Boat Rockerz 550 Bluetooth Headphones are available with a huge discount. The discount can save a big hole in your pocket, and let you enjoy the quality clad wireless headphones. Boat has launched latest boat rockerz 450 pro on the ear wireless Bluetooth headphones with up to 70 hours battery life in single charge in India 2021.

Best Deals and Discounts on Boat Rockerz 550:

Multiple offers are running on Boat Deals, and avail discounts on these wireless headphones. The original price of Boat Rockerz 550 is ₹ 4,999, but now it is available at a 60% discounted price as low as ₹ 1,999. Here are all the available discounts:

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There is 5% cashback available for Prime members and 3% cashback for everyone else. But to avail of 5% Cashback, you must be a prime member. Otherwise, you will be eligible for 3% of cashback. Various coupons and bank’s credit cards hold extra discounts as well.


The Boat Rockerz 550 Bluetooth Headphones come with a one-year warranty. The warranty starts from the date of the purchase of the product.

The warranty covers all the manufacturing defects; however, the warranty does not apply to any sort of physical damage, water damage. The warranty doesn’t cover any wear or tear damage.

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The ergonomic design of these over-ear headphones comes with physical noise cancellation. The comfortable design is available in two colors, Active black, and furious red. 

These wireless headphones look classic and improve anyone’s style instantly. As it has been seen that, both red and black color are never out of trend.

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Battery Backup:

The power of these headphones lasts up to 20 hours. The battery power of these headphones is 500 mAh, which enables users to play nonstop music for 20 hours.

This level of battery power is good to buzz with your bustling way of life. The Bluetooth connectivity is of the latest version 5.0. These headphones have a single press voice assistant feature, supports Siri, and Google Assistance.

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Sound Quality:  

The 50mm dynamic drivers are responsible for the audio all day long. The weight of these headphones is 245 gm. The plush padded earphones make it comfortable ear wear as well as the sound doesn’t leak. Though, the sound may be heard otherwise if the volume is at its peak. The sound quality of Boat products is said to be the finest.

The 20 hours of continuous music, as well as conference calls and meetings, can be attended without disturbance. The audio without any outside disruption is pure bliss. Boat Rockerz 550 headphones provide the goodness of quality sound. 

Thus, Boat Rockerz 550 Bluetooth headphones are available with exceptional features and an incredible discount to boost your headphone style. 

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