Are you one of the crowds who are surfing many websites for recommendations on Bluetooth headphones? When coming to audio gadgets, boat stands above other brands. Moreover, it has the best quality and presents users with the best experience till now. 

 Well, boAt has recently launched boat rockerz 660 and also has the classic boat rockerz 550. Both headphones are compared to know which is your liking and which satisfies your expectations. 

Let’s find you the best headphone from the boat rockerz series. While comparing Boat Rockerz 660 Vs 550, each has its perks that give a more satisfying user experience. This comparison battle is between boat rockerz 660 (Review) Vs boat rockerz 550 (Review) for the over-ear headset.

Both headsets are pretty beneficial and have better ratings for their performance. Along with that, if interested check out other best boat rockerz over-ear headphones

Boat Rockerz 660 Vs 550 Headphone Comparison: Features & Specifications

Details and characteristicsBoat Rockerz 660Boat Rockerz 550
Bluetooth version5.05.0
Bluetooth range10 m10 m
Battery performance60 hrs20 hrs
Battery capacity1000 mAh500 mAh
Charging time10 mins charge= 8 hrs playtimeUnavailable
Foldable structureFoldable frameFoldable earcup
Charger typeType- CType- C
Voice assistantHey Siri and the Google assistantHey Siri and the Google assistant
Headphone typeOver-earOver-ear
Headphone weight164 g245 g
Headphone dimension18×15.6×7.6 cm16.2×8.6×22.4 cm
Driver size50 mm50 mm
Available colorsActive Black, Fiery Maroon, Bumbleebee BlueBlack Symphony, Black, Red, Maroon Maverick, Army Green
ControlsPhone control, volume controlPower button, volume control
Warranty1 year1 year
Check PriceBoat Rockerz 660 on Amazon
Boat Rockerz 660 on Flipkart
Boat Rockerz 660 on BoAt website
Boat Rockerz 550 on Amazon
Boat Rockerz 550 on BoAt website

Boat Rockerz 660 Vs 550 Headphone: Comparison on Design, Noise Isolation & Comfort

Rockerz 660 is designed over your ear with a fashionable look. It has been designed with a slim polycarbonate headband fastened to earcups. Plus, it is supported with voice assistant too. The headphone has a minimum body weight.

Indeed, it has soft and cozy protein cushions in the ear area to provide better comfort. The over your ear cushions are pretty comfortable and present an amazing listening experience.

Indeed rockerz 550 meets all your fashionable requirements. You must take into note that the headset frame isn’t foldable, and the earcups can be partially rolled. It has rectangular-shaped cushions that cover your ears with a comfortable foam. The metal head brand comes long-term usage because of its choicest quality.

Which Headphone is better in means of Design, Noise Isolation & Comfort?

While comparing them, boat Rockerz 550 wins this round as it has better cushioning. This headset has been trending over the year. This headset provides good grip, better comfort, and better noise isolation than the boat rockerz 660.

Boat Rockerz 660 Vs 550 Headphone: Comparison on Latency, Calling and Audio output

These boat headsets also have the signature audio bliss which makes them shine separately. No matter how the sound quality on your phone is, when you are playing the sound in its thumping bass, it changes the audio’s clarity.

Both boat rockerz 660 and boat rockerz 550 have identical audio outputs of 50 mm audio drivers. But rockerz 660 changes between the balanced EQ or bass depending on your mood. Both modes give you a perfect listening experience!

Latency or Lag (Sync among Video & Audio)

When we come to latency, you won’t feel there is any lag in both headsets. You will feel slight lag only while intense gaming. Other than that, there’s no latency in any of them.

Which headphone among them has the best audio output?

When we look at the comfort, style, and design, boat rockerz 550 will be the most suited choice. And coming to audio outputs, both have 50 mm, audio drivers. But boat rockerz 660 has two EQ modes which make it slightly better than the other.

Boat Rockerz 660 Vs 550 Headphone: Comparison on Battery Performance

Boat rockerz 660 is designed with a humongous battery capacity of 1000 mAh. And it has nearly 60 hours of playtime which is 2.5 days. Its battery capacity is like no other product. Since it comes with the ASAP charger, it gets charged speedily. For 10 minutes of charging, you get 8 hours of playtime.

Boat rockerz 550 is designed with a decent battery capacity of 500 mAh. And its playtime is extended to 20 hours of audio bliss.

Both headsets are geared up with the type-C charger. So, you have no worries regarding charging the headphones. Indeed, both headsets support and help in fast charging. But with the highest battery performance of 1000 mAh, rockerz 660 beats hard rockerz 550 and wins.

Similar features of Boat Rockerz 660 Vs 550 Headphones

Despite all the differences, they both have quite some similarities. Both headsets have the same Bluetooth connectivity features. And even the audio output (driver size) and latency are pretty similar. 

The charger type and the voice assistants are the same too. Both headsets have buttons which are the power button and volume button. They both are also equipped with high-quality foam of both earcups.

Boat Rockerz 660 Vs 550 Headphones: Conclusion

Comparing two gadgets from the brand boat isn’t that easy as both are unique and beneficial in one or the other. The specs differ and both headsets are amazing to have their own features.

Overall, Boat Rockerz 660 has a humungous battery review with 60 hours of playtime, wear detect, ASAP Charge, and dual EQ modes. Coming to boat Rockerz 550, it has a better design with foldable earcups, a decent battery review, with a stylish look. 

Boat rockerz 660 is available in three beautiful colors: active black, fiery maroon, and bumbleebee blue.

Thus in this battle, the best suitable headset is Boat Rockerz 660!