Boat is quick to release new audio products. They seem to work on their products and constantly release new and better versions in a very short span of time. They recently launched other over-the-ear headphones that they call Boat Rockerz 425 Bluetooth headphones. The headphones look pretty good, and people are always attracted to the brand for their low price. 

Boat Rockerz 425 Review

In this Boat Rockerz 425 review, we will be talking about these newly launched headphones in detail. We understand the ordeal of going through countless reviews to make sure you have enough information to make a decision. Hence we are here for a one-stop review to make this selection process easier for our readers. Along with the highlights and our opinion on the product, there is also a table that readers can go through to get an overview of what the headphones have to offer.

Boat Rockerz 425 wireless bluetooth headset is priced at 1,699 INR. You can find it on Amazon. All the components found inside the package are listed below. Also, check out other newly launched headphones from Boat, Boat Rockerz 751 ANC, and Boat Rockerz 255 Neo. Let’s get started! 

Box Contents

The Boat Rockerz 425 Over-ear wirless headphone comes in a box just like any other Boat headphones package. There is a big picture of the product at the front, along with its key highlights given all over the box. Inside the package, one will find:

  • Boat Rockerz 425 headphones
  • A User Manual 
  • A Boat Product Catalog
  • A Warranty Card
  • A type C Charging Cable

Boat Rockerz 425 Top Specifications

Brand Boat 
Product NameRockerz 425
Type On-the-ear
Bluetooth Version5.2 
Bluetooth Range10 meters 
Deep BassYes
Switch between Music and CallsYes
Battery Life 1.04 days 
Charging Time1.5 hours 
Charging CableType C 
ASAP Fast Charging Yes 
Driver Type Dynamic
Driver Unit40 mm 
WarrantyOne year 
Warranty TypeManufacturer
Other featuresDual pairing, Instant Voice Assistant, Low Latency Mode 
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Design and Built of Boat Rockerz 425

Users will see Boat’s logo on both the ear cups as usual. There is a fabric finish on the sides of the ear cups, which resembles other Boat on-the-ear headphones. Furthermore, the ear cups can be rotated, but the headphones aren’t foldable, which makes carrying the headphones around a little difficult. However, the usage of the product is quite easy.

The cushioning on the headphones is soft and comfortable. But the material used for cushioning is such that the user will definitely feel sweaty after using the product for a few hours. A Head cushion is also provided. The product is made up of plastic, including the hinges. This will make the not product last long. Moreover, we think that the build quality or at least the plastic could have been better considering the price of the product.

One of the ear cups bears all the button controls, mic, and LED indicator that you will need. The other ear cup bears the charging port. Upon usage, we feel that the clamping force of the headphones should have been less. The users will not only feel sweaty, but their ears will feel tired from bearing its clamping force after using it for a few hours. The company has mentioned nothing about its IPX rating. Overall, the comfort level of the product is not up to the mark. After reading this Boat Rockerz 425 review, check out Boat Rockerz 660 for a better design and fit. 

Bluetooth and Pairing Details of Boat 425 Bluetooth Headset

Boat Rockerz 425 comes with the latest version of Bluetooth, Bluetooth 5.2. Users can expect seamless, strong connectivity rendering good audio and music quality. Secondly, the product offers a dual connectivity mode. This means that you can connect the headphones to two devices at the same time. If you are a multitasker, this feature will be very useful during meetings or attending classes, etc.

Boat Rockerz 425

You can connect two smartphones to the headphones or a smartphone and a laptop as per your will. Overall, connectivity doesn’t impose any problem in the usage of the product. For connecting these on-the-ear headphones to your device, long-press the multifunction button is given on one of the ear cups. You’ll hear the announcement in the headphones stating that the headphones are ready to connect.

Turn on Bluetooth and look for Boat Rockerz 425 on the available devices, and tap on it. Your device is now connected to the headphones. You will see the box battery percentage underneath the name of the headphones. Within the settings, users will find high-quality audio through which users can use it to its full potential.

