A good headset is what you need to take your gaming experience to a new level. Whether it’s listening to all the smallest sounds made by your enemy in the game or enjoying the sound effects, a decent headset is crucial for both. Other than sound effects, comfort, build quality, microphone, etc., are some other essential features that you should keep in mind.

Boat Rockerz 650 Review

In this review, we will discuss all such features of Boat Rockerz 650 in detail. The product is available on Flipkart for 1,999 INR. Also, check out the best Boat headphones in India, Boat Rockerz 550(Review) over ear Bluetooth headphone, and Boat latest headphones for more such recommendations. 

Box Contents

Boat Rockerz 650 comes in a small box that says “Next Gen Wonder” in bold letters. The side of the box displays its specifications. The list of the things you will find within is given below:

  • Boat Rockerz 650 headphones
  • Type C charging cable
  • A Warranty Card
  • A Product Catalogue
  • A User Manual

Boat Rockerz 650 Full Specifications

Product NameRockerz 650
Bluetooth Version5.0
Bluetooth Range10 meters
Deep Bass Yes
Driver TypeDynamic
Driver Unit40mm
Incline RemoteNo
Charging Time1 hour
Battery Life2.5 days
Battery1000 mAh
Warranty TypeManufacturer
Warranty TimeOne year
Charging CableType C
Online Availability Boat Rockerz 650 Best Price Deal Online

Boat Rockerz 650 Price on Boat Website

Design of the Boat Rockerz 650 Bluetooth Headset 

Boat rockerz 650 comes in three striking colors. The body of the product is of plastic with Boat’s branding on it. The headset looks great; both design and build of the product are pretty decent given its price. There is a function button, a volume button, and an extra button to reset the bass of the sound on the right ear cup, along with the mic and LED indicator. The buttons are not tacky and work efficiently. On the left earcup, you will see a type C charging port. 

Moreover, the ear cups are cushioned and comfortable to wear. Users can also tilt the earcups. Furthermore, the headset can also be elongated for adjustment, and there is an extra pad to provide cushioning to the top of your head. Overall, the headset is pretty flexible and comfortable. 

Boat Rockerz 650 Battery Performance Review

Boat Rockerz 650 supports fast charging, which means 10 minutes charge will give you 8 hours of playtime. Similarly, on a full charge, you will get 60 hours of playtime. After usage, we observed that a change in volume percentage could bring this playtime down a notch. So, you can expect a playtime of around 40-45 hours on full volume. The product comes with a 1000 mAh battery which is quite impressive.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Pairing

The product employs version 5 of Bluetooth, which works efficiently in a 10-meter radius. To connect Boat Rockerz 650 to your phone, press and hold the power button on the ear cup. Doing so will bring them to pairing mode. Now, turn on Bluetooth on your phone and look for Boat Rockerz 650 on the available devices. Tap when you find it and enjoy.  

Boat Rockerz 650 Controls

To play and pause songs, you have to press the function button on your ear cup once. Moreover, if you take off the headset, the song will pause when you tilt the ear cups to make them sit on your shoulder and will automatically start playing once you put them back on. The volume button has plus and minus markings for adjusting the volume. Holding the plus on the volume button will play the next song, and holding the minus on the volume button will take you to the previous track. 

If you press and hold your function button for 2 seconds, it will invoke your Google Assistant or Siri. The third button is the equalizer button, which you can use to switch between the two modes of the headset: bass mode and balanced mode.

Sound and Call Quality Review of Boat 650 Headphone

The sound quality of the Boat Rockerz 650 is pretty decent, considering its price. The bass quality of the product is quite punchy. The clarity at mid and high frequency is once again very impressive. The balanced mode of the headset is more suited for movies, shows, and podcasts. But the bass still sounds good. Whereas, you get more surround sound quality in their bass mode. Moreover, the mic quality is not bad either, which means you will have decent sound quality during calls.

The Conclusion or Verdict: Is Boat Rockerz 650 worth buying? 

Boat Rockerz 650 is an on-the-ear headset that is available on Flipkart. The MRP of the product is 3,990, but it is available for an introductory price of 1,999 INR as of now. The headset is quite flexible and attractive. Its ear cups are well cushioned, and the headset can be adjusted according to your comfort.

Boat Rockerz 650 Price on Boat Website

Boat Rockerz 650 easily gets paired with your device and offers easy and efficient controls. Whether it’s a movie marathon or long gaming sessions, you can use these headsets without any discomfort or interruptions. Although there is some latency seen during games, the sound quality is always on point. The product comes with two sound modes. Its balanced mode is more suited for watching movies and listening to podcasts, whereas the bass mode is suitable for enjoying music.

Boat Rockerz 650 Best Price Deal Online

The product exceeds on many levels. And since it is available at a very low introductory price, you can consider buying this product for yourself. If you are not impressed by it, check out Boat Rockerz 375. If you are impressed by the introductory price offered by Boat, be sure to check out Boat headphones launches on prime day 2021. Thank you for reading!