Boat Rugby vs JBL Go vs boat Stone 200 Comparison

Shopping is easy and fun until you have to buy a product that fits your budget and doesn’t make you compromise on quality.

If you’ve ever bought gadgets through online shopping before, you would know the struggle.

But if this is your first time, you are going to find out about the labyrinth (that is the e-commerce websites) and how easy it is to get lost in the myriad products available online. 

If you are looking to buy a portable Bluetooth speaker anytime soon which is under the cost bracket of ₹2,000 in 2020, you have reached the right place. 

In this guide we will compare Boat Rugby vs JBL Go vs Boat Stone 200 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers.

This blog will give honest reviews of boAt stone 200, boAt rugby, and JBL Go individually. Further, you can also find a comparison between the three. 

While it is much easier to decide which Bluetooth speaker to buy when you know what company you want the products from;

The difficulty increases manifold when the confusion spans over multiple products from different companies.

We will attempt to help you get rid of any confusion in buying the right product for yourself. 

Boat Rugby Vs JBL Go Vs Boat Stone 200: Specifications, Comparison, Price in India

Boat Speakers Specifications

Boat Rugby


Boat 200

Colours available

Blue, Black

Orange, Teal, Red, Grey, Black, Yellow, Blue, Pink

Black, Orange, Blue

Battery capacity (in mAh)




Power rating (Watts)




Driver size(Inch)



Battery life

8 hours

5 hours

10 hours

IPX rating (indicates the level of protection in a device against water, dust and other small particles.)


IPX rating not available

Water-resistant and Shockproof

Charging time

4 hours

1.5 hours

4 hours

Bluetooth version




Other connectivity options

Aux is included in the box

The device has a 3.5mm AUX port but a cable is not

Aux Cable Connectivity

Included with box

boAt Rugby Speaker, Audio Cable, USB Charging Cable and Instruction Manual

JBL GO, Micro USB cable (for charging), Safety sheet, Quick-start Guide

boAt stone 200 Speaker,  Cable, User Manual


The body is made of metal grill front and back. But the joints are made of plastic. The rubberized strap on the device is there to provide an excellent grip.

The body is made up of tough plastic with rubber finishing on not just the edges but the rear as well.

Plastic body surrounded by a thick flap of rubber which offers cushioning to the device from any impacts. A band to hang it anywhere


The sporty style and compact size make it perfect for carrying anywhere.

The smooth and durable double-injection finishing makes it sturdy and not as easily breakable as it looks.

The basic colours and cube shape make it perfect for those who like to keep it simple.

Sound quality

The amount of distortion at higher volumes is less. The quality of sound is much better than other bluetooth speakers in the same range. The passive radiator ensures an amazing bass experience. Mid-range vocals are very much clear

The quality is amazing. The speaker is easily able to justify the music when it is highly layered. The treble sounds and mid-range are much on point. Falters a little when it comes to bass.

The device has a satisfactory performance on low to medium volumes.  But as the volume is increased, distortions become apparent. Talking about the bass, the quality is more than what one can ask for at this price, as long as the music is played at medium volume.

Frequency response





19 x 8.1 x 8.1 cm

68.3 x 82.7 x 30.8 (mm)

212.6 x 11 x 5.4 cm


Bluetooth range





All bluetooth devices

All bluetooth devices

All bluetooth devices






1 Year


1 Year

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Boat Rugby 10w Bluetooth Speaker: Review, Features, Specifications, Comparison

This wireless portable speaker is indeed a complete value for money.

It stands up to all the quality standards set by boAt. Whether it is the attractive look or the battery life. 

Talking about the sound quality, the device promises sonic audio quality since it is built from the best technologies used by boAt.

The speaker has the capacity to amplify power up to 10W that is 2*5 watts for a distortion-proof sound experience.

The passive radiator in the device ensures an amazing bass experience from any music.

The external passive radiator uses two drivers which inculcate dynamic depth to the audio.

The Bluetooth and AUX connectivity make it possible to connect this Bluetooth speaker with a large number of devices like headphones, mp3 players, smartphones etc.

With 1800 mAh battery, boAt rugby portable wireless speaker can easily play nonstop for about 8 hours. It can easily be charged through the micro USB cable included in the box.

Clarity and comfort are its biggest goals and it delivers on them undoubtedly. The inbuilt microphone lets you attend your calls quite easily.

The calling experience is made better by the clear and noise-free audio.

JBL Go Portable Bluetooth Speaker: Review, Features, Specifications, Comparison

Its minimalistic design might seem an understatement to some, but it is very attractive in its own way.

The multiple colour variants spoil the customers for a choice. Its body follows the same quality standards as the other JBL products.

It is durable and strong despite its small size. In fact, the small size makes it easy to carry anywhere. The buttons on the top are the same colours as the rest of the body.

Talking about JBL Go’s sound quality, it gets louder than is expected from a device that size.

The highs and lows are all well-defined but the music with bass is not necessarily up to the mark, leaving the customer wanting more.

However, acoustic music is able to maintain its sanctity with JBL Go bluetooth speakers. The noise-canceling feature gives a smooth calling experience to the user.

One major issue with JBL Go portable wireless speaker is its weak Bluetooth connection. Going even a little out of range leads to hindrance in the connection.

Since its price is way lower than other Bluetooth speakers from JBL, it is not a bad investment if you want to go with JBL Go because of JBL’s reputation in the speaker market. 

Boat Stone 200 Portable Bluetooth Speakers: Review, Features, Specifications, Comparison

The high IPX rating is already indicative of the strong body of boAt stone 200 portable wireless speakers. The enclosing rubber layer makes the Bluetooth speaker shock-proof.

Further, it is also waterproof. So, you don’t have to worry about where you take it with yourself. BoAt company has thought through all the customers’ needs already.

Hence the speaker also has a rubber flap which can be used to easily hang your boAt stone 200 anywhere. 

The AUX port and micro-USB charging port are protected well under the rubber layer on the sides of the Bluetooth speaker. All the buttons are on the top of the device. 

Calls can easily be attended using this speaker because it has a built-in microphone. 

While the speaker can reach a suitably loud volume, one can not always expect audio clarity from boAt stone 200 portable speaker. So, it is very much suitable if you want to hear music from close enough.

If the distance is too large, you would not get clarity in music. Further, the Bluetooth connection is very limited to its specified range. So, don’t overestimate its features while buying this product. 


The above comparison amongst boAt stone 200, boAt rugby, and JBL Go makes one thing very clear.

All three Bluetooth speakers have many similarities and very few unique pros and cons. 

 boAt stone 200, boAt rugby and JBL Go are suitable for indoor usage because of their small size.

Their specifications do not lead to any definitive difference amongst the three. In fact, their prices are also in the same range.

Hence, which bluetooth speaker is the best choice cannot be said with assurance. It comes down to the user’s expectations from the speaker and their budget. 

The device that is suitable for you would come down to what you expect from your device, what kind of music taste you have and most importantly, how much money you are willing to spend on buying yourself a brand new bluetooth speaker. 

If you want to go with amazing quality, which comes with the JBL tag, but can sacrifice a little on the battery grounds, JBL Go is the perfect device for you.

If you want a device that is pocket-friendly and gives a decent listening experience, boAt stone 200 must be your first choice. 

But if the battery is of supreme importance to you and you think it’s worth shelling out some extra money, we would recommend buying boAt rugby