The boat company is one of the fastest-growing audio & brands. They come out each year with their new collections in both wired and wireless earphones. In this article we will do boat stone 1200 Bluetooth speaker review in detail.

Now it is our time to appreciate a playback occasion like never before refinement. The boAt Stone 1200 14W compact wireless speaker has come with RGB LEDs. The RGB LEDs make a path of making the ambient for the music and it creates a positive vibe on people.

Boat Stone 1200 Bluetooth Speaker Review in Detail

In this list now comes boat stone 1200 Bluetooth speaker that has 14W range with RGB LEDs. So let us look at the review of specifications, the price range of the boat stone 1200 Bluetooth speaker.

Boat 12000 Bluetooth Speaker Box Accessories

  • Removal shoulder carrying strap
  • Aux cable
  • Type C charging cable
  • BoatHead Written Sticker
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
  • Other Boat products booklet

Boat Stone 1200 Bluetooth Speaker Price and Their Date of Launch

The price level is RS.3999 on the Amazon website while the launch date of this speaker was RS.2999 only for a limited period.  They launched this speaker on 14 of January 2021. There are other new speakers named boat stone 350 that has FM radio then boat stone 180 portable speakers that are launched in India recently

Boat Stone 1200 Full Specifications

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Boat Stone 1200 Full Features Review in Detail

Detailed Explanation on sound, bass, audio of Boat Stone 1200 Bluetooth Speaker

Build & Design: Boat 1200 Speaker Review

It has an in-built FM, a carrying strap is needed. The weight of the speaker is 1 kg 800 g so it will cause pain if we hold them so, for easy use they provide a strap. The boat stone 1200 feels premium with its fabric all-around matte rubber at the center that houses all the buttons.

The big button with a boat logo with an LED ring around it is your power button so, it only powers on and off the device below that we have a true stereo button in which two devices of the same model, are paired to get true wireless stereo and, we have dedicated voice buttons that can be paired to android or IOS for voice assistance.

Boat Stone 1200  bluetooth speaker

Sound Quality and Performance of Boat Stone 1200

 Let us now talk about sound in this speaker. There are three features to be noted: lows, mids, and highs. Starting with highs, it has a sharp beat even at any crack it handles without any distortion and, it is nice to see that highs and lows are separated.

Vocals: Next is the mains where the vocals lie, Boat Stone 1200 has a sharp vocal and gives a pleasant hearing with richness and it is separated from highs. The highs and mains maintain their separate frequency level.

Bass: The next one is the bass is punchy, sumpy and it sounds specifically good when we place it on the ground. Even though it is a barrel design it aims to give 360 degrees sound.

Has 14 W radiation sound: This Boat Stone 1200 Bluetooth Speaker gives 14W sound that makes every single quality very clear and precise. They give stereo sound specially designed for acoustic music lovers for making listen to a better sound. It has powerful noise radiation sounds that better sound outstanding to music lovers.

Battery LED indicator and Charging: Boat Stone 1200 Review

Boat Stone 1200  indicators

Connect the Bluetooth with your phone and, you can see the battery level indications where we can see the percentage level of the speaker. This speaker is absolutely the best upgrade from boat 1000 and boat stone 1050. Let us see the overall review of this latest launched speaker.

We should connect one end of the cable to the input and another one to the adapter of DC 5 voltage or 2 Ampere current

At the time of charging, we can check the charged status by the indication of 4 LED white color indicators if it is ≥25% then 1st LED light remains solid, the second light flashes,3rd light, and 4th light stays off. Then of it is ≥50%,1st and 2nd LED lights will keep solid, 3rd light flickers, 4th

lights stay off and if it is ≥75%, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd LED lights keep solid 4th light flickers;

If it is charged 100% all the 4 LED lights stay solid.

Battery Playback Performance:

This product has 9 hours of continuous playback listening and, also the RGB LEDs have an option of getting connected or disconnected. This particular speaker can give 9 hours of connection active without the use of RGB LEDs.

But at the same time, if we play with RGB LEDs, the charge can stay only 7 hours. Overall the speakers provide us with a continuous playing system that all can afford to buy.

It has an in-built battery with its 36,000 Ampere. That isn’t 100% volume but gives a runtime for a speaker of its class. In practical usage, the battery has a good capacity to stay nearly for 6 hours continuously.

