No doubt on why the boAt always stands the best in the audio world, as they never failed to give a rich sound. In the same line, each of their products beats another one on their comparison. Here, we are looking forward to finding the best product among their two best products of the boAt Stone 1200 and the boAt Stone 1000 Bluetooth speaker. 

Sure, you can get the best product at the end with reasonable information. 

The boAt Stone 1200 VS boAt Stone 1000 Bluetooth Speaker Specifications Comparison

SpecificationsBoat Stone 1200 Bluetooth SpeakerBoat Stone 1000 Bluetooth Speaker
Power output14 Watts 14 Watts 
Available connectivity options Bluetooth, AUX, USB, FM Bluetooth, AUX 
Bluetooth version5.0 2.1 
Wireless range 12m 10m 
IP ratings IPX7 waterproof ratings IPX5 Waterproof ratings 
Battery capacity3600mAh 3000mAh 
Playback time 9 hours 8 hours 
Availability of mic Available Available 
Other special featuresRGB LEDs, easy controls, voice assistant supportEasy controls 
Weight 1 kg 800 g1 kg 500 g
Warranty period1 year 1 year 
Package inclusionsManual, shoulder strap, warranty card, Stone 1200, AUX cable, Type C charging cable User manual, warranty, charging cable, Stone 1000, AUX cable. 
Available colors Maroon, Blue, Black Navy Blue, Black 
Price in Amazon2,999 INR 2,989 INR 
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Boat Stone 1200 VS boAt Stone 1000 Bluetooth Speaker: Features Comparison

Both of these Bluetooth speaker have the same 14 W RMS sound output with the same price tag but differ a lot with their features. Let’s justify the reason. 

Stone 1200 speakers have the TWS feature to get a double impact by connecting two same models. The other boat speaker don’t have this feature. 

Thus, you can get a huge sound impact with the Boat speaker 1200 Bluetooth speaker. 

Which Has The Best Features Among these two Speakers?

Two speakers have the same output. However, Stone 1200 allows you to extend the audio output. 

It also has an interesting feature of RGB LEDs that delivers a colorful pop-up from your speakers. It also has a voice assistant feature to give easy control of your music. 

Boat Stone 1200 Against Stone 1000 Bluetooth Speaker: Connectivity And Portability Comparison

Boat Stone 1200 Bluetooth speaker

The boat product 1200 sports the latest version of Bluetooth 5. You can get a strong and same audio output even at the range of 12m.

Whereas the other speaker has the old version of Bluetooth version 2.1. With this Bluetooth speaker, you will experience a fair audio output at a range of 10m. 

Speaking about portability, the Stone 1200 has a little more weight than the other Bluetooth speaker. However, you will get a detachable shoulder strap that helps you to carry your speaker by hanging with your body. 

The other Bluetooth speaker has only a carrying strap on the top to carry it. 

Which Has The Best Connectivity And Portability Among These Two Bluetooth Speakers?

The Stone 1200 Bluetooth Speaker has better connectivity with the presence of Bluetooth version 5, with a range of 12m. This is far away from the other Bluetooth speaker’s connectivity.

Also, the speaker has better portability with the presence of detachable straps. For a stylish look, you can detach the strap. 

Thus, the Stone 1200 speaker has the best connectivity and portability.

Boat Stone 1200 VS Boat Stone 1000 Bluetooth Speaker: Battery Comparison

The Boat speaker 1200 has a large 3600 mAh battery. It gives an excellent playback of 9-hours without the RGB LEDs and gives 7-hours with the RGB LEDs. 

While the other speaker has only a 3000 mAh battery. Both speakers are different in delivering the payback time. 

Boat Stone 1000 Bluetooth speaker

You will get a decent 8-hours playback when used at 50% volume at the Stone 1000 Bluetooth speaker. Its average battery life is about 6-hours. 

Which Has The Best Battery Life Among These Bluetooth Speakers?

When we compare the average battery life of both speakers, the Stone 1200 has a better playback than the other Bluetooth speaker.

Further, you can use the RGB LEDs together with your song. This also won’t drain your battery level to the maximum. 

Thus, the Stone 1200 speaker has better battery performance.

IP Ratings Comparison Between Boat Stone 1200 And Boat Stone 1000 Bluetooth Speaker

The Boat product 1200 has the latest IPX7 waterproof ratings. This helps you to use your speaker even under the water for about 30 minutes, as it won’t get affected by the water action.

The other Bluetooth speaker has an IPX5 waterproof rating. It can resist some low-pressure spray and splash. 

When we compare these two speakers based on IP ratings, Stone 1200 is the winner with maximum IP ratings. 

Conclusion: Boat Stone 1200 Vs 1000 Which is The Better Choice?

Both Boat Stone speakers have the same audio output that also gives a deep bass output through the speaker. The difference is that you can extend your sound with [amazon link=”B08PDHLDHX” title=”Stone 1200″ /], unlike the other Bluetooth speaker.

However, they have many different features that make each speaker distinct. The boat product 1200 Bluetooth speaker has a cylindrical body with RGB LEDs on the top and bottom parts. In addition to the integrated controls, it also has voice assistant features to respond to your commands. 

The [amazon link=”B07STTJF85″ title=”Stone 1000″ /] Bluetooth speaker has a typical rectangular shape with a hinge in the middle part. This speaker has no mentionable extra features like the other speaker. 

Hence, ranging from the style to the battery performance the Boat Stone 1200 Bluetooth Speaker is the best. As both speakers have the same price tag, you can opt for this best Bluetooth speaker. You can take a colorful choice with this product unlike the other speaker.