Boat Rockerz 335 Review

The new G.O.A.T of Bluetooth earphones?

One of the leading manufacturers in audio technology, boAt, recently announced their new Bluetooth earphones under the name “boAt Rockerz 335”.

The company describes them as the new G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) of all Bluetooth earphones.

With a super sporty design and an alloy build, these earphones come with a price tag of ₹1999 which, to be frank, sounds reasonable considering the features that are included in these earphones.

Boat Rockerz 335 Review in Detail

They are called “game changers” by the company but do they do justice to the description?

Boat Rockerz 335 Box Content

  • Boat Rockerz 335 Bluetooth Headset
  • 2 Extra Earmuffs(ear tips) Small and Large Size
  • One C type Charging Cable
  • Manual and Warranty Card
  • Boat other Products Catalogue Booklet

Boat Rockerz 335 Specifications: Top Specs Highlights

  • Connections: Bluetooth v5.0
  • Driver Size: 10mm
  • ASAP Fast Charging: Yes
  • Sweat & Water Rating: IPX5
  • Noise Cancellation: Qualcomm CVC 8.0
  • Daul Pairing: Yes
  • Audio Technology: Qualcomm aptX Classic & HD Decoder
  • Battery Capacity: 150mAh
boaat rockerz 335 box package content

Boat Rockerz 335 Review: Audio, Latency, Calling

Confused about why these earphones are hyped so much? Let’s have a look at all the features:

Boat Rockerz 335 Audio Performance:

The audio performance for this headset can easily be called the ‘next level’. A lot of devices claim this in their marketing, though, so let’s go into why this label is almost justified in this case. 

The boat Rockerz 355, with its 10mm audio drivers, compares quite favorably to other headsets in its price range.

In fact, in the case of bass performance, we can say this is the definitive winner.

The bass response is quite loud and boomy, and listening at 100% is almost impossible for long periods of time.

But you will not get super extra punchy bass. Or you can say they provide decent bass.

The treble performance also won’t disappoint you. The whole soundstage for the boat Rockerz 335 is quite lush and inviting.

The clarity in music applications is practically unmatched, and in real-life testing, the ear strain factor doesn’t appear even after hours of music.

The wingtips, made of the same material as the body of the set, are also a plus point in the ear strain department.

They are removable, too, in case you wish to go without. 

 If we go into the specs a bit, the 20hz to 20khz label is one that many devices claim. The boat Rockerz 335 wears it with pride.

Even in a comparative analysis against the Oneplus Z wireless and the previous-gen boat 255, the 335 holds its own.

This is mostly due to the better sound driver in the 335 as well as the added audio science that the boat has put in with all its experience in current-gen Bluetooth devices. 

There is noticeable distortion when we turn the volume up to 100% though.

This is somewhat common, but not really something that we can just sweep under the table.

Thankfully, in our testing, we found the boat Rockerz 335 to be sufficiently loud that the average listener would conceivably never have to go above 60% volume.

This is great, as the distortion at that volume did cause us a bit of ear strain.

Also, the volume itself was almost unbearably loud at that level, so we wouldn’t recommend listening at the max volume for too long anyway. 

If you want to feel the real music experience boat 335 then use them in aptX enabled mobile.


Talking about call quality, this is decided more by the integrated Qualcomm CVC call noise isolation chip.

This means that, while not perfect, background noise from wherever you’re calling is still eliminated from the call audio.

This is something that we would definitely wish that boat works on for the next-gen device.

If you are in a very crowded place then there are some distortion catch by boat 335 headphones.

There is some noise reduction like we mentioned, but it seems to come at the cost of overall call volume. 

Boat Rockerz 265v2 and Boat rockerz 205v2 Bluetooth neckband launched in India.

The inline mic quality on the boat Rockerz 335 is also quite decent, which helps with the call quality.

It’s not the best in class or anything, and in fact, the Oneplus Z earphone mic gives it a run for its money, even without the CVC noise cancellation.

This is most apparent when the OnePlus Bullets Z is used with an Oneplus device.

On other devices, we had to check quite a few times to be able to discern the extent of the difference in quality. 

boat 335 specs

Audio Video and Gaming Latency

On paper, the boat Rockerz 335 is perfect for gaming. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 as well as the Qualcomm aptX and apt-x HD technologies.