If we play songs on nearly low volume mode. If we use high volume, the level of the battery is diminished to 5 hours. Battery standup is good in Boat stone.

Stone 1200 Connectivity Features

Boat Stone 1200 ports

Turn on the speaker and the LED indicator will blink in white color and the pairing is done. Switch on the phone’s Bluetooth function and then search for Stone 1200. When it is paired there will be a sound and a white led light will turn steadily.

This speaker can provide the connection level through many modes and also has a version of 5.0. We can connect through FM, USB mode, AUX cable. You can use this speaker as wired via AUX cable when the battery of the speaker is dead.


The speaker can automatically reconnect to the last paired device. The speaker gets automatically turned off if there’s no pairing for 10 minutes. If we see connectivity level if we use Bluetooth we can get audio output at a range of 12m

Buttons Control and Functionality: Boat 1200 Wireless Speaker Review

Button names: If we have a look at the above picture you can see 6 buttons. The middle button is power on/off, then the”∞” button is the  TWS button, comes volume 🔊 increase (+)and decrease (-), then play ▶️ and pause button ⏸️ .Then voice assistance button.

Boat Stone 1200 controls

Basic functionality of Buttons

ItemsInstructionsLED status
Power onLong press the Power button for nearly 3 secBlue LED flashes
Power OffLong press the Power button for nearly 3 secBlue LED turns OFF
PairingHas an auto-pairing modeBlue Led starts to flash
Successful pairingSelect Stone 1200 on the deviceBlue led stays steady
DisconnectGive a long press on the TWS buttonBlue Led starts to flash
Receiving a callA short press on the play/pause button/
Rejecting a calllong press on the play pause button/
Hanging between callsShort press , on play pause to hang ongoing call/
Switching calls between phone and speakerLong press the Play/Pause button during the call for 2 seconds/

True Wireless Stereo Features

The feature of TWS is something we can find in almost every boat speaker. Let us know about the stereo method in which we can combine any two speakers of the same model that besides give a heavy beat and produces high-level sound grade Also, we can combine both speakers of the same model, using a feature called Bluetooth.

IPX7 Water Resistance: Boat Stone 1200 Bluetooth Speaker Review

This feature provides IPX7 resistance if any water splashes or gets in, no damage will happen to the speakers. It gives a protective shield to the speaker’s overall.

We can even throw our speakers 2 m deep into the water but nothing happens to the speakers. That is the best advantage provided and we can hear songs of our choice without any interpretation.

RGB LEDs That Give A Perfect Touch

Boat Stone 1200 rgb

RGB that is Red, Blue, Green color lights that gives a colorful look to our speaker. But if we use that charge level gets low to 7 hours and gives us a different tune of sounds.

To get the best experience and loud sound, RGB LEDs are useful. We can also customize the light colors to our needs. These color lights have resistant to the action of water so, they play anytime we like to listen to 

Other details of boAt Stone 1200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

1)This is a C type charging

2)If the battery is low, a warning will occur to keep us notified with an only compatible type of phones

3)You will get a discount if you purchase through the boat’s website

4)Has an inbuilt mic system to control voice commands

5)it is available in two colors they are black and maroon

The link below gives an ear understanding of the overall speakers.

Pros & Cons: Boat 1200 Review

  • It gives us a single tap voice Assistant like Shri and ok Google.

  • Have very smooth controls on MIC system 

  • Solid build quality

  • IPX7 resistance

  • Cool RGB LED lighting effect

  • Provided with a strap for easy usage

  • Provides a playback of  9 hours total

  • Have all types of Bluetooth version 5 .0, Type-C

  • FM Radio

  • TWS feature

  • You can charge other devices also via USB port

  • Bulky
  • No SD/TF Card Slot

Conclusion: Boat Stone 1200 Review

The boAt brand company has never failed us in giving extraordinary sound output and bass levels, whether it is a wired headset or soundbars. They come with a new invention every year and this boat stone 1200 is an absolute treat this year. The overall reviews and the specifications are explained clearly in different headings and these speakers are also available on Amazon.

Why should we buy?

If we have a comparison with other boat speakers of the same range, this particular Boat Stone 1200 will give us the best speaker in case of its sound quality, Bluetooth range, and battery level. Therefore there is no compromise to have the second choice. So have a rush to buy Boat stone 1200. It comes with 3 variant colors and the main advantage is the playback time and water resistance capacity.