human-like. If someone plays a voice recording, it is hard to tell that if it is a person or the speaker. Up to 80% of the volume, there is no distortion in the audio and even above 80%, the distortion produced is feeble.

(d) Trebles: The trebles produced by the Stone 1400 are crystal clear with a recognizable difference between the three frequency ranges. They are neither too sharp nor too blunt, which makes the sound pleasant to our ears.

(e) Phone Calls: The calling experience on the Stone 1400 is a bit rusty. It is probably because of the moderate quality of the built-in microphone.

 Input and Output Compartment

Boat Stone 1400 Ports

The IO compartment of this speaker has three different ports, namely: an auxiliary input port for connecting various devices, a USB port for attaching pen drives and a type C port to charge the device. These ports are placed far from each other to easily use multiple ports simultaneously, although it is not advised to charge and use the speaker at the same time.

Water Protections of BoAt Stone 1400

The Stone 1400 comes with an IPX6 rating, which means it is splash resistant and dust-proof. In no way it means the speaker is waterproof. If it comes in contact with a significant amount of water for long durations of time, it will stop working. IPX6 rating makes it suitable to play by the poolside, in light rain, or on a beach. There is a rubber cap covering the IO compartment to  stop the inward flow of water.

Connectivity: BoAt Stone 1400 Bluetooth Speaker Review

This speaker supports Bluetooth version 4.2, which is old for a device of this price. The older version of Bluetooth hinders our pairing capacity and limits the range of transmission. We also have a TWS connection option, which means that we can play the same music on two different devices of the same model in synchronization.

BoAt Stone 1400 Button Controls and Basic Functions

Boat Stone 1400 Controls

There are five buttons available on the Stone 1400, namely:

  1. Power Button
  2. Volume Down Button
  3. Volume Up Button
  4. Play/Pause Button
  5. Sound Effect Button

The purpose of the sound effect button is to change the equalizer settings by toggling between Indoor and Outdoor modes. Apart from these buttons, there is also a Blue LED light available on the speaker grill for notifications. Some basic functions are described below.

Switch OnTap and hold the power button.Blue LED turns on.
Switch OffTap and hold the power button.Blue LED turns off.
DisconnectTap and hold + and – button.Blue LED starts to blink.
Answer a callTap the play button.//
Reject a callTap and hold the play button.//
Call BackTap the play button.//
Next trackLong press + button.//
Previous trackLong press – button.//
Mode switchTap the power button//
Equalizer switchTap the equalizer button//

Pros and Cons: Boat 1400 Review


  • Due to its large size and heavy built, this speaker is not for someone who wants to roam around and grove to music.
  • It is best suitable for a person who needs a good quality party speaker.


  • Although the Stone 1400 is one of the best speakers available in the market today, it still has some drawbacks.
  • This speaker supports an old version of Bluetooth and because of that the range of transmission is hindered.
  • The IPX6 rating does not justify its price which is too high.
  • The speaker unit heavy and because of that it is difficult to carry around.

Conclusion: BoAt Stone 1400 Review. Who should buy it?

What more do you need in a speaker? Deep bass, clear vocals, decent trebles, remarkable loudness, and good looks, this speaker has it all. Although the price is a bit high, the performance compensates the money you spend. It is not just an excellent speaker but is also a good home decoration piece. Keep it at any place you want, it will just bring more class to that place. Its large size and heavy weight do not make it ideal for everyday use and for traveling with it. It is a speaker for your home.