Both of the latter are meant to decrease latency through audio stream compression. 

This does hold up pretty well in real life as well. The latency, in games and on-call, is barely noticeable.

If we compare between its competitors, the boat Rockerz 335 lands solidly in between the Oneplus wireless bullets Z buds and the OPPO Enco M31 buds in terms of latency. 

In-game, usually, the latency is low enough to be playable. Unless we compare it to a wired set or the Oneplus Z, the audio latency on the boat Rockerz 335 is not a problem or a standout feature. 

With gaming, especially, unless you’re a pro gamer, you will have an excellent time.

The left and right channel separation, which is crucial for locating enemies by sound, is stunning in the boat Rockerz 335.

Boat Rockerz 335 Battery Performance

boat rockerz 335 charging time

The boat Rockerz 335 comes with a lot of tall claims to its name regarding battery life.

The listed battery of 150 mah is supposed to give you up to 30h of battery life with an average charge time of 30 to 40 minutes. 

In real life usage, this translates to 40 to 45 minutes of charge for around 25 to 28 hours of battery life on medium volume. 

The device also claims a fast charge (called ASAP Charge) that should take 10 min to provide a 10-hour charge.

This translates to around 6 to 8 hours of real-life playback. 

Charging is through a USB Type-C port, which is what makes the fast charge capabilities work.

Overall, in the battery life category, the boat Rockerz 335 is the best Bluetooth neckband in their price range. 

Boat Rockerz 335 Review of Complete Features

Smart Voice Assistant:

  • These earphones come with an included voice assistant which allows you to control your music, calls, and internet searches with the easy to access integrated controls and the built-in mic.
  • This feature makes the earphones futuristic in their approach.

Stylish Looks with Magnetic Earbuds:

  • Also apart from preventing breakage, the high-grade silicone neckband paired with an alloy metal control board gives the earphones a classy yet sporty look.
  • These wireless earphones come in 3 variants for you to choose from. They also have magnetic earbuds that stick together to give you tangle-free wires every time.
  • The classic neckband design makes it comfortable for long time usage. Just snap boat 335 on and you’re good to go.
boat rockerz 335 water protection

Button Controls: Boat Rockerz 335 Review:

There are 3 buttons available in boat 335 for media, call, power(ON/OFF), and voice controls.

Boat rockerz 335 controls
  • Activate the Voice Assistant: Press MFB for 2 seconds
  • Redialing Last Number: Press MFB 3 times
  • Press MFB once to pause and play the audio.
  • Next Song: Press and hold the plus(+) button for 2 seconds
  • Previous Song: Press & hold the minus(-) button for 2 seconds
  • You can reject an incoming call by pressing MFB for 2 seconds
  • By pressing MFB once you can pick the incoming call. And by pressing again you can reject(cut) the ongoing call.

Boat Rockerz 335 Design and build

The boat Rockerz 335 has a well-rounded design. Its main body is constructed out of the same silicone as the last-gen boat device.

The end parts, though, with the connector wires and the inline controls are metal. Even with the metal, the device is lightweight and easy to pocket. 

The wire quality on the connectors is quite good as well. The overall build quality is solid, as it should be with the IPX5 rating.

This means the device should be resistant to light, accidental splashes of water – or a sweaty workout.

We didn’t get to test the latter, sadly, but the former held up quite well in tests. 

The main attraction, of course, is the ear parts of the earphones. This means the earbud itself, the ear tips, and the ear hooks or wingtips. Let’s go from the bottom up. 

The hooks are made of the same silicone material as the main body of the set, just in a less textured finish.

This means you get the same water-resistant, bendy and grippy latex feel on these as well.

The hooks are great for a general fit, certainly, but they shine in athletic pursuits.

We did the head shake test extensively, of course, and the boat Rockerz 335 passed with non-flying colours (get it?). The real test, though, would be on a jog, or a gym workout.

What also helps with the ear fit is the ear tips themselves. These are the regular affair here, no fancy memory foam tips.

You still get 2 extra sets of varied sizes of the same silicone based ear tips in the box, so for most ear sizes, you’re probably covered.

The ear tips feel decent enough in the ear. At this price point though, we’d love to start seeing more memory foam inserts. 