Boat 425 Button Controls

Boat Rockerz 425 Controls

Button controls are similar to any other Boat headphones or other audio products, for that matter. The multifunction button, apart from turning the power on, play/pause the soundtracks. The plus and minus buttons are self-explanatory. They control the volume of the device and, other than that, take you to the next and previous soundtracks.

Double pressing the multifunction button will invoke the voice assistant. To receive a call, single press the same button. The same action will also disconnect your ongoing calls. For redialling the last number from your call logs, triple press this button. 

Boat 425 Wireless Headphone Review of Sound and Call Quality

Through an elaborate testing procedure we did for this Boat Rockerz 425 review, we found that Boat has paid a great deal of attention to what kind of music its users want. Undoubtedly these headphones have better sound quality than the recent Boat products. The trebles are clearly heard. The vocals and sharpness are decent. Moreover, the bass is quite powerful.

All these attributes make it a great audio product for Indian buyers. Overall, we think the sound quality is quite impressive. The only downside we faced is that the ear cups make it a little uncomfortable to use the device for prolonged durations, and there is no aux cable connection possible. Hence, the battery life of the product is the only thing that the users can rely on. Consider buying Boat Rockerz 550 if you strictly want headphones with an aux cable port.

The call quality is satisfactory. The product has ENx Technology which, along with its 40 mm drivers, makes the calling sessions way better than they were ever before. Your voice is going to be loud and clear on calls. The background noise gets drained almost completely. Unless you’re in a very noisy environment, your callers will not complain of any noise and disturbances. 

Battery Performance Review of Boat Rockerz 425 Bluetooth Headphone

Boat Rockerz 425 Charging Port

The headphones come with a 520 mAh battery which is incredible. The brand has claimed that the battery will last for 25 hours if the headphones are used at 60% volume. Usually, this line disappoints users, but in this case, the loudness of the product is so much that users will find it apt even on 60%. Consequently, the battery will last longer. Another issue with turning full volume while using Boat Rockerz 425 is sound leakage.

People in your close proximity will easily hear what you’re watching or listening to. Other than that, the headphones have an ASAP Charge Feature, which gives 10 hours of playtime in 10 minutes of charging. Overall, the battery will definitely last for about 25 hours with adequate volume and without disappointing you in any other way.

Latency: Boat 425 Full Review

Along with the Dual Pairing Mode, users also get a Beast Mode which is a dedicated gaming mode. This mode provides low latency while playing games. Upon testing it for our Boat Rockerz 425 review, we found no significant lag during gaming. However, the device is built for average players with light games. If you’re a hard-core gamer, these aren’t the headphones for you. You will constantly notice lag and find sound quality failing to assist you well. 

Boat Rockerz 425 Pros and Cons

  • Bluetooth Version 5.2 n40 mm Dynamic DriversnBeast Mode nDual PairingnASAP chargingnENx Technology
  • No metallic finishnNo aux cable port

Boat Rockerz 425 FAQs

Can we attend calls using Boat Rockerz 425?

Yes, it is possible. The multifunction button allows the users to accept any incoming call with a single press. The same action will also disconnect an ongoing call.

For how long does its battery last?

The battery will last for about 25 hours after a single charge.

Time taken to fully charge the headphones?

The product takes approximately 1.5 hours to fully charge.

Is there any noise cancellation technology used?

Boat Rockerz 425 comes with ENx Technology. It gives advanced noise cancellation.

How much playtime does its ASAP charging feature provide?

10 minutes charge = 10 hours of playtime.

Boat Rockerz 425 Review Conclusion: Is Boat Rockerz 425 worth buying? 

The headphones look decent. However, there is no unique design employed. Boat Rockerz 425 headphones are entirely built of plastic, including the hinges, which becomes a concern later on. Moreover, the ear cups sit on the ears and not over them, which makes the ear sweat when used for prolonged durations.

Other than that, its battery works sufficiently. The boat rockerz 425(Boat Website) sound quality along with the call quality are efficient. The bass is powerful. The headphones also allow average gaming sessions. The product will disappoint you if you are looking for headphones to use for long durations or specifically for playing online games. In our opinion, the product isn’t the best Boat Bluetooth headphones. So, that was our Boat Rockerz 425 review, hope you will find it useful. Happy Shopping!