Which leaves us with the buds themselves. Made out of plastic, with a metallic look finish on the outside, the buds are a classic boat design with a fresh spin.

They’re magnetic, of course, so they don’t swing around your neck when not in use. They feel solid enough, and there’s no audible rattle, which is always great to hear.

On the whole, the earbuds feel decently premium and add to the feel of the boat Rockerz 335 in a meaningful way. 

Noise cancellation Review of Boat 335

boat rockerz 335 design

We talked a bit about the integrated noise cancellation in the audio performance. The Qualcomm CVC, or Clear Voice Capture, 8.0 technology that is built into the boat Rockerz 335, is not a headliner feature of this device.

It is clear to see why. While the feature does work, in real-life usage, the benefit seemed to be minimal.

While there did seem to be some improvement in the ambient noise on the listener’s end, this did seem to come at the cost of occasional drops in call volume, and even clarity at times. 

This may improve later on with firmware updates, but as of right now, the noise cancellation feature isn’t as attractive as it could be.

It should also not be confused with ANC or Active Noise Cancellation. ANC is a hardware and/or software (in the case of the AirPods Pro) feature that removes the added background noise on headphones and mics.

CVC, in use here, is a purely software-based feature designed to reduce, by using algorithms, ambient noise going to the listener on the call.

This also means that you won’t be able to tell the difference yourself until the person you’re calling tells you about it. 

This also won’t suddenly let you record studio-quality vocals in a noisy room. Like we said earlier, this is mainly for improving your call quality.

For best results on recording your voice, your best bet is still silence, or as close to it as you can get.

Not that the mic on here should be your weapon of choice for that, anyway.

While perfectly serviceable as a calling unit, the mic has this harsh quality in a recording that makes it not ideal for most other purposes. 

Boat Rockerz 335 Connectivity

boat 335 features

Bluetooth 5.0. The latest and greatest in Bluetooth technology. And the boat Rockerz 335 comes with it out of the box. Need we say more? 

Well, yes actually. Bluetooth 5.0 means quick connect technology, something we appreciated in our testing.

With connect times of, on average, 12 to 15 seconds, the Bluetooth connection experience has changed for the better.

No more waiting for the device to show up on your phone – that is, of course, as long as your phone has Bluetooth 5.0 as well.

Which, well, a lot of mid-range phones still don’t, sadly, so do check your spec sheet before buying this Headset.

This also enables another touted feature of the boat Rockerz 335 – the dual pairing mode.

This boat 335 addition, as it allows you to connect two devices simultaneously.

Especially since the 335 implements this to the mark. In real life usage, you can pause and resume playback on your active device with the inline controls, and you can switch between active devices in a blink.

Yes, you could certainly make a case for switching between your phone and your laptop or computer in a jiff. Yes, we would still ask, why though?

Boat Rockerz 335 Pros and Cons

So, now that we’ve seen all that was to be seen about the boat Rockerz 335, let’s talk about why you might want to get this device.

Boat 335 Pros

  • Biggest battery life Bluetooth earphone right now in the market(up to 28 hours)
  • Supports Qualcomm aptX  audio technology
  • Qualcomm CVC 8.0
  • ASAP(as soon as possible) fast charging
  • Sweat & water-resistant(IPX5)
  • Premium build and design
  • Dual pairing
  • Overall Enhanced balanced audio performance

Boat 335 Cons

  • The noise cancellation is more of a padding feature right now.
  • Mic quality could be better in this price bracket
  • No call & notification vibration feature
  • The magnetic lock does not perform any extra task such as play/pause the music

Conclusion: Boat Rockerz 335 Review

To sum it all up, the boat Rockerz 335 is a nice new addition to the boat lineup of quality Bluetooth products.

If you’re a sporty person looking to pick up a new exercise Headset, we’d certainly sign off on that.

With its excellent battery life, decent audio quality, and solid build, this Headset is definitive for this generation of the Bluetooth Neckband style.

If you are a bass lover like me then think before buying, because the bass performance is not super extraaaa bass in the boat rockerz 335.

It is a recommended buy at the Rs 1999 price point we initially saw it at, but you might wish to search the market a bit more if you find it at Rs 2499 as we did later.